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2022 PT40 Stock-Boosters

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, Pro Insight’s Matt McKay highlights a group of prospects from the sixth-annual Prime Time Top 40 Showcase (PT40) in Portland, Oregon:

After being forced into a hiatus in 2020 due to COVID, the PT40 was back and better than ever in fall 2021, a day that was chronicled by our staff here and here. In 2022, event founder Reggie Walker found ways to raise the bar even higher, further cementing PT40 as the number-one platform for basketball prospects in the Northwest.

In case you missed it, Pro Insight’s Michael Visenberg wrote an event recap and measurements analysis, comprehensively covering November 5th’s showcase. Below, we’ll spend some time analyzing a dozen of the 2022 PT40’s biggest ‘stock-boosters,’ while touching on an additional 10 players who caught our eye earlier this month at Portland Community College. We've also included C-RAM scores for many prospects, courtesy of our stats partner Cerebro Sports (if you haven't already, create your free account today, or for 10% off a paid Cerebro subscription, use code PROINSIGHT22).

PT40 Stock-Boosters

Eastside Catholic HS (WA) | 6’10” Big | 2026 | 14.9 years old

Recruitment: Seattle U (Interest)

C-RAM: 5.4

Aklog sure didn’t play like one of the youngest players in attendance. Despite being 3-4 years younger than a majority of the competition, the Eastside Catholic freshman rose to the occasion and made his presence felt in each of his three games, seemingly getting better as the day progressed. The 6’10” big man measured the longest wingspan in attendance (7’4”) which is tough to ignore from a physical tools standpoint. He reportedly grew approximately five inches during COVID and he put his size to good use on both ends, both as a play finisher on offense and as a shot-eraser on the defensive end. Where Aklog really provides intrigue is in his ability to stretch the floor, which he flashed via his pick-and-pop, trail three and spot-up shooting. It won’t be long before his offer and interest list begins to grow substantially.

Brayden Boe

Mountainside HS (OR) | 6’4” Wing | 2025 | 17.2

Recruitment: Portland, Seattle U (Offers); Oregon, Boise State, Pepperdine, Portland State (Interest)

C-RAM: 4.6

Rarely does Boe get mentioned as a candidate for the top prospect in Oregon’s 2025 class, though he’s slowly but surely earning his way into the conversation. Nothing particularly jumps off the page when evaluating him, but there are very few deficiencies in his game. Boe consistently brings positional size, versatility, IQ, and shooting touch and best of all — he operates with an unassuming, been-there-before demeanor and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. An efficient, low-mistake player who’s always on balance and contributes to winning, this sophomore should experience an uptick in his recruitment if he maintains his current steady upward trajectory.

Hunter Carter

Annie Wright HS (WA) | 6’4.5” Guard | 2024 | 16.4

Recruitment: Portland (Offer); Eastern Washington, Pepperdine, Cal State Bakersfield, Boise State, Portland State, Montana, Utah State, Seattle U (Interest)

C-RAM: 7.2 (Bronze Badge - #6 overall in event)

Portland Generals alum Hunter Carter stood out in this setting thanks to terrific physical tools: backcourt size and all-around athleticism to be more specific. Beyond the natural traits, he is quick to flip the switch with his motor/activity level on both ends and is making impressive strides as a self-creator. His range shooting prowess (which includes a very quick release) is coming along, which in turn makes his straight line driving ability all that more effective. There is still plenty to clean up as he’s young for his class and still developing, but the foundation is enticing for the junior combo guard. Expect quite a bit of stat sheet stuffing this season from the Annie Wright product.

Camas HS (WA) | 6’0” Guard | 2025 | 17.1

Recruitment: Seattle U, Idaho State, Idaho, Portland State, Pepperdine, Seattle Pacific (Interest)

C-RAM: 6.4

After a ho-hum showing in his first PT40 appearance in 2021, Beckett Currie wasted no time in showing anyone in attendance that he has been putting in work over the past year. Glimpses were provided during his freshman year at Camas as well as this past spring/summer with Seattle Rotary on the EYBL circuit, but it all came together earlier this month at PCC for Currie. The sophomore PG is an elite handler who gets to his spots, creates space, finishes with creativity and touch, and is simply someone who has the ability to make defenders pay from 25 feet and in. His confidence as a shooter is palpable and as everyone walked out of the gym at the conclusion of the event, Currie left no doubt as to which backcourt prospect “won the day,” making our “Stock-Riser” superlative an easy one to assign.

Jacori Ervin

North Central HS (WA) | 6’10” Forward | 2024 | 16.9

Recruitment: Pepperdine, Idaho, Eastern Washington, Youngstown (Interest)

C-RAM: 7.1 (Bronze Badge - #8 overall in event)

Ervin was one of the more intriguing prospects in the building from a sheer physical standpoint and he finds a multitude of ways to positively impact the game without needing a single play called for him. At approximately 6’10”, he brings modern big size to the table, with an emphasis on modern -– Ervin is comfortable putting the ball on the deck in a straight line in the half court and can finish with touch in the paint with the skill of a player a foot shorter. He also displayed catch-and-shoot ability from deep, providing some legitimate excitement about the long term development of his face-up game. Defensively, Ervin moves with fluidity and gets off the ground with ease, offering weak side rim protection. His PT40 showing cemented his status as a must-track player out of Spokane these next two years.

O’Dea HS (WA) | 6’10” Forward | 2024 | 17.1

Recruitment: Washington, San Diego State, North Texas, Colorado, Montana (Offers); Kansas, Oregon State, Washington State, UCLA, Houston, George Washington, Oklahoma, UNC, Arizona (Interest)

C-RAM: 6.7

Goodman more than lived up to his last name at PT40, earning MVP honors after punishing opposing frontcourts offensively as a rim runner, halfcourt slasher, strong finisher, and efficient playmaker while patrolling the paint as a rim protector and glass cleaner on the defensive end. The junior forward also offers range shooting and upside as a pick-and-pop threat. Goodman has the genes (his father, Tim, was a high school All-American in the late 80s) and he’s always had a high ceiling, but if his recent play is any indication, his floor is also rapidly rising, making him one of the more underrated national names on the west coast in the 2024 class.

Lake Oswego HS (OR) | 6’7” Forward | 2025 | 16.6

Recruitment: San Francisco, Portland, Portland State (Offers); Houston, Oregon, Oregon State (Interest)

C-RAM: 6.5

The physical development of Grady has been one of the more impressive, notable, encouraging storylines in the country, much less in the state of Oregon. The skilled sophomore has transformed his body, gotten quicker and more agile as a mover and now stands at a legit 6’7” in shoes. His trademark confidence and assassin-like approach to the offensive end is now paired with some real physical tools, making it even easier to access advantages as a scorer. The number-one spot in the Oregon 2025 class is Grady’s to lose at this point and he has a chance to take his talents to levels far beyond the Three Rivers League should he continue on his current path.

BFL Prep (WA) | 6’3” Guard | 2026 | 16.1

Recruitment: San Francisco, Washington, Seattle U (Offers); Oregon, Oregon State, Pepperdine (Interest)

C-RAM: 5.1

Based strictly off the eye-test as an evaluator, there’s a strong case that points to Harmon as the best long term prospect of all 2022 PT40 invitees. One of the most fluid athletes in the freshman class even through a national lens, Harmon exemplifies nearly all the traits one looks for in a modern combo guard. When locked in, he is a bonafide difference-maker on both ends of the floor. There are certainly lapses here and there and Harmon takes plays off (just like 99.9% of any high school freshman), but his blend of translatable physical tools, layered offensive skillset, defensive feet, and overall upside make him one of the most interesting prospects on The Grind Session.

Roosevelt HS (OR) | 5’7” Guard | 2024 | 16.8

Recruitment: Utah, Oregon State, Howard, Utah State, Weber State, Boise State, San Francisco, Portland State, Portland (Interest)

C-RAM: 4.2

We often compile a list of 10-15 post-event ‘superlatives’ from big events where individual prospects differentiate themselves as the clear-cut leader in particular categories, but rarely does one prospect earn more than one superlative. Well, Utrillo Morris is not most prospects. The undersized-but-mighty point guard was named the top defender and best motor after his PT40 performance, which only begins to tell the tale of the depth in which Morris’ impact is felt on the court. On the surface level it might be tempting to overlook the junior, but if you do, watch out, because “Trillo” — the definition of an underdog — will more than likely make you look silly. Look for the junior to shoulder a larger usage rate this season as Roosevelt begins the post-Terrence Hill, Jr. era.

2024 prospect Utrillo Morris. Credit: @picturethispdx (IG)

Garfield HS (WA) | 6’4.5” Guard | 2025 | 16.1

Recruitment: Washington, San Francisco, Seattle U, Montana, Weber State (Offers); Washington State, Utah State, Boise State, Pepperdine (Interest)

C-RAM: 7.5 (Bronze Badge - #3 overall in event)

Smiley, yet another PT40 vet, is a big guard with strong genes (his father, Roydell, played at USC). Not unlike Beckett Currie, his 2021 PT40 was relatively forgettable as is the case for most freshmen — but this time around, Smiley got right to displaying why he’s received heavy interest from college programs in every conference west of the Rocky Mountains. The sophomore brings elite positional size on the perimeter, versatility on both ends and is ultra-switchable as a defender. True two-way impact guys are more of a rare breed these days and Smiley differentiates himself as someone who a team can play through on offense while acting as a menace on defense, using his long limbs to net deflections and break plays up. It won’t be long before his offer/interest list extends well beyond the west region.

Tualatin HS (OR) | 6’8” Forward | 2024 | 17.5

Recruitment: Portland State, Montana, San Francisco (Offers); Oregon State, Colorado, Utah, Utah State, Saint Mary’s, Liberty, Washington, Idaho, Idaho State, Weber State, Colorado State (Interest)

C-RAM: 5.9

Part of a stacked 2021-22 Tualatin OR 6A State Championship team as a sophomore, Steppe gave everyone in attendance at PCC a preview of what’s to come this upcoming season (hint: Steppe’s days as a role player in high school are over). The positionless prospect is one of the more underrated west coast names in the 2024 class, thanks to his combination of legit forward size and a budding guard skillset. Steppe uses his body well to create space and get to his spots, allowing him to exploit his deft shooting touch from anywhere on the floor. After building on a strong summer with the Rose City Rebels on the EYBL circuit with an encouraging day at PT40, expect Steppe’s list of suitors to balloon.

Beaverton HS (OR) | 6’10.5” Big | 2024 | 16.5

Recruitment: N/A

C-RAM: 3.6

Winter showed up to PT40 without much fanfare, but left as one of the most pleasant surprises of the event. Thanks to his functional length and vertical pop, he was able to clear the Vertec (which stands 12 feet in the air) when testing his max vertical jump — something no one accomplished throughout our summer 2022 combine series, which included hundreds of attempts. That feat is not insignificant and increases our confidence that the leading shot blocker in Oregon (6A) as a sophomore is in line for a repeat performance as a junior. If he sustains a level anywhere close to what he showed at PT40 throughout the high school season at Beaverton, Winter will have plenty of programs vying for his services at the next level.

Next, we’ll outline a group of hoopers who caught our eye for one reason or another, offering some quick context on why each stood out.

Additional Eye-Catchers

Alex Barber | BFL Prep (WA) | 6’5.5” Wing | 2024 | 18.1: perimeter size and open court athleticism

Isaac Bongen | Robert Gray MS (OR) | 6’2” Guard | 2027 | 14.2: physically holding his own amongst players 3+ years older; quick, repeatable release in USA50 shooting drill

Pearson Carmichael | Summit HS (OR) | 6’7” Forward | 2024 | 16.7: multi-level scoring ability along with being a seamless positional fit in virtually any lineup, allowing his team to play big or small

Boden Howell | South Medford HS (OR) | 6’3” Guard | 2025 | 16.9: competitive edge/chip on his shoulder and self-creation ability (C-RAM: 6.9, top-10 in the event)

TJ Latu | Jefferson HS (OR) | 6’1” Guard | 2024 | 17.1: tough, ‘glue-guy’ vibes on both ends and confidence as a playmaker / shooter

Fuzzy Montague | Jefferson HS (OR) | 6’0” Guard | 2026 | 15.3: feel, poise and court demeanor for age

Anthony Najera | Shorecrest HS (WA) | 6’1” Guard | 2024 | 17.1: range shooting, microwave scoring and secondary playmaking

Quincy Townsend | Mountain View HS (OR) | 6’2” Guard | 2024 | 16.5: overall shooting prowess and touch from 25 and in (C-RAM: 7.9, Bronze Badge, #1 overall in event)

Marco Varani | Bellevue HS (WA) | 6’6” Wing | 2025 | 15.9: perimeter size, track star athleticism and range shooting flashes (C-RAM: 7.5, Bronze Badge, #4 overall in event)

Chance White | Roosevelt HS (OR) | 6’1" Guard | 2024 | 16.5: assertive straight line driving and catch-and-shoot ability (C-RAM: 7.2, Bronze Badge, #5 overall in event)


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