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Scouting Spotlight: New England Open Gym Tour

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, Pro Insight’s Zach Welch highlights his top 10(ish) takeaways after conducting a two-month tour of the top New England Prep School open gyms:

In advance of an exciting upcoming season of competitive New England basketball, we wanted to check in with some of the top teams in the area to get a pulse on their talent. Therefore, we spent the last two months traveling around the region observing 15 teams across five states as these teammates got acclimated to one another and prepared for the big season ahead. The excitement for the season was palpable with teams gearing up for big early season clashes and events like the National Prep Showcase, which will take place this week from Friday to Sunday.

Open gyms offer a tremendous evaluative context because they are essentially one-to-two hours of teammates competing against one another, relying on pure talent, instincts, tools, and feel. Seeing as most teams introduce new key pieces every year, this is a context in which players are still warming up to one another and have yet to instill a schematic identity. Therefore, observing these runs offers a look into who these players really are on the court. It strips away players being bolstered by optimal coaching or perfect team chemistry, so those who make an impact in open gyms are doing so with their natural talent, athletic gifts, and feel for the game.

While we will discuss the narratives/takeaways, and consequently some very talented basketball players in the area, the biggest conclusion was a reinforcement of just how strong the New England basketball scene is. Every school we visited had multiple head-turners and we won’t be surprised by the heights these young athletes reach. We could have easily written about more talented players, but we wanted to break down what we thought absolutely stood out above all else today. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

National Names in 2025

The class of 2025 in New England is loaded and we got to check in on the development of some of the top talents. These guys have been showing out in the preseason and are already getting plenty of high major attention. Some of them are familiar names and some are breaking onto the scene a bit, but they will all be names known nationwide sooner rather than later.

We’ll kick it off with Badara Diakite, the 6’9” Malian forward who is the newest star for South Kent (CT). Diakite is one of the most unique prospects in the region with a genuine point-forward skillset combined with unassuming fluidity and athleticism. His standout skill is without a doubt his passing, as he has outlier vision and creativity for someone his size. He is able to make impressive reads both in the pick-and-roll and as an elite outlet passer. Beyond this, he has a shifty handle that he uses to get downhill well and has flashed upside of being a threat as a shooter. The cherry on top: his physical tools, moving with tremendous fluidity for his frame, possessing great length, and being able to explode off the ground in an instant.

Next up is a New England native that has been steadily growing from year to year at St. George’s (RI) and is beginning to see an uptick in his recruitment: Barrett Loer. Some might mistake the 6’5” wing as just a shooter, but he has a lot more to offer on both ends. In particular, he showcased not just scalable shot-making, but a polished slashing arsenal, and an expanding capacity to create for others. He is putting clear emphasis into being a well-rounded offensive player that is capable of creating for himself and others and playing on or off the ball, but what stood out above all else was his motor and persistence, even following mistakes. Defensively, he showed that he can guard 1-3 at this level and has a knack for generating steals with his activity as an off-ball defender.

Now for the newest name on this list, we got to catch one of the nation’s fastest risers, who has already been garnering interest from HM+ schools despite only being in the USA for a few months. This would be none other than Brewster Academy (NH) new addition Dwayne Aristode, an athletic and versatile 6’7” wing from The Netherlands. He has an impressive set of tools with a strong, polished frame, a lightning-quick first step, and real vertical pop. While his athletic traits are promising, his actual skills may be even more so. Offensively, he has a smooth shot that he can make with high volume, from long range, and from diverse scenarios. He also gets downhill and has a great feel for leveraging his driving gravity to create openings for his teammates as a passer. Defensively, he brings a high intensity level with constant off-ball activity, a desire for event creation, and a genuine ability to lock down players both bigger and smaller than him. On top of all this, he has a tremendous motor and is indomitable on the glass. He will surely be a household name soon enough and has the potential to succeed at the highest levels of the sport.

Early on in our tour, we got to check in with another name that many are already familiar with, Jaylen Harrell, who is now with CATS Academy (MA). The 6’5” guard is well-known for his shooting, tough shot-making, and scoring craft, but he has been putting a clear emphasis on expanding his game. He shared that his biggest focus is adopting more of a point guard skillset this season and it certainly showed in open gym. He’s clearly developing excellent chemistry with his new teammates and beginning to really demonstrate a strong level of creativity and comfort as a primary playmaker. Look for him to stand out as a versatile star on this team who can thrive with or without the ball in his hands.

Joson Sanon, the 6’6” sharpshooting wing from Vermont Academy (VT), is another local star making waves around the country who is looking to grow his game. #TheBlueprintCombine alum has a strong frame and is a great athlete, boasting vertical pop, lateral agility, and impressive flexibility. He is a versatile, high-level shooter who uses the threat of his shot to open up driving lanes — which he capitalizes on with his explosiveness — and passing reads for teammates. He can also be a real game-changer defensively, as he is able to lock down perimeter opponents on-ball and has a real knack for event creation off-ball. He mentioned that he is also really emphasizing creating plays for others as a primary developmental focus this season.

The last national name (for now) in the 2025 class we got to check in with was St. Thomas More (CT) 6’8” forward London Jemison. While not an explosive athlete per se, he is a fluid ball handler who exercises a combination of pace and craft with the ball in his hands to get to his spots. He has a tight handle and a wide array of counters at his disposal. While he can get to the rim, he thrives as a tough shot-maker from the mid-range and has shown some prowess from behind the arc, as well. Beyond this, he’s a savvy off-ball mover and a selfless offensive player with good vision. We’ll look to see how he grows defensively, but he has all the tools to make an impact on both ends.

The Future is Now

Beyond the 2025 class members already making national waves, we got to see some underclassmen whose recruitment is already picking up big time and who project to be major contributors for their teams this season. While these players have already begun developing some level of national recruitment, we expect them to continue to pick up even more acclaim sooner rather than later.

We’ll start things off by diving into two promising guards: the first is 2026 Bradford Christian (MA) point guard Warren Keel, Jr., who will be setting the table for a team consisting of two high major commits in Kur Teng and George Turkson, Jr. (both of whom we’ll discuss later). Keel is one of the best point guards in the region, regardless of class, with a quick first step, a tight handle, and excellent passing vision. He lives in the paint and creates for teammates at will, while also being able to get his own with his floater and acrobatic finishing. The other is 2027 Patrick Otey, the 6’5” shooting guard from CATS Academy who already projects to be one of their two-way stars as a freshman. He is a polished scorer with a shockingly deep bag of dribble moves, counters, and footwork considering his age. He pairs this with versatile shot-making, a strong feel for off-ball movement, and some developing playmaking. He has a polished mid-post game and can operate as an off-ball shooter, too, along with competing on the boards and on defense. These two will be major names to watch in years to come and their recruitment will only pick up as we enter the new calendar year.

Two additional underclassmen to monitor, both in their high major recruitment and as major contributors this season, are a pair of athletic forwards in the 2026 class: Sebastian Wilkins and Vincent Osazee. Wilkins is a 6’7” forward for Brewster Academy with an elite set of athletic tools that he uses to make a two-way impact. He is a high-flyer, a fluid mover, and has outstanding strength for his age. He brings a level of poise, patience and polish beyond his years around the rim while also excelling as a roller and mid-range scorer. He uses his athleticism to live on the glass and cause havoc defensively by blowing up passing lanes, flying in for helpside blocks, and locking down wings and forwards. Reason Prep’s (MA) Osazee boasts similar athletic tools and looks to make his offensive impact in a similar way, with polish and shot-making inside the arc. Keep an eye for them to expand their games this season and actually match up at Brewster on February 21st.

The Future is Bright

Beyond the underclassmen that appear to be young stars in the making for their teams this season, we formed an exciting list of high-upside youngsters right on the cusp. These players may not have the same level of importance to their teams’ success this season or may not see their recruitment pick up quite as early, but when all is said and done, they have the potential to reach a similar stratosphere to some of the other players previously mentioned. They will have varying levels of involvement in their team success this year, but still expect them all to get a chance to make a real impact. First, look out for 6’3” Milton Academy (MA) PG Reece Ayala, an athletic 2027 lefty with a great frame who is a lethal slasher going left and a cerebral passer. Over at Worcester Academy (MA), 2026 PG Cam Hailey could make some real noise in years to come; although he is undersized, he is polished creating for himself and others on offense and flies around on defense forcing turnovers and even getting up as a surprisingly good weakside rim protector for someone below 6’0”. On the other end of the spectrum is one of the Newman School’s (MA) newest arrivals: 2026 center Collins Chidera Onyejiaka. He already stands 6’10” and has a very strong frame, along with explosive movement skills that he applies well at the rim on both ends. The last name we want to key in on is Isiah Rose, the 6’8” 2026 forward at Vermont Academy. He has a good frame, moves well, and he has legit upside as a three-level scorer with positive positional ball skills.

Talent from Across the Globe

While there is an abundance of talent that will earn nationwide recognition in New England, it may be even more special that this talent is being sourced worldwide. Many of the prospects we’ve already mentioned are from other countries, including Badara Diakite, Dwayne Aristode, Vincent Osazee, and Collins Chidera Onyejiaka. Beyond that group, there are a slew of other international players that will make headlines this year and in years to come. Two of these players are bigs at Putnam Science Academy (CT) — 2026 #TheBlueprintCombine alum Ben Ahmed of Nigeria and 2025 Amadou Doumbia of Mali. Despite having much different games — with Ahmed thriving as a strong post scorer who dominates with physicality and Doumbia being a stretch big with intriguing movement skills — they will both be major pieces for the Mustangs this season. Ahmed, as a returner, will look to be a leader that Putnam Science runs through while Oswin Erhunmwunse (another alum of #TheBlueprintCombine) recovers from a shoulder injury. Doumbia, who most recently played for Real Madrid’s academy, will serve as a complement to Ahmed who can both serve as a backup five, but also has the movement skills and perimeter orientation to play alongside another big. Another international big to keep an eye out for is 2024 Ben Defty, a German national in his first year at St. Thomas More. He is a true 7-footer with a huge frame and a game much akin to Ahmed as a dominant post scorer with some legit passing chops. Lastly, keep an eye out for 2025 Yancarlos Cueto of the Dominican Republic, who is in his first year with St. George’s. He is a 6’5” wing with a long frame and solid athletic tools who displays commendable feel and hustle on both ends. He is a high-level cutter, a good finisher, and he is developing the ability to create shots for himself off the bounce. While at different levels of renown at the moment, keep an eye on the recruitment for all four to pick up throughout the course of this season.

Under-the-Radar Stars

Since there is so much talent in the area, naturally some will inevitably ‘slip through the cracks’ when it comes to recruitment. There are three players for whom we expect that to change, as their skills shine through in important roles for their teams. The first is a key role player for a Bradford Christian squad that looks to be very competitive in the NEPSAC AA: 2025 Brayson Green. Green is a rangy and athletic forward with a great frame. He is a big time event creator on defense, a tenacious rebounder, and is exploring his offensive game more with signs of some passing vision. He’ll be a role player next to the likes of Kur Teng, George Turkson, and Warren Keel, which should keep pressure off him and allow him to be a star in his role. Next up is a budding star returning for his second year with New Hampton School (NH), 2025 wing Mason Blackwood. He has a strong frame and stands around 6’7” with long arms and leverages his lower-body flexibility and hard-nosed physicality on both ends. He is an excellent positional slasher who can get downhill and finish from a standstill or using screens and he is also a budding pick-and-roll playmaker. Defensively, he could be one of the more impactful on-ball defenders in the region this season, giving ball handlers headaches with his length, strength, and activity level. Lastly, keep an eye out for 2024 guard Fallou Gueye, who is in his first year on a deep Putnam Science team. He is wing-sized at 6’6” but he can operate as a primary creator, capable of getting downhill and finishing with tact or explosiveness at the rim. Beyond this, he has learned how to leverage the threat of his drives to get to his pull-up jumper and create passing windows for others. On the other end, he has a fantastic motor and is a pesky on-ball defender. While they may all reach different heights, each of these players warrants more attention and watch for them to warrant this attention by the end of this season.

Shooting Stars

There is no shortage of high-level perimeter players who can score at a high clip from deep, many of whom we have already mentioned. That being said, there were three very different players who stood out as absolute shooting specialists to keep an eye on this season. The biggest name is Brewster’s first-year guard, 2024 Iowa State pledge Nojus Indrusaitis, who has long held a reputation for being a strong shooter. Seeing it up close, his versatile shot-making really impressed as he is capable of draining shots even when off-balance and off-platform, but what stands out beyond that is his overall feel as a complementary player on offense. Another sharpshooter to watch for in years to come is The Newman School’s 2026 forward Quinn Costello. The long, thin sophomore has some of the best touch we evaluated throughout our tour and should be an elite floor-spacer for years to come. Lastly, it may be his last year in high school but he’ll surely go out with a bang; keep an eye out for 2024 Anthony Daley of St. George’s this season. The 6’2” guard put on the best shot-making display we saw in our two months on the road, proving he is capable of hitting incredibly difficult shots — regardless of range, contest, or balance — at a high volume using his quick, unorthodox release.

2024 Iowa State-bound guard Nojus Indrusaitis. Credit: Brewster Academy

Differentiating Motors

While it may not be as tangible as shot-making, we are of the firm belief that having a motor that runs hot is an incredibly valuable skill in a prospect, too. There were three players who especially stood out in this regard throughout our tour. The first is Bradford Christian senior forward George Turkson, who sets the tone for the rest of his team with the energy and effort he brings to everything he does, even in a casual open gym environment. You can always be sure the Texas A&M commit will leave it all on the court. Another tone-setter is Desmond Bellot, Jr., CATS Academy 2026 guard and son of former NFL player Desmond Bellot. On top of being a skilled and athletic two-way player who could become a national name in time, Bellot brings an outlier motor to the table that we look forward to seeing him build upon during the season. Lastly, 2026 Dywane Chess of St. George’s runs the court harder than almost anyone we’ve seen and has an unremitting intensity level, diving for every loose ball and looking to outwork everyone else on the court. The 6’5” wing is another name to track moving forward, since he has a good set of tools and a budding skillset on top of his motor.

Learning to Lead

As important as on-the-court skills and effort is, leadership is a key piece in team success and an important factor these prospects will bring to their college teams in the future. Playing at these elite prep schools is a perfect environment to develop leadership styles, and three players especially stood out in this development process. The first is #TheBluePrintCombine alum 2024 Bryce Dortch of Brimmer and May (MA). The Rutgers signee is in the process of fighting back from an injury he suffered last season and is both leading by example with his recovery path while also taking the time to mentor an incredibly young team around him. One of the beneficiaries of that leadership from Dortch is 2026 guard Windston Legentus who, despite only being a sophomore, is still one of the most revered voices and important leaders for that squad. We got the chance to speak with him about how he is looking to grow on and off the court, as he wants to become the best point guard he can be and he recognizes that requires being his best self both on and off the court. Lastly, New Hampton guard 2025 Keyshuan Tillery was one of the most outstanding leaders we saw. He leads by example on the court with his effort and talent level, but also demonstrates a maturity beyond his years as a captain, leading with an empathetic problem-solving approach for which most adults can only aspire. These three young men exude an incredible amount of poise, elevating their programs on and off the court.

Championship Aspirations

We spoke to dozens of players across New England about their goals for the season and the most common result by far was “win it all.” Some players especially stood out in their conviction of pursuing this goal. Brewster’s pair of 2024 first-years, Elijah Crawford and Daniel Jacobsen, are two such players. Joining Brewster together from Legacy Early (SC) this season, they understand what it takes to win in the highly competitive NIBC and seeing as they have already committed — to Stanford and Purdue, respectively — they have their sights set solely on helping guide a talented Brewster squad to make history in their first season in the conference. Another player who shares their conviction is CJ Cox, Milton Academy senior point guard and Purdue commit. Cox was one of the most under-the-radar talents in his class until he led the Middlesex Magic (MA) in winning the UAA Championship this summer and consequently earned his offer from Purdue. Having tasted victory on the national level this summer and already committed to the Boilermakers, the senior captain will be looking to replicate his summer success with Milton, this season. Lastly, another underrated 2024 prospect has his own lofty aspirations. South Kent forward and Iona commit Jacob Hogarth is one of the more underappreciated and most-improved talents in the senior class. Having found a college home with Iona, he wants to leave it all on the court in his final season for South Kent and help lead them to a NEPSAC Class AAA Championship.

Seniors Seeking Growth

While most expressed their desire to win a championship this year, some seniors also stood out in their aspiration to either demonstrate a part of their game they have already grown or to work on improving their game throughout this season.

One such player is another alum of #TheBluePrintCombine Texas A&M commit, Brimmer and May guard Andre Mills. Many know Mills as an uber-athletic slasher who takes defensive matchups personally and leaves it all on the floor. For a while, his jump shot was his biggest knock and he shared with us at The Blueprint that he was working hard to improve it. Now a year later, we saw him draining threes from deep and putting shots up without hesitation and he has assured us that, in addition to winning, he wants to show that his game has taken another step.

Tyler Betsey, St. Thomas More forward and Cincinnati commit, is similarly looking to show he’s taken a step with his game. #TheBlueprintCombine alum mentioned that he knows his reputation as a shooter, but has been trying to approach these open gyms purposefully in rounding his game out on both ends. His emphasis on improving his slashing ability especially stood out, as he was using an improved handle and screen manipulation to get downhill and flashed some intriguing footwork, counters, and gathers when he got to the paint.

Another player who made clear strides in rounding out their offensive game was Bradford Christian wing, #TheBlueprintCombine alum and Michigan State commit Kur Teng. The future Spartan is renowned for his shooting, but what stood out most from this specific viewing was his effort to own the mid-range and use his physicality and improving handle to get to the rim, capitalizing on his shooting gravity to attack closeouts dynamically. He also mentioned that this was a point of emphasis when we spoke to him and it showed through in his play.

Lastly, South Kent’s Nate Guerengomba really drew attention with his dedication to expanding his game. The UMass commit is one of the best tough shot-makers in the region, but he took a step forward unlike any other on our tour. When the South Kent Prep team was subbed off to rest and allow the developmental team to play, he insisted on staying on. Instead of continuing to show off his scoring prowess, he used this additional playing time to focus on improving the little things in his game: screening, moving off-ball and communicating on defense. We were impressed with the initiative he showed and look forward to seeing him continue to round out his game.

Additional Notable Names


Clemson Edomwonyin | 2024 | Big | South Kent (CT)

💡➡️ Combo of high-level tools and motor

Shamiere Green | 2024 | Guard | St. Thomas More (CT)

💡➡️ Explosive athleticism

CJ Happy | 2024 | Big | Milton Academy (MA) *Princeton commit

💡➡️ Perfect Princeton-offense big skillset

Justin Johnson | 2024 | Wing | Putnam Science Academy (CT)

💡➡️ Blend of interior polish and competitiveness

James Jones | 2024 | Wing | Worcester Academy (MA)

💡➡️ Two-way do-it-all skillset

Ollie Jones | 2024 | Guard | Putnam Science Academy (CT)

💡➡️ Incredible knack for generating steals

John Kallon | 2024 | Guard | Reason Prep (MA)

💡➡️ Ability to create for himself and others

Ryan Mela | 2024 | Guard | The Newman School (MA) *Providence commit

💡➡️ Polished slashing skillset

Caleb Middleton | 2024 | Big | Brewster Academy (NH)

💡➡️ Blend of interior polish and competitiveness

Kayvaun Mulready | 2024 | Guard | Worcester Academy (MA) *Georgetown commit

💡➡️ Offensive versatility

Chike Ndefo | 2024 | Wing | Vermont Academy (VA) *Towson commit

💡➡️ High impact perimeter defense

Amdy Ndiaye | 2024 | Forward | Putnam Science Academy (CT) *Pitt commit

💡➡️ Intriguing perimeter skills for his size

Izaiah Pasha | 2024 | Guard | St. Thomas More (CT)

💡➡️ Elite slashing craft

Nick Petronio | 2024 | Guard | Milton Academy (MA) *Boston College commit

💡➡️ Offensive versatility

Kesean Shillingford | 2024 | Big | The Newman School (MA)

💡➡️ Post skills and size

DJ Shine | 2024 | Guard | Brewster Academy (NH) *Murray State commit

💡➡️ Shooting specialization

Jaden Simmons | 2024 | Guard | Cushing Academy (MA)

💡➡️ Dynamic scoring

Luka Toews | 2024 | Guard | The Newman School (MA) *Boston College commit

💡➡️ Leader on and off the court

Jojo Wallace | 2024 | Guard | South Kent (CT) *Iona commit

💡➡️ Scoring arsenal


Jake Blackburn | 2025 | Guard | Worcester Academy (MA)

💡➡️ Dynamic shot-making

Oswin Erhunmwunse | 2025 | Big | Putnam Science Academy (CT)

💡➡️ Game-changing physical and athletic tools

Preston Fowler | 2025 | Forward | Brewster Academy (NH)

💡➡️ Combo of frame and developing polish

Reggie Grodin | 2025 | Wing | The Newman School (MA)

💡➡️ Shot-making and scoring arsenal

Julien Kabori | 2025 | Forward | CATS (MA)

💡➡️ Budding creator skillset

Nasir Meyer | 2025 | Wing | New Hampton (NH)

💡➡️ Tough shot-making ability

Kelvin Odih | 2025 | Guard | South Kent (CT)

💡➡️ Athleticism, rebounding and scoring ability

Ebuka Okorie | 2025 | Guard | Cushing Academy (MA)

💡➡️ Combo of drive and polish on both ends

Zack Scherler | 2025 | Big | Vermont Academy (VA)

💡➡️ Movement skills combined with inside-out skillset

Dylan Veillette | 2025 | Forward | St. George’s (RI)

💡➡️ Shooting and post play combo

Allyn Wright | 2025 | Guard | St. George’s (RI)

💡➡️ Patient creation for self and others


Chad Cook | 2026 | Forward | New Hampton (NH)

💡➡️ Ball skills for his size

Adrian Howell | 2026 | Guard | Reason Prep (MA)

💡➡️ Athletic self-creation

Ezayi Mauristhene | 2026 | Guard | South Kent (CT)

💡➡️ Scoring polish for his age

Nelson Mboudjika | 2026 | Forward | CATS (MA)

💡➡️ Tools and motor at his age

Nicolas Mitrovic | 2026 | Big | Brewster Academy (NH)

💡➡️ Developing modern big skillset

Jackson Southerland | 2026 | Guard | South Kent (CT)

💡➡️ Athletic tools and two-way impact


Logan Lang | 2027 | Big | Reason Prep (MA)

💡➡️ Size and signs of perimeter skillset

Ethan Njenga | 2027 | Guard | St. George’s (RI)

💡➡️ On-ball creativity

Ladanion Payne | 2027 | Guard | Brimmer and May (MA)

💡➡️ Offensive polish for his age


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