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Prospect Analysis: Basketball Without Borders Global Camp

2024 Basketball Without Borders Global Camp participants. Credit: BWB

In the latest edition of “P.I. Pulse”, Pro Insight’s Alex Brown and David Hendren dive into a phenomenal group of 2006-born prospects from all around the world after spending a long weekend on the ground in Indianapolis, IN, for the eighth-annual Basketball Without Borders Global Camp:

Basketball Without Borders Global Camp excels at assembling elite talent from across the globe, with a deep alumni base boasting future All-NBA players, All-Stars, and tenured NBA starters. Last year, the 2023 rendition featured multiple potential lottery picks in the 2024 NBA draft, including Tidjane Salaün, Nikola Topic, and Matas Buzelis. Naturally, BWB’s continued success attracts a plethora of NBA scouts and executives to get a live touchpoint on some of the top future prospects. With that, here were some of the names that stood out in Indy.

**Players listed in alphabetical order

Event Stock-Boosters

Neoklis Avdalas

6’6.25” 200 lbs. | Guard | Greece | AS Karditsas (GRC)

AB: An immediate eye-catcher that intrigued throughout, Greek ball handler Neoklis Avdalas was the huge winner right out of the gates, showcasing a potential dribble-pass-shoot skill set tailor-made for the modern NBA. Primarily an on-ball player, Avdalas thrived as a ball screen advantage creator, probing inside for instinctual drive-and-dish opportunities while maintaining a threat to score in the mid-range or around the basket. While the perimeter jumper was noted by many as a swing skill coming in, Avdalas worked to dispel that sentiment by burying multiple off the catch and off the bounce. On the defensive end, he largely competed and walked away with some standout blocks in space while showing some versatility at the point of attack. Walking away from the camp, Avdalas boosted his long term stock as much as anyone in attendance and will certainly have NBA eyes tracking him closely as he continues his development.

Greek guard Neoklis Avdalas. Credit: BWB

Savo Drezgić

6’3.25” 198 lbs. | Guard | Serbia | DME Academy (FL) 

AB: Serbian point guard Savo Drezgić thrived throughout BWB, proving to be an offensive savant with toughness and an edge to his game. His tremendously polished and crafty offensive skill set earned him many fans throughout the weekend. Along with possessing a deadly jumper off the bounce, Drezgić also employs a tight handle, deceptive change of pace, live-dribble passing, and the ability to play a step ahead of the defense. Naturally a major threat in PnR, Savo could excel at the next level as a higher usage ball handler that is able to generate paint touches, create drive-and-dish opportunities, as well as hit the roller and dunker spot after occupying the big. There are still areas where he is adjusting, such as the overall physicality of the American game, but Savo’s value prop is one that we haven’t been seeing in as many American guards, and one that will net him interest from the highest levels of college basketball.

Kasparas Jakucionis

6’4.5” 198 lbs. | Guard | Lithuania | FC Barcelona (ESP) 

DH: The sharpshooter from Lithuania displayed his shot-making arsenal at a high level all weekend. His ability to convert shots both off the dribble and off the catch was noticeable, creating separation with step-backs from three, alongside numerous makes in catch-and-shoot scenarios. However, Jakucionis is more than just a shooter, as he displays a natural IQ as a processor. He makes the right read often, alongside showing some lob-pass ability to rollers in the pick-and-roll. Defensively, he showed his understanding of positioning and cut off drives with his ability to play angles. In summary, Jakucionis is a high IQ shooter who fits in seamlessly offensively, with flashes of on-ball creation and an endearing commitment to the defensive end.

Khaman Maluach

7’0.75” 250 lbs. | Big | South Sudan | NBA Academy Africa (SEN)

AB: Khaman continues to affirm his stock as one of the most promising young bigs on the planet, earning defensive MVP and playoff MVP honors in Indy. Maluach showcased his distinctive value as an anchoring rim protector and play finisher while bringing elite intangibles to the court with his communication, engagement and attitude. The signs of passing vision and floor-stretching further add to the allure, as does the added bulk to his now 250-pound frame. He is still learning how to harness his tools to the fullest on a consistent basis, as expected for a young player over 7 feet, but the upside is quite exciting as a toolsy defensive anchor with all the right intangibles and offensive skill flashes.

Hamad Mousa

6’6.75” 180 lbs. | Wing | Qatar | NBA Global Academy (AUS) 

DH: One of the biggest risers from the weekend was Qatar product Hamad Mousa. His offensive versatility was on full display throughout, both from a scoring and playmaking standpoint. His multi-level acumen as a scorer was attention-grabbing, as he looked ultra comfortable getting buckets in a variety of ways from all over the floor. From distance, he made triples off movement and off the catch. In the mid-range, he knocked down pull-ups and even flexed some mid-post game, implementing sound footwork and different release points to get his shot off over defenders. At the rim, Mousa showed smooth coordination and dexterity, finishing with both hands around the rim with touch. Additionally, he was engaged at the point-of-attack defensively, crowding the airspace of ball-handlers while using his quick hands to net steals. Overall, a highly-encouraging performance from Mousa.

Qatari wing Hamad Mousa. Credit: BWB

Will Riley

6’8” 179 lbs. | Wing | Canada | The Phelps School (PA) 

AB: Will Riley made a major, major statement here, earning MVP honors and further asserting himself as one of the most talented scorers that’s not in the NBA or in college, yet. Truly believing he can make just about any shot, Riley’s shooting touch, confidence and ability to self-organize have reached the elite levels that scream long term starpower in the modern game, especially at that size. Add in the moments of playmaking in PnR and an increasingly adept handle, and you have the recipe for a potential star wing at the next levels. He will need to continue to get stronger and more seamlessly blend together his scoring and passing counters, but at the end of the day, wings with this type of scoring ability don’t just grow on trees, and Riley’s future is looking incredibly bright as a result.

2024 Basketball Without Borders Global Camp MVP Will Riley. Credit: BWB

Other Notable Performers

6’6.75” 196 lbs. | Guard | Israel | Calvary Christian Academy (FL)

💡➡️ Shot-creation, scoring, playmaking

5’11.5” 155 lbs. | Guard | Germany | Oak Hill Academy (VA)

💡➡️ Shooting, scoring, craft

Enrico Borio

6’6.25” 202 lbs. | Forward | Brazil | North Broward Prep (FL)

💡➡️ Energy, versatility, glue guy

5’9.25” 172 lbs. | Guard | Dominican Republic | Archbishop Stepinac (NY)

💡➡️ Playmaking, shooting, creation

Mohamed Diakite

6’9.75” 206 lbs. | Forward | France | Pôle France (FRA)

💡➡️ Stretch big, mobility, rim-protection, high motor

6’9” 198 lbs. | Forward | France | Ratiopharm Ulm (GER)

💡➡️ Stretch big, finishing, defensive activity, mobility

6’4.5” 210 lbs. | Wing | Australia | NBA Global Academy (AUS)

💡➡️ Shooting, BBIQ, connecting playmaking

Iker Garmendia

6’7.25” 189 lbs. | Wing | Spain | Joventut Badalona (ESP)

💡➡️ Shooting, BBIQ

6’0.75” 165 lbs. | Guard | Bulgaria | NBA Global Academy (AUS)

💡➡️ Shooting, BBIQ, PnR playmaking

Andy Gemao

5’11.5” 169 lbs. | Guard | The Philippines | Veritas Prep (CA)

💡➡️ Athleticism, scoring, slashing, aggression

6’11” 291 lbs. | Big | New Zealand | NBA Global Academy (AUS)

💡➡️ BBIQ, playmaking, low-post scoring, floor-stretching

Assane Mandian

6’5.5” 194 lbs. | Wing | Senegal | NBA Academy Africa (SEN)

💡➡️ Length, perimeter defense, offensive skill flashes

6’8”, 248 lbs. | Forward | Montenegro | SC Derby Podgorica (MON)

💡➡️ Range shooting, passing creativity, BBIQ, interior scoring

Aginaldo Neto

6’0.75” 177 lbs. | Guard | Angola | NBA Academy Africa (SEN)

💡➡️ Slashing, shot-creation, open court athleticism

Ben Saraf

6’5” 202 lbs. | Guard | Israel | Ironi Kiryat Ata (ISR)

💡➡️ Craft, BBIQ, playmaking, PnR creation

5’11.5” 159 lbs. | Guard | Japan | Higashiyama Basketball (JPN)

💡➡️ Shooting, BBIQ

7’0.75” 204 lbs. | Big | Senegal | DME Academy (FL)

💡➡️ Mobility, defensive versatility, rim protection, range shooting flashes, finishing

6’3.75” 184 lbs. | Guard | France | Pôle France (FRA)

💡➡️ Shooting, scoring, BBIQ, perimeter defense

2024 Basketball Without Borders Global Camp all-star selections. Credit: BWB


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