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Aaron Clark Commitment Q&A

A standout player with Brewster Academy, Clark is a cerebral and versatile prospect who will add another dimension to Wake Forest’s offense once he gets to Winston-Salem next year. Clark narrowed his list down to two schools, Miami and Wake Forest, before ultimately announcing his plans to become a Demon Deacon. Clark is the first class of 2023 prospect to commit for the Wake Forest program. 

In our interview, Clark outlines his unique basketball journey, what set Wake Forest apart from other programs and more.

Clark spoke with Pro Insight’s Tyler Glazier about his decision:

Pro Insight: Talk about your basketball journey. 

Aaron Clark: I first started playing in my hometown in Easton, Pennsylvania, playing for Easton High School for two years. Coach Marckenzie connected me with St. Benedict’s Prep [junior season], I had a pretty good year with them. Then during the summer I transferred to Brewster Academy — that was just me getting away, locking in and getting to work. I got to play for some high level coaches with some high level players. I was having a pretty good season with them and towards the end of the season I tore my labrum. I played on it for a couple months and I didn’t know until I got it checked out towards the start of the summer. Before the injury, I was getting calls from college coaches like every other day, then once I got injured and people weren’t seeing me, everything started to drop off. From recruiting to everything else. I just kept working on my rehab and some coaches stayed in touch with me. It was cool seeing which coaches stayed in touch with me, I was thankful for that. Towards the end of the AAU season, coaches started to reach out to me again and Coach Smith and Coach Marckenzie helped me reach out to a few coaches to get in the mix. Then recruiting started to pick up again. Wake Forest being there and giving me that real and genuine relationship, the opportunity was definitely great. 

PI: What are you eager to prove once you get to campus? 

AC: I just want to compete for my spot and get 1% better every day once I’m on campus. I don’t really have nothing to prove, I’m just there to play basketball, play my game and win with my teammates. I’m not there to be anybody different from who I am or what they’re looking for. I’m just looking forward to coming in and to start working. 

PI: What set Wake Forest apart from other schools? 

AC: The relationship I have with some of the coaches, which is big for me — from them coming up to see me at school whenever they could to getting to know me, writing me notes and showing me videos. I could just picture myself there. They were giving me a very good vision of myself in the program and it was clear to me. 

PI: What was Coach Steve Forbes reaction to the news? 

AC: He was definitely happy. 

PI: Did you get to know any current or former Wake Forest players throughout the process? 

AC: I was definitely able to chat with Bobi [Klintman] when I was up there on the visit. I’m looking forward to playing with him. 

PI: What was the staff’s most consistent message to you leading up to your commitment? 

AC: They just told me the opportunity is there but nothing is given to you. You just have to come in and work for it. They constantly sent me videos of their playing style, player videos and even videos of me in it, just running through the plays. Showing a player doing an action and then video of me doing something similar right after. Videos of how I fit their offense and style of play. 

PI: What are you hoping to work on between now and getting to campus? 

AC: Definitely just improving my body, getting bigger and getting my body to get ready for the ACC. 

PI: What’s your message to the Demon Deacon fans excited about your commitment? 

AC: I’m just excited to get on campus and get started. I’m ready to go!


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