Colin Smith

Credit: Marcus Graves

Coming off a strong junior season, Colin Smith has continued his impressive play this summer with Southern Assault (TX). The talented forward prides himself on his defensive versatility, playmaking ability, knocking down shots, and leadership intangibles.

Currently ranked as a 4-star recruit (via 247Sports), Smith has offers and interest from the likes of Michigan, Texas, Illinois, UNC, Oregon, Stanford, Oklahoma State, and Baylor, among other programs.

In his interview with Pro Insight, he talks about his background, growth as a player, off-court interests, what he is looking for in a college program, and much more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2022 prospect Colin Smith, from Dallas, Texas:

Pro Insight: Talk a bit about your background.

Colin Smith: I’m Colin Smith and I’m from Dallas. Was born and raised here. I’ve got a sister who is two years older than me and she plays volleyball at Stanford. So pretty good history with me in terms of family playing at the next level. I’ve had a really good upbringing, my parents have been instilling good values in me from a young age. I’m just happy they’ve always been there for me. Basketball is something I’ve loved from a young age and is something I’ve worked for and now it’s starting to pay off.

PI: Any other athletes in your family aside from your sister?

CS: Yes sir, my godfather is Kurt Thomas. He played in the league for a long time and is a TCU great.

PI: What are your current measurements?

CS: I’m about 6’8” and about 210 pounds. Still trying to put on weight and fill out a bit more. I’m in the gym all of the time just trying to get stronger and more lean.

PI: Where do you get your height from?

CS: My family is pretty tall: my mom is about 5’11”, her brother is about 6’5” and her mom is about 5’10”. My dad is about 6’5” there’s just height all around the family — it’s just in the genes [smiles].

PI: Did you play other sports growing up?

CS: Man my parents just let me do whatever I needed to do to get the energy out so I wouldn’t just be at home causing havoc. So when I was younger I just played everything: baseball, soccer, dodgeball, kickball — I just played whatever I could. But then I settled down with basketball and track and then once I got to high school I knew that basketball was the thing for me so I just dropped everything else and just solely focused on basketball.

PI: Which events did you do in track?

CS: I started out with the 800m and the 1600m, but then I started doing the long jump and high jump. I also did the 200m, 400m, and everything. Just whatever my coach needed me to do I went out there and ran my hardest, jumped my highest, jumped my farthest, I just gave it my all.

PI: What made you decide to start shifting your focus more toward basketball?

CS: I think it started to happen more towards the end of middle school, like my 8th grade year is when I started to get more traction on my name playing with Hard Work. They put a lot of videos out on me which helped get traction on my name. I think for track, I just got a little too big for that...a 6’6” kid in 8th grade running track looks silly. Then I started working a lot more in basketball and stopped worrying about other sports like that. Just seeing my growth, getting bigger and stronger, I knew basketball was where I would fit best in, maybe football, but I kind of dropped that too.

PI: Was there any interest in diving into football?

CS: It was tempting. I played both 7th and 8th grade year and I’m not gonna lie, I was kind of nice. But I didn’t want to get injured because football is right before basketball and I didn’t want my basketball season to be shortened by football playoffs. I like basketball better than football when I play so I just chose basketball anyways.

PI: For those that aren’t super familiar with your game — what are your greatest strengths?

CS: I feel as a player I’m pretty complete. On the court I can do whatever I need to do. I can shoot, drive to the basket, and get my teammates involved. On the defensive end I’m just gonna lock up and take charges, which is something not a lot of players do. I just affect the game in every way I can and that’s just being a leader on and off the court. That’s just something that sets me apart from other prospects.

PI: What do you feel you still need to improve on the most?

CS: I think just being a big guard, handling the ball, and just bringing the ball up the court. Making sure you make good decisions and take good shots is something you always have to work on, but I feel like you always work on everything, you’ll never be perfect. I feel like you work on your jump shot all the time, ball-handling, work on your passing, there’s nothing you’re ever going to be perfect at so you just stay working.

PI: What’s your training schedule like?

CS: Usually during the school year on Monday-Tuesday I’m in the weight room doing a lot of movement stuff. Then Tuesday-Sunday is basketball, I’m usually in the gym. In the summer I’m typically doing two-a-days because I’ve got a lot more time on my hands. Then you’ve got AAU practice and tournaments, so it’s just a lot of recovery you have to do during the weekend. So it’s just a full year, no breaks, you’re always working, but I like it that way.