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Cyprian Hyde Commitment Q&A

Nearly one year has passed since Pro Insight began following the journey of Vista High School (CA) big man Cyprian Hyde. Now measuring in at 6’10.5” and growing into his body, we have seen Hyde at events such as the Pangos All-American Preview Camp in Southern California (Oct. 2021), WIBCA Northwest D1 Recruitment Showcase in Bellevue, WA (June 2022) and in South Carolina when he played with his Gamepoint (CA) team on the Adidas Gold Circuit (July 2022). Beyond his physical presence, he has a very soft touch, good instincts for where the ball will be off missed shots, and has always competed with whoever is in front of him.

He is quite willing to play the role of the energy big and post scorer, while also providing ability to stretch the floor and physicality on the glass and in post defense. At each event, he displayed a willingness to be coached and adapted well to whatever his team needed from him. He has big hands, brings a lot of energy and is preparing for a big upcoming senior year at Vista, plus for what is waiting for him at the NCAA level. His improvement throughout the process has been notable and the added strength and work on fundamentals should really help his college translation. Having shown NCAA coaches what he has to offer after going through the recruitment process (which he broke down with Pro Insight in a previous interview), Cyprian Hyde is ready to announce his college commitment.

Hyde spoke with Pro Insight’s Michael Visenberg about his decision:

Pro Insight: When did you realize you wanted to play college basketball?

Cyprian Hyde: When I first thought I had a chance to play college basketball was going into my sophomore year. Just realized the potential that I had and put it all together.

PI: What has the process looked like from the start to your commitment day?

CH: Working hard, going out in the games, and playing hard. Taking practices seriously, working hard in the weight room and on the basketball court.

PI: Who were some of your guides and influences throughout your recruitment?

CH: My Vista High School coach (Anthony Bolton) and Gamepoint (CA) club coach (Charlie Mercado). Would ask them questions about it, what I should say and not say. They gave me advice on ways to show out in front of college coaches. Rebounding, playing hard and helping me out with what to do.

PI: Alright Cyprian, where will you be committing?

CH: I will be committing to the University of Portland!

PI: Congratulations! What were the factors that led you to choosing UP?

CH: What has really stood out to me was coach Shantay Legans offered me at another school (Eastern Washington), then he went to University of Portland. Even with them being in a better conference, he stuck with me all the way and always believed in me. I really like the school, it seems like the perfect fit for me. I like their culture, plus the players and staff are awesome. University of Portland has always been good to me, that is why.

PI: What kind of player is Portland getting in Cyprian Hyde? Have the coaches defined a role for you?

CH: We have not gotten that far in terms of a particular role. When I get there I am going to focus on rebounding, playing hard and just giving my all.

PI: Did you have a chance to get to know some of your future teammates throughout the process?

CH: I have gotten to know their names a little bit, but have not gotten to know them too well, yet. They seem like really cool guys and I’m looking forward to getting to know them more.

PI: What is University of Portland getting outside of basketball? Have any major you are leaning towards?

CH: Leaning towards majoring in criminology, that sparks a big interest for me. Still have time and we will see.

PI: What are some of the things you are going to work on to be ready for WCC basketball?

CH: Going to work on getting bigger, need to get faster to play at that level and going to work on the fundamentals.

PI: What have you been working on most recently to prepare for your senior year at Vista?

CH: Have been working on my post moves and practicing catching the ball in the high post. Try to make some moves off the dribble from the high post, because that is what I am going to have to do at the next level.

PI: What is your message to the University of Portland who are hyped for you to join their community?

CH: It’s going to be fun. I’m going to play hard, hit some threes and get a lot of rebounds — we are in for a fun time at the Chiles Center!


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