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Davis Fogle Q&A

Previously unknown up in the Pacific Northwest, 2025 four-star Davis Fogle turned heads with Seattle Select (WA) on the Under Armour circuit this past summer and parlayed his strong play into budding interest and new offers from several college programs. The 2022-23 NWC Player of the Year and a standout at the CP3 Rising Stars camp, Fogle has impressed with his scoring ability and basketball IQ. Now making his way into the national rankings, the 6’6” guard will be counted on by Anacortes High School (WA) to take the program on a state championship run.

In this interview with Pro Insight’s Conrad Chow, Fogle discussed his background and growing up in Alaska, the latest recruitment update including offers and interest, a dream NIL deal with an exotic car dealership, and much more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2025 prospect Davis Fogle, from Anacortes, Washington:

Pro Insight: How did you get to where you are today? Talk a bit about your background and family.

Davis Fogle: Yeah, I mean just really ever since I was three, four [years old] just kind of fell in love with the game. My mom played in college and then my dad, he was a good high school player, so I was just always around the game and then my mom was coaching high school basketball, so I was just always in the gym. There were other sports, but nothing was like basketball and just ever since probably like fifth, sixth grade, I mean every day just been working super hard at it. And I mean it's really all I do and just it's what I love. So it's kind of what's helped me get to the point where I'm at and still have a lot of work to do obviously, but yeah.

PI: Besides your parents, any other athletes in the family?

DF: No, really just my parents.

PI: What other sports did you play growing up?

DF: I mean, I played football and then baseball when I was younger and then probably like fifth, sixth grade, I kind of just stopped playing that and just focused on basketball, purely.

PI: Have you been residing in the northern Washington area your whole life or did you move here?

DF: Yeah, I grew up in Alaska and then when I was eight, I moved to Anacortes.

PI: How would you describe the basketball culture up in the northern Washington area?

DF: I mean, basketball is pretty big. There's a lot of good high school teams, a lot of good AAU teams, like it's big for sure. And then especially kind of where we are like Western Washington, basketball, it's bigger than you think. We got a lot of good players, a lot of good high school teams — there’s a lot of competition and it's super competitive. Especially where I'm at, you're not gonna go to a game and it's gonna be empty. All the schools, their fans come out, so it's pretty fun to play in front of those big crowds and stuff.

PI: For those who aren’t familiar with your game, what are your greatest strengths and playstyle?

DF: I mean, I think I'm just overall a three-level scorer — like I can really score. I can score pretty much wherever on the court: three-point, mid-range in the paint. I think I'm a really good leader. I feel like I can go on any team and make them better. And then just obviously my IQ of the game, my passing. Yeah, just overall I feel like I'm one of those guys that will do whatever it takes to win, whether that's scoring or getting my teammates involved.

PI: Who do you model your game after or study on film?

DF: I don't really say there's any player that I kind of model my game after, but even when I was younger, I always liked Kobe and then I watched a lot of Kobe now even after he passed. So yeah, I like him a lot. So I like how he breaks the game down and kind of tries to critique the little stuff, especially like after you have a bad game, you gotta look at the reasons why that shot wasn't falling. So I like that a lot.

PI: What are your current measurements?

DF: Yeah, I'm like 6’6”,170-175 pounds right now. I'm not sure about my wingspan, but I think my wingspan is like 6’5”, 6’6”, so somewhere around there.

PI: Do you have a specific training regimen?

DF: Yeah. I usually lift in the morning and then I usually go work out with my trainer and then we usually just do a lot of in-game reads like in-game shots, you know getting downhill and then shooting that pull-up coming off the screen, threes, different finishes at the hoop, everything. My mentality, I mean, I've never really had to be pushed to go to the gym like it's always kind of been me, so I'm working out and I'm playing basketball because I love it. So it's like I want to get better because I love the game. It's not like I got my parents or my trainers like, “Yo, we gotta get in the gym.” It's like, “Nah, I'm texting them like, let's get in the gym.” Even if he's not available, I got the keys to this gym that we helped give a little money to, so I can go in there whenever and just get some work in so it's super nice.

PI: What are your short term goals you have for yourself as a player?

DF: Yeah, definitely for this high school season, for me personally, I wanna win Gatorade Player of the Year. So Washington Gatorade Player of the Year, that's a big one. And then I mean I won MVP of our league last year so I wanna do that again. I mean, obviously I wanna try to win a state championship, do whatever it takes to get there. Last year, we fell short after we had a pretty good regular season and then in districts, we had some stuff that went down at the end of the year that kind of got us knocked out a lot earlier than we should have. But yeah, definitely those are probably the top three right now is Gatorade Player of the Year, conference MVP, and then a state championship.

PI: Describe your experience with Seattle Select on the Under Armour circuit.

DF: Yeah, I mean it was crazy. So we went to Arizona, South Carolina, and then Atlanta for our three Under Armour Circuit sessions. And those were crazy, like, I mean wherever you go, I mean, you're gonna see coaches everywhere. And then one thing that really taught me is like, you could have a really good game at like 10AM and then you got a game at 7PM where those coaches don't care how good or bad you did. You gotta go out there and stay level-headed and go out there and perform again, so it really just taught you to be mentally tough and then obviously it's super fun traveling with all the guys, chilling in the hotels. Like even though those guys don't go to your school or whatever, but we got super close. Those are some of the best times, for sure. It was a really good experience this year.

PI: Who has been the toughest individual matchup you’ve ever faced?

DF: I know in Atlanta, we played West Coast Elite and they had a pretty good guard in Gavin Hightower. I think we lost by like one point, but we both had super good games there and that was a super big game for me as far as recruiting and stuff. After that game, I kind of got a little exposure there so that was a big one for me.

PI: What is your recruitment update?

DF: Yeah. So right now I hold offers from Seattle U, Wyoming, Washington, LMU, and Nebraska. I've been in contact with Gonzaga, Virginia, Washington State, Saint Mary's, and Indiana. So yeah, that's really been it.

PI: Did you have a dream school growing up?

DF: As a kid, my dream school was always Duke, for sure.

PI: How do you see your role at the next level?

DF: Yeah, I mean, I'm definitely looking for somewhere where I can just go in there where I'm needed. Like they want me. They want me for me. They want me to have the ball in my hands, make plays, get downhill, get my shots and then just obviously get everyone else involved. I definitely want to go somewhere where I'm needed. They think I can help them take the next step or whatever. So yeah, I just think if I just keep working on my game, it’s kind of just going to translate right into the college system.

PI: Which schools are you hoping to visit in the near future?

DF: I haven't taken any visits so far, but I plan to go to Gonzaga sometime this month and then I'll probably go down to UW, just watch practice and stuff. That's not too far of a drive, but other than that, I don't have any other visits scheduled.

PI: What are your biggest interests outside of basketball?

DF: I can golf a little bit. I'm not the best, but me and my friends like to go out there in the driving range sometimes. So yeah, I’d say that.

PI: Who are your favorite music artists?

DF: Drake, that's probably my favorite right there.

PI: What are your favorite TV shows, movies, books?

DF: I mean, I like the show Outer Banks. That's really the only show I watch. So, yeah. And then I like The Last Dance that came out. That's pretty good.

PI: You have one hashtag to describe yourself. What is it?

DF: Right. I’d just say #TrustYourWork. I mean, that's kind of what I tell myself all the time is just trust your work. You know, like all the work you've done, is gonna pay off in those big time moments — so I'd probably say that.

PI: If you woke up tomorrow to see a fortune in your bank account, what would be your first purchase?

DF: I’d probably buy a car — a pretty nice car.

PI: Any particular car brands or models you like?

DF: Probably get like a Porsche 911, probably. That'd be pretty nice.

PI: If you weren’t pursuing a career as a professional hooper, what do you think you would choose to do?

DF: Probably some other sport. I'm not sure. Baseball, football, something like that. But definitely some other sport.

PI: Who’s someone you really look up to?

DF: I mean, I got my trainer Tyler Amaya. We've been working out together since like fourth grade. He was state champion in our area and then he went on to play at Gonzaga and some other schools. He's always been there for me, like, not even just from a basketball standpoint, but from just life and we've gotten really close. He's always there for advice. And then obviously my parents, both my mom and my dad, they're huge in my life.

PI: Do you have any major pet peeves?

DF: No, not really. Nothing really.

PI: Are you an introvert or extrovert?

DF: Extrovert, probably.

PI: Talk about a time or story in your life that you feel has really shaped who you are today.

DF: Honestly, I'd say probably it was in Vegas, a live period. I kind of had some good games and then I probably had like my worst game of the summer. I probably had like 10 or 12 points and we didn’t play well and then I remember my coach and my parents, they were like, “you just gotta go back out there and play ‘cause those coaches are gonna keep coming back.” We had a game the next day at like 8AM and there were like 15,16 coaches there on the baseline and then I remember one of my teammates' dad usually says like, “just go out there, have fun man. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” And then I just went out there, played super good the rest of the weekend and that was kind of just like something that stuck to me like basketball is supposed to be fun. So that's kind of one thing that's kind of changed my approach a little bit.

PI: What is your dream NIL deal and why?

DF: Yeah, I'd probably do like an exotic car dealership. Like I've seen some of those guys have that. That's pretty cool.

PI: Name four words that best describe you.

DF: Driven, caring, hardworking, and gritty.

PI: At the end of the day, what do you hope to be remembered for?

DF: Just as a player, just someone that's gonna go out there, play hard all game, do whatever it takes to win. Then just as a person, no matter what, I got class for everyone and treated everyone with respect.


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