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Event Recap: MADE Hoops West Coast Winter Circuit S3

Credit: @1KEPHOTOS (twitter) / MADE Hoops

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, we spotlight a group of prospects who caught our eye while participating in last week’s MADE Hoops West Coast Winter Circuit in Oregon:

MADE Hoops held the third session of its West Coast Winter Circuit in the Portland suburbs this past weekend and it did not disappoint. The Beaverton Hoop YMCA was taken over by some of the most talented middle school prospects in the country, an impressive group currently following in the footsteps of MADE Hoops alumni like Trae Young, Bam Adebayo, Michael Porter, Jr., Darius Garland, James Wiseman, and RJ Hampton, just to name a handful. Pro Insight was on-hand to catch the action, with a particular focus on the eighth grade division. With six courts going at once, there were plenty of terrific players we didn’t get to catch in depth. So for those not mentioned, we hope to catch you next time — keep working in the meantime! With that said, we’ve compiled some notes on 12 of the most impressive players we evaluated this past weekend, in addition to listing some honorable mentions who showed out, as well.


Tyran Stokes | 6’6” Forward | TSF Aim High

Arguably the most dominant performer of the weekend in his age group, Tyran Stokes looked like a man amongst boys, at times. The middle schooler epitomizes modern, positionless basketball as he functions like a guard but with the size and strength of a post player. His combination of size, strength, athleticism, motor, skill, touch, and ball skills immediately popped throughout the weekend while playing for TSF Aim High, a group that features Kenny “The Jet” Smith on its coaching staff. Stokes is overflowing with physical tools, yet seemingly flashed new and intriguing layers to his skill set by the game. It will be interesting to see how he continues to develop as his peers catch up to him, physically. Regardless, Tyran Stokes is a national name to know in the 2026 class.

TSF Aim High forward Tyran Stokes. Credit: @1KEPHOTOS (twitter) / MADE Hoops

Jaxon Richardson | 6’4” Forward | Vegas Elite

The son of former NBA player Jason Richardson and younger brother of 2024 Bishop Gorman HS (NV) prospect Jase Richardson, Jaxon Richardson was one of the more impressive overall athletes at the event. He displayed some very intriguing flashes as a finisher in the paint, a few in which he used long jumper strides to get to the cup. Richardson also had a memorable block off the backboard and was an effective help defender in Vegas Elite’s at times dominant defensive effort. His handle and touch both stood out as well. While he wasn’t particularly high usage and was mainly playing off ball at this event, his motor and rebounding ability directly manifested into a positive impact on games. Looking ahead, it would not be a surprise if by next year his athletic at-the-rim layups evolve into above-the-rim dunks — considering the gene pool, it seems to be only a matter of when, not if.

Kaden House | 6’3” Guard | Arizona Unity

The head of the Arizona Unity snake, at least this past weekend, was Kaden House, son of longtime NBA guard Eddie House. He still has a ton of filling out to do, but the constant pressure he applied to his opponents on both ends of the floor vaulted him into the conversation of most intriguing prospect in attendance. One of the most productive players on the weekend, House differentiates himself with his motor, functional athleticism, self creation ability, and multi-level scoring prowess. He plays with an endearing sense of urgency which can borderline on frantic at times, but can also yield elite scoring outbursts both in transition and in the half court. Both he and his twin brother Kalek bring it on the defensive end, as well, playing with a chip and an impressive level of scrappiness. Needless to say, the future is incredibly bright for the 6’3” House.

Arizona Unity guard Kaden House. Credit: @1KEPHOTOS (twitter) / MADE Hoops

Austin Brown | 6’5” Wing | Blue Chips

Austin Brown was a standout on a team full of fundamentally sound players out of Houston, doing a bit of everything for Blue Chips. With Brown, it starts with positional size and an advanced basketball IQ/processing ability. His smart reads as a secondary playmaker do not go unnoticed. He also brings spot-up shooting prowess and shoots it with confidence, which allows him to make defenders pay by attacking closeouts. He was also able to react quickly after catching the ball on transition drives, resulting in easy buckets. While he is not finishing above the rim at this stage, he showed good movement ability and played with contagious energy on both ends of the floor. Already possessing some very solid size at the wing while showing flashes of being able to shoot, handle and pass, Brown seems like a Texas player worth keeping track of once he reaches the high school level.

Cam Holmes | 6’5” Guard | Arizona Unity

Cam Holmes, the third member of Arizona Unity’s three-headed monster which also features the talented House twins, is a force to be reckoned with in his own right. He possesses high-level positional size out on the perimeter, but can function effectively at basically any position. The lefty can stretch the floor, attack the paint, finish through contact, make plays for others, rebound his area, and generate positive results for his team on the defensive end. Holmes brings a unique combination of size, versatility, skill, and toughness that you don’t see every day. Throughout the weekend, he was a magnet for contact and did a nice job leveraging his physical tools intro trips to the free throw line. Not only does Holmes have the ‘look’ of a big time hooper when he walks into the gym, he backs it up in spades with his actual play. Look for him to terrorize opponents on both ends throughout his high school career.

Arizona Unity guard Cam Holmes. Credit: @1KEPHOTOS (twitter) / MADE Hoops

Katrelle Harmon | 6’3” Guard | Seattle Rotary

Pound-for-pound, Seattle Rotary guard Katrelle Harmon was one of the most intriguing prospects in the gym this past weekend. He’s the latest in a long line of special backcourt hoopers from the state of Washington, a list that seems to add a new pro every year. The dynamic shooting guard is no stranger to MADE Hoops, having suited up for the Rose City Rebels — three hours down the road — in the past, nor is he a stranger to Pro Insight…Harmon has made a very positive impression on our staff all season with his play for Team BFL (WA) on The Grind Session. The lanky scorer gets to his spots at will, is a threat from 25 feet and in, and his quick-twitch athleticism translates to the defensive end, where he’s capable of being a menace both on and off the ball. Harmon is a potential two-way impact ceiling-raiser and accumulating invaluable experience playing with and against players 4-5 years older on The Grind Session is a big reason why.

Elijah Williams | 6’6” Wing | PG Elite AZ

Elijah Williams is still growing into his body and it seems like he’s trending toward ending up taller than his father, 6’8” coach of the Phoenix Suns’ and former NBA player, Monty Williams. Throughout the weekend, Williams displayed good awareness as a defender, and an ability to lower his center of gravity to sit in a stance, while staying disciplined and vertical while contesting shots. His defensive upside and potential versatility are certainly enticing. Offensively, he flashed advanced ball skills for someone his age/size and was able to get to the foul line on a consistent basis, converting a solid percentage of attempts. There was also a display of bounciness going to the basket off cuts, an ability to get rebounds at high points, as well as passing off movement. It did seem like he could use a bit more arc on his shot, though many of his misses hit the back rim and it was good to see him have confidence out to long range. It is still in the early stages with Williams, but even so, one can see the makings of an ultra-versatile two-way prospect as he continues to develop.

Paul George Elite wing Elijah Williams. Credit: @1KEPHOTOS (twitter) / MADE Hoops

DeLan Grant | 6’3” Guard | PG Elite

DeLan Grant boasts some top tier physical tools and as mature of a frame that you’ll see for a middle school-aged backcourt prospect. Despite his size, speed and strength advantages over his peers, he doesn’t stand out by simply playing ‘bully ball’ — Grant is a winner and approaches the game the right way. That approach leads to tons of winning plays on both ends. The combo guard is comfortable with or without the ball and when he does get the rock, he’s efficient with it…and good things tend to happen. He processes the game at an advanced level and is a smart, unselfish playmaker on offense, who’s also capable of calling his own number at any point. Range shooting is an area for improvement, but it’s tough to knock him when he can get into the paint and to his mid-range spots at will. On the defensive end, Grant is an absolute bulldog who was hounding opponents into coughing up the ball, all weekend. Plenty of players mature quicker than others and convert their physical tools into early success; very few couple their natural ability with a high motor, smarts and unselfishness — that’s what makes Grant special.

Brannon Martinsen | 6’6” Forward | PG Elite

Brannon Martinsen stood out as one of the most skilled prospects in the building, last weekend. Considering he was also one of the tallest, the intrigue is obvious. It seemed as if each game, Martinsen pulled out another trick in his bag and unleashed another layer to his very versatile foundational skillset. He makes his mark on both sides of the ball, combining smarts, timing, size, strength, toughness and his motor to generate events defensively; on offense, his ability to handle in the open court, find teammates both in transition and the halfcourt, overpower opponents in the paint, stretch the floor, and crash the offensive glass all blend into a no-brainer prospect that will inevitably wind up on the high major radar when the time comes. Simply put, Martinsen’s combination of legit size, skill, IQ, and toughness is really unique and will make him highly sought-after, over time.

Paul George Elite forward Brannon Martinsen. Credit: @1KEPHOTOS (twitter) / MADE Hoops

Jamyn Sondrup | 6’7” Big | 801 Elite

When we first caught Jamyn Sondrup live in early 2021, he was already an imposing figure. He has grown significantly since then, making him a can’t-miss prospect out of Utah. One of the first games of the weekend featured a terrific matchup between Sondrup and Tyran Stokes, the top 6’6”-and-up prospects in attendance, and it was worth the price of admission. Sondrup isn’t just a massive middle-schooler: he has good feet, soft hands, shooting touch, and maybe most notably, a very advanced passing acumen. It would be great to see his motor rev higher and more often — but even when it’s not, there’s little on the court Sondrup can’t do. Opponents just bounce off him. He rebounds his area, protects the paint, embraces verticality, and maintains a businesslike demeanor at all times on the court. The 801 Elite staff has surrounded Sondrup with quality complementary pieces and if they can stick together, this program is poised for a ton of success…and it all starts with the big fella.

Maleek Simeus | 6’1” Guard | Vegas Elite

With a very strong frame and impressive movement ability as a plus-athlete, Simeus is a real leader for Vegas Elite’s strong defense. Able to play passing lanes and with lateral quickness to affect the point of attack, it is no wonder that Simeus also has spent time playing defensive back on the football field. On the offensive end of the hardwood, Simeus uses his wide shoulders to finish through contact and is difficult to stay in front of in transition. He’s comfortable playing on or off the ball, with the physical tools to function as a modern combo guard. Throughout the weekend, he showed comfort as a pull-up shooter, had some nice playmaking moments and he utilized tight crossovers to create driving angles. His willingness to go pursue balls of the glass as a rebounder also stood out. Simeus brings elements of toughness and intensity along with legitimate basketball skill, making him yet another Vegas prospect to track over time.

Vegas Elite guard Maleek Simeus. Credit: @1KEPHOTOS (twitter) / MADE Hoops

Honorable Mentions

Tai Coleman | 5’10” Guard | Vegas Elite

What stood out most: shooting touch

Jonny Collins | 6’0” Guard | Oakland Soldiers

What stood out most: athletic upside

Rashod Cotton | 5’11” Guard | Oakland Soldiers

What stood out most: offensive polish

Mason Hansen | 5’11” Guard | 801 Elite

What stood out most: crunch time shooting

CJ Harper | 6’1” Guard | TSF Aim High

What stood out most: mature court demeanor

Kalek House | 6’2” Guard | Arizona Unity

What stood out most: defensive playmaking

Sam Mbingazo | 6’9” Big | 801 Elite

What stood out most: overwhelming physical tools

Brandon McCoy | 6’1” Guard | WhyNot Favorites

What stood out most: two-way impact

Patrice "Patty" Mpouli | 6’0” Guard | Seattle Rotary

What stood out most: functional athleticism

Naz Price | 6’3” Guard | Blue Chips

What stood out most: positional size + motor

Josiah Stroughter | 5’11” Guard | Vegas Elite

What stood out most: slashing + finishing

Kota Suttle | 6’2” Guard | TSF Aim High

What stood out most: physicality in the backcourt

Tyus Thomas | 5’11” Guard | Oakland Soldiers

What stood out most: feel for the game

Ray Whitley | 6’2” Wing | Oakland Soldiers

What stood out most: crafty finishing


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