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Mohamed Diakite Q&A

Credit: BWB

INSEP Paris is one of the most prestigious talent hotbeds in European basketball. They recently sent two players, Nolan Traore and Mohamed Diakite, to Basketball Without Borders Global Camp in Indianapolis, Indiana, surrounding NBA All-Star Weekend.

Following the event, Pro Insight’s Florian Kurth met up with Diakite, a 6’9.75” forward, and talked about his background, family, game, off-court interests, goals, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2006-born prospect Mohamed Diakite, from Paris, France:

Pro Insight: How did you get to where you are today? Talk a bit about your background and family.

Mohamed Diakite: I arrived here where I am today thanks to my work ethic and behavior. Obviously, my family has supported me a lot. I currently live with my parents and I have four sisters.

PI: Did you try your hand at other sports growing up?

MD: No, I never tried any other sports. I was attracted to football, but I never played it myself.

PI: Did your parents play sports professionally?

MD: No, my dad didn’t play basketball, but he played football at an amateur level.

PI: How was the experience for you at BWB last month in Indianapolis?

MD: It was a very good experience. I learned a lot and I was able to see the level of other players from different countries.

PI: For those who are not as familiar with your game — what are your biggest strengths and what’s your style of play?

MD: My strengths are driving to the basket and shooting close to the circle. Also, I am very fast and I can rebound and defend all positions.

PI: Who do you model your game after or study on film?

MD: Honestly, I watch a lot of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, because I really like his game — just the way he drives and scores his points.

PI: What would you say is the most underrated aspect of your game?

MD: I think it is my ability to drive.

PI: Where do you feel you need to improve the most?

MD: It is probably my shot from three-point range — just to make it more consistent.

PI: What have you really been focused on developing lately?

MD: I work every day to develop my consistency.

PI: What are your short-term goals for this season with INSEP?

MD: The goal is to stay in the league and also win the adidas Next Generation stage in Paris to be at the finals in Berlin at the end of the season.

PI: Can you imagine going to college in the U.S. one day?

MD: Currently I can see myself everywhere. One day I have to make a choice, but I'm not sure, yet.

PI: In what area(s) do you feel you currently impact winning?

MD: I have an impact on victories on offense and defense, but also in regard to my attitude — because I want to be a leader!

PI: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

MD: In the NBA!

PI: What excites you most besides basketball? Any hobbies?

MD: Yes, I do have some hobbies besides basketball. I watch a lot of anime and also like reading mangas.

PI: Do you also watch the NBA when it fits in your schedule?

MD: Yes, I watch the NBA.

PI: Who is your favorite music artist?

MD: I don’t really have any favorite music artist.

PI: If you weren’t pursuing a career as a professional basketball player, what would you do?

MD: I don’t have an answer for that for now.

PI: Would you describe yourself as an introvert or extrovert?

MD: I think I am an introverted person.

PI: Who is someone you do really look up to?

MD: It is clearly my parents.

PI: Name four words that describe you best.

MD: Family, protector, competitor, and fair.

PI: Do you have any plans for the summer?

MD: Yeah, with the French National Team, we want to win the European Championships!


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