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Event Recap: Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, Pro Insight’s Nick Danforth recaps the Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp by highlighting the top standouts in attendance after spending the weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

The Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp offers prospects an opportunity to see where they stand by playing against the best players across the Eastern United States. With more than 260 players in total, the camp offers five-on-five games over the span of two days followed by All-Star games where the best of the best are pitted against each other. After taking in all of the action, Pro Insight compiled a list of our top-10 performers from the camp, as well as a handful of others that deserved recognition for their play. Overall, it was an impressive and talented group, making the process of narrowing the list no easy task.

Pro Insight’s Top-10

(in alphabetical order)

Nate Ament | 2025 | 6’7” | Woodbridge, VA

Ament is a long and fluid wing who impacts the game on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he has a smooth shooting stroke and a handle that allows him to attack one-on-one. He plays at his own pace, navigating the lane with long strides and a soft touch around the rim, where his length allows him to finish around bigger defenders. He also plays with more strength and physicality than his frame would suggest, unafraid to mix it up for rebounds. Ament finished as Co-MVP in the Top-60 game.

Danny Carbuccia | 2025 | 6’0” | White Plains, NY

Carbuccia was one of the most impressive point guards in attendance. Possessing an array of moves in his bag and a quick first step, Carbuccia gets to the rim at will. His ability to create offense for himself is evident, but so too is his desire to get teammates involved. Throughout the weekend, Carbuccia showcased great court vision, with a nifty ability to fire cross court passes from a live dribble. His on-court rapport with Barrett Loer and AJ Dybantsa (see below) was fun to watch.

Badara Diakite | 2025 | 6’10” | West Hartford, CT

Featured in this article last year, Diakite has vastly improved his overall game over the last 12 months. Once possessing just theoretical ball skills, Diakite has elevated his skill level and looks much more comfortable operating on the perimeter. Still, where Diakite really shines is around the rim, where his length and agility make him a terror rolling hard or leaking out in transition with his great end-to-end speed. Diakite also impacts the game on the defensive end, getting his hands into passing lanes and affecting shots as a rim protector. Diakite is in for a breakout season on the national stage.

AJ Dybantsa | 2026 | 6’8” | Needham, MA

AJ Dybantsa put the class of 2026 on notice at Pangos: he’s coming for the number-one spot. Dybantsa is a big, physically-imposing wing who has the skill to do whatever he wants out on the court. He gets to his spots with a clean and shifty handle that is highly advanced for his age and size. He can shoot over the top of defenders or drive into the paint and punish them at the rim. On top of his offensive game, Dybantsa crashes the glass hard, protects the rim, and uses his length and agility to defend just about anyone on the court. What truly separates Dybantsa beyond all his physical skill is the edge and emotion he plays with. He takes nothing on the court for granted, does not take plays off, and wants to not just win but dominate. Simply put, there was no one at this event, regardless of class, that was as impressive as Dybantsa.

Barrett Loer | 2025 | 6’5” | Newport, RI

Loer was featured in this article a year ago and showed advancement in his game over the past 12 months. Appearing physically matured since our last live viewing, Loer showcased his vertical athleticism by repeatedly attacking the paint both in the halfcourt and transition. He was also able to knock down shots when left open on the perimeter, a skill that will only further unlock his slashing ability. An underrated aspect of Loer’s long-term potential may be his ability to play off of other talented players, as he was able to get his own offense within the flow of the game while rarely being showcased as the primary ball handler.

Darius Lopes | 2025 | 6’3” | Rockingham, VT

Lopes is a skinny guard with a shifty handle and a soft touch in the paint that allows him to finish around the rim. Despite his frame, Lopes plays with an edge and a never-back-down mentality. Block him at the rim and he’ll attack just as hard the very next time down the court. While he doesn’t offer much vertically, Lopes is explosive in short areas with a burst and handle that can freeze a defender just long enough for him to slither into the paint and finish at the rim.

Chidi Nwigwe | 2026 | 6’6” | Oradell, NJ

Nwigwe’s physical profile is dripping with upside as a wing with great positional size and huge feet and hands. More of a fluid athlete than an explosive one, Nwigwe uses his long frame to shoot over the top of defenders in the mid-range or finish over them in the paint. An impact player on both ends of the court, Nwigwe also displays good lateral agility when guarding on the perimeter and uses his length well to affect shots around the rim. Nwigwe is a high priority name to monitor in the 2026 class.

Adam Oumiddoch | 2026 | 6’5” | Arlington, VA

Oumiddoch didn’t miss a chance to showcase his scoring ability in Philly, as he looked to put the ball in the bucket seemingly every time he touched the ball. With a range of off-the-dribble moves at his disposal, Oumiddoch consistently sliced his way to the rim and showed great footwork and finishing touch with both hands. When the paint was shut off, Oumiddoch was not to be deterred, pulling up from the mid-range to the three-point line with a smooth jumper. The next step will be finding a way to get teammates involved and make plays for others.

Jalen Rougier-Roane | 2025 | 6’5” | Washington DC

Rougier-Roane has a quiet game but consistently produced the entire event. Possessing good size on the wing, Rougier-Roane is a skilled offensive player who can score in a variety of ways. He can roll to the rim like a big, break out a euro-step in transition, or drain jumpers from the mid-range out to three. His versatility extends to the defensive end of the court where his size and agility allow him to guard multiple positions.

Meleek Thomas | 2025 | 6’4” | Pittsburgh, PA

Thomas is a scoring guard who can get hot in a hurry. His elite shooting ability was on display in the Top-30 Cream of the Crop game where his lightning quick release and in-the-gym range drew cheers from the crowd in attendance. Thomas was also able to leverage that shot making ability to create offense off the dribble both for himself and his teammates. Once out in transition, Thomas displays his court vision and ability to manipulate defenders with hesi moves and head fakes. To top it off, Thomas plays both ends of the court proving to be an impact defender with quick hands, agility, and length to bother ballhandlers.

Additional Eye-Catchers

Keiner Asprilla | 2026 | 7’0” | Ramsey, NJ

7-foot big who runs the floor hard, cleans up rebounds, and tries to dunk everything

Vincent Chaudhri | 2025 | 6’7” | Pawling, NY

Lanky, athletic wing who can knock down shots and thrives as both an on-ball defender and rim protector

Osa Idada | 2025 | 6’7” | Boston, MA

High-energy big who looks like a defensive end and tries to rip the rim down

Elton James | 2026 | 6’6” | Rock Hill, SC

Long and bouncy wing with potential to be a three-level scorer

Windston Legentus | 2026 | 6’0” | Newton, MA

Point guard who can score with a quick first step and a quicker release from 3

Acaden Lewis | 2025 | 6’3” | Washington DC

Do-everything guard with a dynamic and crafty off-the-dribble game

Brendan Oliver | 2025 | 6’6” | Blairstown, NJ

Athletic, slashing guard who attacks the rim with force and brings great positional size and length

Elijah Proctor-Moore | 2025 | 6’6” | Middleton, DE

“Head at the rim” athlete on the wing who challenges bigs at the rim and erases shots as a weakside defender

Nesta Rice | 2025 | 5’10” | Medford, NJ

True point guard who commands an offense and excels at setting up teammates but can score when called upon

AJ Williams | 2026 | 6’7” | Oradell, NJ

Versatile wing filled with physical tools and upside who thrives getting downhill and finishing at the rim


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