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Event Recap: Pangos All-American Camp

In the latest edition of 'P.I. Pulse,' Pro Insight’s Michael Visenberg details some of the top standouts from Pangos All-American Camp, which recently ran from June 6-8 in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Historically, Pangos All-American Camp tends to be one of the marquee events before the start every summer. Usually happening after major AAU sessions have finished their regular season, it brings together top high school players from all over the country. In 2019, Pangos featured the projected top two picks in the 2021 NBA draft, Cade Cunningham and Evan Mobley. Through the years, there have been seemingly countless Pangos alumni who have been among the top picks in the NBA draft, or eventually find their way onto a roster.

This year's Pangos All-American Camp was once again full of the top rising seniors (2022), juniors (2023), a handful of sophomores (2024) and even one deserving rising freshman (2025). It featured 12 teams, broken down into two conferences (ACC and Pac-12) that each played four games. After those games were over, two All-Star games were played, the Cream of the Crop Top-60 and Top-30. Those selected to the Top-30 game were even given their own complimentary NFT from BallerTV — the latest move that sets this camp apart.

There were so many great performances, these teams were very difficult to choose. However, as camp director Dinos Trigonis pointed out, there was a top-60 game that once astonishingly featured future number-one and number-two draft picks. This camp was covered thoroughly by the Pro Insight crew, as well as many other distinguished media outlets, along with nearly every NBA team being represented. The camp slogan was “Tough times don’t last, tough people do,” which was very fitting in terms of how this camp paid incredible attention to detail and will once again become a launching point for a number of the best prospects in high school basketball.

Below, we'll go over some musings and takeaways covering a number of the top prospects from camp, by position. This is the first of multiple post-event coverage articles, so if you do not see a name listed here, definitely check back in the near future as we aim to be as comprehensive as possible with our coverage. A huge thank you to Dinos Trigonis and the staff that made Pangos All-American Camp possible, as well as of course the players who provided a ton to discuss.


Jalen Duren

6’10 | 230 lbs. | 2022

Montverde Academy (FL) | Team Final (PA)

The top-ranked player at the event, with some consideration as the top player in the Class of 2022, Duren walked away with the camp MVP award. Leading the camp in rebounds per game and second in assists per game, all while playing around 26 minutes per game, he was a major presence on both ends of the floor. His hands are fantastic, and his strength is incredibly rare for a high school prospect. Beyond the reported 7’5 wingspan, running and leaping ability, he has really improved in terms of skill since transferring to Montverde Academy. His ability to make quick decisions with the ball out of the post, or even at times throwing lobs, adds a further wrinkle to what he can bring to an offense. He also made 4 of his 7 three-point attempts, showcased some post fadeaways and great overall touch from just outside the paint.

He definitely seemed to be less aggressive than he could have been, though was still such a huge plus when he was on the floor for his Duke team at the camp. He had his usual blend of above-the-rim finishes, a few monstrous putbacks and blocked some shots at high points as well. While he is not the quickest laterally, he still is quite switchable and has moved well beyond being just a power center, to showing many modern qualities NBA teams want from big men. Duren has always been a fantastic prospect and he has clearly put in work to keep him in the conversation among the best players in 2022.

Vincent Iwuchukwu

7’0 | 220 lbs. | 2022

La Lumiere School (IN) | Drive Nation (TX)

Someone who absolutely passes the eye test in terms of physical tools and athleticism, Vincent Iwuchukwu led the camp in scoring and finished second in rebounding. He was a major reason that a shorthanded Oregon State team had a 2-2 camp record, with he and Jalen Duren finishing as the only players in camp to post two double-doubles. From the first game, he showed his confidence out to long range, some ball skills and even had a game where he posted five assists. His plus-wingspan and timing made him one of the better rim protectors at camp, as well.

Iwuchukwu was the most consistent player at camp in terms of production and his confidence offensively was a welcomed sight. He also finished the camp shooting 15-15 from the free throw line, capitalizing on the G-League rule that made FTs either 1, 2 or 3 depending on how you were fouled. In a camp dominated by big men, Iwuchukwu was right at or near the top, even leading his team in the Cream of the Crop Top-30 game in scoring for good measure. In a class full of big man talent, Iwuchukwu moved his way up the rankings and should be a mainstay on the high school All-Star circuit in 2022.

Dereck Lively II

7’1 | 215 lbs. | 2022

Westtown School (PA) | Team Final (PA)

The fact that he has been playing recently with the top two players in 2022 in Jalen Duren and Emoni Bates is almost unfair. Dereck Lively II just puts that team even further over the top. His movement ability and speed at his height are rare, plus he has great timing in terms of altering and blocking shots. Not only did he have some impressive blocks around the basket, but he also even showed some ability to get them out on the perimeter.

Lively II is also a great lob threat, who showed his jump shot could be used as a weapon, as well. Just a ton to work with in terms of his physical tools and athleticism. He is also due to rise up the rankings, and his final schools all seem to be among the top blue bloods in college basketball. He may not spend a lot of time in college and his combination of rim protection, finishing around the basket and glimpses of an outside game would be why.

Baye Fall

6’11 | 205 lbs. | 2023

Lincoln Academy Charter School (CO) | Colorado Hawks (CO)

Fall is definitely still working on his body, but it does not inhibit him from playing with a great deal of energy and affecting the game positively on both ends. He was constantly around the ball, showed some real touch around the hoop and put on a show in the Top-30 game, where he won co-MVP, finishing as the leading scorer with 20 points. Exuberant was one way to describe his play throughout the camp, along with his transition dunk show in the Top-30 Cream of the Crop.

Fall has the ability to run the floor and load up quickly as a leaper, and was elite in terms of motor, leading the camp in minutes played. His shooting is still a work in progress and he does most of his best damage around the basket, though it looks like he is working on it and he did at least take some outside attempts. He made a couple three-pointers, with his next step hopefully being some strides in decision making. Fall had a tremendous camp and showed why he was the top 2023 ranked player in attendance.

Adem Bona

6’10 | 225 lbs. | 2022

Prolific Prep (CA) | We All Can Go (TN)

Bona seems to look even stronger than his listed weight, coupled with high-level athleticism and a 7’4 wingspan. He plays exceptionally hard, while also being very positive and guiding teammates on defense. He finishes through contact, makes plays above the rim and even steps out to mid-range. One of the more impressive plays was when he went up against Jalen Duren, waited for him the entire time as he was facing up, then rose up with perfect timing to block his shot.

Bona was another high-caliber center from this year’s camp, with him being a “high-major-plus” lock should he choose to attend college. He will surely have pro prospects immediately with his ability to protect the rim, switch onto multiple positions, rebound, and finish around the basket. Originally from Nigeria and coming to Prolific Prep by way of Turkey, Bona is really coming into his own and played his best in the biggest game against Jalen Duren. He seems in line to be a high school All-Star as well and someone NBA scouts would love to see at the Nike Hoop Summit.

Yohan Traore

6’10 | 230 lbs. | 2022

Prolific Prep (CA) | Dream Vision (CA)

Rim-runner supreme, Traore can catch the ball in movement and rise really quickly. On multiple occasions he dunked through contact while being fouled. He can finish lobs, and while he was definitely best around the basket, he showed some ball skills and shooting ability in glimpses. A real competitor and above-the-rim finisher, Traore also provides rim protection and some ability to move his feet. High majors are starting to take notice and his showing at Pangos should just add fuel to the fire.

Kel’el Ware

6’11 | 210 lbs. | 2022

North Little Rock HS (AR) | All Arkansas Red (AR)

The slender big man was able to finish above the rim often, shooting at a 66.7% FG clip for the camp while finishing second in blocks per game. Still rather raw in terms of ball skills, Ware does have touch around the hoop and movement skills to go along with his finishing. A number of high majors are involved and with some additional physical development, he will be on the pro radar.

Jaxon Kohler

6’9 | 230 lbs. | 2022

American Fork HS (UT) | Utah Prospects (UT)

Mr. Consistent. A hard worker with an inside-outside game, Kohler just continues to be productive at whatever event he attends. His best work is done around the basket, where he has a variety of post moves, big time footwork and is adept at cleaning up on the offensive glass. He did step out at times and is comfortable facing up. Kohler seems incredibly aware of who he is and what he does best on the floor, he works nonstop on both ends, earning himself a spot in the Top-30 game.

Ernest Udeh

6’10 | 230 lbs. | 2022

Dr. Phillips HS (FL) | Team Parsons (FL)

The camp’s field goal percentage leader, with a bevy of below the rim post moves, offensive rebounds (finished with twice as many as defensive) and some nice dunks off of cuts with a head of steam. Udeh is a good athlete, quite strong and has some good touch off of the glass on hook shots. Yet another center who will be playing at a high major quite soon.

Lee Dort

6’10 | 235 lbs. | 2022

Greenhill School (TX) | Team Trae Young (OK)