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Prospect Analysis: 3SSB Rock Hill Stock-Risers

Pro Insight sent multiple staff members to cover the 3SSB Championships and Adidas All-American Camp, which were both held approximately 30 minutes outside of Charlotte, North Carolina at the Rock Hill Sports and Event Center earlier this month. After scouting dozens of games over the better part of a week, a group of prospects began to differentiate themselves, some even to the level of ‘must-see’ any time they took the floor. Not unlike in 2021, when we covered 3SSB Birmingham and Omaha, the talent on this year’s Adidas circuit was well-dispersed between classes and competition levels. Rarely will you come across even a 15U game where there isn’t mid-to-high major upside on the floor. This article is not a compilation of the best players in 3SSB, but instead a group of players our staff feels strongly increased their stock the most based on their play in South Carolina, placing special emphasis on the individuals who deserve more national attention.

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, Pro Insight’s Aneesh Namburi, PD Web and Matt McKay curate a list of ‘risers’ after spending several days in Rock Hill, South Carolina for the duration of the 3SSB Championships:

CJ Brown | Game Elite 16U | 6’2” Guard | 2024

Brown was one of the standouts on an extremely talented Game Elite 16U team. An uber athletic 6-foot-2 guard, Brown is able to generate paint touches and finishes with his first step and vertical pop. When the athleticism fails to work for him, Brown has real feel/craft in the half court, navigating space and defenders both narrow and wide, utilizing his handle and pace against opponents, and can knock down an open jumper. Also displaying strong rebounding and flashes of playmaking, more high major programs should be lining up for the Georgia guard in time.

Mikel Brown | Southeast Elite 17U | 5’11” Guard | 2025

Despite the outward appearance of a pre-teen, Brown’s highest-level flashes in Rock Hill were as breathtaking as any we’ve seen this spring/summer. The lead guard’s projection perfectly fits the mold of a modern NBA backcourt piece and offensively, there is no ceiling in sight. Throughout 3SSB play and even into Adidas All-American camp, Brown had multiple stretches where he provided shades of old school Trae Young at NBPA camp in how he generates space off the bounce, gets to his spots and shoots it with ridiculously soft touch from all over the court.

Southeast Elite PG Mikel Brown. Credit: @mhirsch.shoots (IG)

Hudson Greer | Southern Assault 15U | 6’6” Wing | 2025

Greer has been a standout at multiple events this spring and summer, bringing his unique blend of feel, versatility and athleticism to consistently produce efficiently at a high level. By being a fantastic cutter and having a knack for getting open off-ball with a great sense of timing and spacing, Greer consistently finds easy looks in the form of both halfcourt dunks and transition finishes. Greer can fit in lineups as a 3 or 4 right now due to his great positional size for a wing, entering his sophomore season at 6’6+, and offers spacing as a knockdown shooter. The three-ball comes out very smooth, with a high release and Greer has no trouble shooting over contests. As he fills out physically and adds more off the bounce creation, look for the wing to rise in national esteem.

Zion Stanford | K-Low Elite 17U | 6’6” Wing | 2023

Stanford’s combination of creation skills and physical traits made him a tough player for defenses to match-up against. Standing at 6-foot-6, he has the first step to get by bigger wings while also the sheer strength to overpower guards. His aggressive slashing maximizes that advantage, and he is able to finish through contact at the rim off one or two feet, where he converted at a high clip over the week. Stanford’s jumper also allows him to keep defenses honest, as he’s flashed soft touch both from the mid-range and out to 3.

Davin Cosby | Team Loaded VA 17U | 6’5” Guard | 2023

Cosby was arguably the biggest beneficiary of the live period, receiving 15 offers (8 HM) since the start of the 3SSB Championships. A 6-5 big guard with a perfect frame to grow into, Cosby stood out as an excellent off-ball threat who really competed defensively. He was someone that defenses learned to not help off as the tournament went along, hitting multiple threes off the catch in each of the three games that we watched. Even when opponents started to really close out, Cosby was not fazed and continued to fire and make shots. His secondary creation isn’t a consistent staple of his game yet, but his functional handle, playmaking vision, and steady patience provide positive flashes for further development. Our favorite part of Cosby’s game was his competitiveness and energy defensively. Not only did he show a willingness to sit down and slide his feet to provide ball pressure, but he also brought a ton of energy and was not afraid to talk trash.

Team Loaded VA guard Davin Cosby. Credit: @mhirsch.shoots (IG)

Rakease Passmore | Garner Road 16U | 6’5” Wing | 2024

Passmore is quite simply a nutty athlete, who showcased great feel and impact in Rock Hill without a high usage. He has an intriguing true wing frame and is loaded with physical tools all-around. Passmore has some strength, a plus-wingspan, great pop, and a super quick first step. These traits help his effectiveness as a slasher, where it’s almost impossible for defenders to ever slide in front of him, and as a defensive playmaker with his ground coverage and event creation instincts. His strengths paired really well with Paul McNeil and Isaiah Washington's shot making and took a ton of pressure off the entire team, defensively. He even had a game where we watched him knock down four threes, himself.

Pryce Sandfort | D1 Minnesota 17U | 6’7” Wing | 2023

It’s easy to get on the floor if you have a special skill, and Pryce Sandfort’s shooting has made a case as best in the country. While he can hold his own as a defender and generally makes positive decisions, the entire premise of him as a prospect centers around his shooting, which is a sight to behold. He can shoot on the ball with pull-ups off the dribble as well as off the catch with his feet set or on the move. Sandfort’s range extends out to NBA territory and he can fire off a variety of catch points uncomfortable to many players, especially those that are still in high school. If he can continue to grow as a creator working off that shot gravity, he’ll have a bonus to his already potent off-ball scoring arsenal.

D1 Minnesota sharpshooter Pryce Sandfort. Credit: @mhirsch.shoots (IG)

Jadyn Toppin | Team Trae Young 17U | 6’9” Forward | 2023

Toppin continues to be one of the more productive players in AAU yet remains extremely underrated in terms of both rankings and offers. A 6-9 forward who can play both the 4 or 5, Toppin is a rangy defender who looks comfortable switching against just about anyone thrown at him, and can control the paint with his rebounding and weak side rim protection. That motor carries over to the offensive end, where he is most impactful as an offensive rebounder and play finisher out of dump-offs or pick-and-rolls, but also shows great touch within eight feet and has nominal ball skills for a big. Toppin currently holds offers from high level mid-major schools but six out of his eight events in the Cerebro Sports database are a gold rating, the highest percentage of high-level finishes for any 2023 prospect in the system.

Annor Boateng | Arkansas Hawks 16U | 6’5” Wing | 2024

After following Boateng closely at various events over the past year and some change, it would be tough to create an argument for why he is not a top-10 prospect in the 2024 class. His current build as a rising junior would rival NBA players, yet he’s also a very graceful, fluid mover. Boateng uses those physical tools to be a menacing defender that should be able to continue to switch 1-5 as he moves up levels. Offensively, he can provide value in just about any area without being super ball dominant. At this level, he cannot be stopped getting to the rim, has clean shooting mechanics, and will move the ball to find the open man, consistently making smart reads as a decision maker.

Arkansas Hawks wing Annor Boateng. Credit: @mhirsch.shoots (IG)


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