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Recruiting Roundup: Davin Cosby

Pro Insight recently caught up with Davin Cosby, Jr., a 6’5 perimeter utility knife in the 2023 class that has been ascending as of late. Throughout the summer, Cosby has shown he’s a high level shooter, keen decision maker and plus-defender while playing with Team Loaded VA on the adidas 3SSB circuit.

In this interview, Cosby talks about how his recruitment is going and what a program will be getting in him both as a player and as a person.

For the next installment of “Recruiting Roundup,” we present 2023 prospect Davin Cosby, Jr., from Richmond, Virginia:

Pro Insight: To start out, for those who aren’t familiar with your game, how would you describe it?

Davin Cosby Jr.: I’m a 6’5” combo guard that can shoot the ball very well. I’m also a good defender — I take pride in defense.

PI: What are you looking for in a college program on and off the court?

DC: On the court, I want to play as a freshman. I want to fit into their sets (on offense) and into their system on both ends of the court. Off the court, I want it to feel like family.

PI: What schools are you hearing from the most right now?

DC: I just got offers from Mississippi State, West Virginia, NC State, and Wichita State. Also Alabama, they contact me the most, and Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Maryland, California, and Virginia.

PI: Is any school sticking out more than others right now?

DC: As of right now, I would say Alabama and Wake Forest.

PI: Do you have any visits lined up?

DC: I have Wake Forest set up for July 29-30th, and Alabama for September 3rd.

PI: Are there any schools that you want to hear from that haven’t reached out yet?

DC: As of now, I’d say Florida State.

PI: Did you have a dream school growing up?

DC: My dream school growing up has always been North Carolina.

PI: What are your biggest goals finishing out the summer and heading into the high school season?

DC: Next week we have California, that’s the last live period, I want to go out with a championship. I want to let people know that Davin Cosby is coming.

PI: Do you have any passions off the court?

DC: In my free time I like to draw and listen to music. I’m mostly just chilling.

PI: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

DC: “When you want to quit, just keep going. When you’re at the bottom, that’s when you need to go your hardest.”

PI: At the end of the day, what do you want to be remembered for?

DC: A kid out of the 804 that stepped up and made a name for himself.


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