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Recruiting Roundup: Terrence Hill, Jr.

Credit: @newtonflix (IG)

Pro Insight recently caught up with Terrence Hill, Jr., a playmaking combo guard on the rise out of the Northwest. Hill has had a very successful summer playing in the EYBL and is currently one of the top scorers in 16U at just under 20 points per game.

In this interview, Hill talks about how his recruitment is going and what a program will be getting in him both as a player and as a person.

For the next installment of “Recruiting Roundup,” we present 2024 prospect Terrence Hill, Jr., from Portland, Oregon:

Pro Insight: To start out, for those who aren’t familiar with your game, how would you describe it?

Terrence Hill, Jr.: I’m a 6’2” combo guard. To describe my game, I’d say I’m a floor general and a pass-first type of dude. I also get buckets in a variety of ways. I’m a three-level scorer. I like to get my teammates involved early to help open up my scoring. I’ve also improved on my on-ball defense, which is a big thing. I’m just a winner and a leader on the court.

PI: What are you looking for in a college program on and off the court?

TH: On the court, I just want to be able to see myself fit in with the program, how they play and their system. I like to play out of the pick-in-roll, so if they’re big on that, that’s one of my interests. Off the court, just relationships with the coaches and the staff. Weather will also play a big part in my decision, I don’t really like the cold like that (laughs). Before I make a decision, I want to build a relationship with the recruits that are going there, also.

PI: Do you have anybody that you want to team up with in college?

TH: I’d want to team up with Jackson Shelstad.

PI: What schools have you been hearing from since the contact period began?

TH: Washington State, Oregon State, Pepperdine, Colorado, UCLA, Utah State, LMU, Portland, Portland State, Montana, Southern Utah, and Colorado State.

PI: Is any school sticking out more than others right now?

TH: No, I wouldn't say anyone is sticking out. I’m trying to just build a relationship with all of them. They’ve all been keeping in contact and letting me know about their programs.

PI: Are there any schools that you want to hear from that haven’t reached out yet?

TH: Oregon, Gonzaga, and some east coast schools.

PI: Did you have a dream school growing up?

TH: My dream school is Duke, but you never know what the future holds.

PI: What are your biggest goals finishing out the summer and heading into the high school season?

TH: I want to raise my ranking on ESPN, and hopefully get to a 5-star, and hear from some more colleges. I just want to show that I’m one of the top point guards in the country.

PI: Do you have a dream NIL deal?

TH: Any sports drink, or any product that helps you take care of your body. I want to be able to show kids coming up that your body is a big piece of you, and you have to take care of it.

PI: Do you have any passions off the court?

TH: I like to write narratives, telling stories about my life and the challenges I go through.

PI: At the end of the day, what do you want to be remembered for?

TH: A kid from the northwest that made it out, and made his community better.


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