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Scouting Tre Mann

Credit: Florida Athletics

In the latest edition of 'P.I. Pulse,' Pro Insight's Aneesh Namburi conducts a deep dive analysis on Florida guard and projected first round pick, Tre Mann:

Tre Mann is a shifty scoring guard who led Florida to the NCAA Tournament despite a tumultuous season. Mann needs to refine his playmaking and defense, but the shotmaking and space creation that he provides at his size are some of the most valuable skills in today's NBA. Below is an in-depth scouting report that covers every aspect of his game and how it translates to the NBA, where his strengths lie in addition to potential areas of improvement.


Date of Birth 2/3/2001

Height 6'5"

Weight 190 lbs.

Wingspan 6'5"

Injury History

Concussion - November 2019

Potential Roles/Outcomes

High: Low to mid-level guard creator. Versatile shooter both self-created and off the ball. High-level shot maker off the bounce. Improves strength/length/burst to generate paint touches, opens up lane to become average finisher and passable secondary playmaker. Puts time in to become passable team defender who uses quick hands to generate some plays. Most likely an adequate off-ball guard defender (offensive load factored in), makes enough physical improvements to be able to switch onto some lead guards, smaller wings, help necessary otherwise.

Median: Low-usage scorer. Streaky scorer who can get points in bunches when hot. Versatile shooter both self-created and off the ball, high-level shot maker off the bounce. Improves strength/length/burst to generate paint touches, but still below-average finisher. Shows passing/playmaking/decision making flashes, but lack of consistency prevents starter usage. Poor team defender, largely disinterested and a step behind on rotations. Quick hands generate some plays. Most likely an off-ball guard defender, adds enough physically to switch onto lead guards, smaller wings. Susceptible to being targeted in playoffs.

Low: 5th guard or late rotation candidate. Streaky scorer but lack of consistency/ancillary tools dissuade regular minutes. Versatile shooter both self-created and off the ball. Lack of strength, length, and burst limits him at the rim, playmaking remains very inconsistent, which takes him out as an efficient rotation candidate. Poor team defender, largely disinterested and a step behind on rotations. Needs to be hidden on defense.


Mann is a below-average athlete by NBA standards, but one that doesn’t rely on his physical gifts for the best parts of his game. However, his weaknesses will help boost some of the areas that could make him a more well-rounded player. Mann doesn’t have traditional north-south burst, but possesses high-level horizontal burst. When combined with his hip flexibility and handle, it exacerbates his space creation. While Mann seems to have vertical pop in the open floor, it hasn't seemed to fully translate into the half-court. Not only is he lacking strength to take on contact, but he requires a longer load time, forcing him to high difficulty adjustment finishes and shy away from contact more often than comfortable. Mann’s frame doesn’t seem conducive to bulking a ton, but there is significant room for improvement to accept contact better, specifically in the core and shoulder/chest. Mann's level of hip flexibility is encouraging at this stage. His ability to switch directions so fluidly and quickly with the ball portends to the defensive end well if/when the effort comes around.

  • At best even wingspan

  • Sub-optimal burst but doesn’t hurt him too much functionally; generates advantages with handle + shift

  • Not a quick twitch athlete but able to utilize pace/change in speed with the ball well

  • Impressive vertical in the open court; hasn’t translated functionally, doesn’t get off the ground quickly (feels like he can make significant improvements with time in the weight room)

  • Thin frame + subpar core strength; struggles with balance on certain dribble moves

  • Fluid mover laterally when engaged; plus-hip flexibility as well, changes directions very fluidly

Credit: Florida Athletics


Mann is a high-upside offensive prospect, one with flaws but someone well worth the risk due to his potential blend of shot creation and playmaking. Mann’s game starts with his handle and pull-up shooting. He possesses elite shiftiness, and when paired with his complicated array of dribble moves, he generates space to shoot a diverse collection of jumpers on a split second’s notice, whether it be from iso or PnR situations. He leverages this threat to get paint touches despite a lack of traditional burst. Mann’s next step includes becoming more consistent as a playmaker and finisher. He misses easy reads semi-consistently but also makes high-level passes with a similar regularity, making it a tough assessment of how much an NBA player development staff can fix his court reading and decision making. Currently, Mann’s lack of burst and strength make him a below-average finisher once he gets to the hoop, allowing defenses to run an over coverage PoA and their big in drop. Adding a more consistent floater and building muscle in his core and upper body will give him a better chance against opposing bigs, thus forcing help defenses to collapse on him and bigs to come up higher in the PnR, opening up passing lanes exponentially. Mann’s off-ball value is inconsistent, but he possesses an extremely quick release with little load time. If not operating with the ball, Mann will have to make a conscious effort to provide off-ball value, as he most likely will never be a James Harden-level creator to where he can take plays off.