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Silas Demary, Jr. Commitment Q&A

Class of 2023 guard Silas Demary, Jr. of Combine Academy (NC) and Team Curry (NC) has committed to USC over St. John’s, VCU, and NC State amongst a plethora of offers. Demary, Jr. is the first commitment in Andy Enfield’s ‘23 recruiting class. 

A 6’4” scoring guard who played both basketball and football growing up, Demary, Jr. comes from an athletic background as his father Silas Demary, Sr. played defensive lineman for Virginia State and in the AFL. In his final AAU season with Team Curry, Demary, Jr. averaged 10.5 points, 3.1 assists, 3.2 rebounds, and 1.7 steals per game. His productivity and strong play throughout the summer included a top-10 recognition at the NBPA Top 100 Camp as well as an invite to the prestigious Curry Camp. A four-star prospect in the 2023 class, Demary, Jr. is a two-way guard with a shifty handle and multi-faceted scoring package. He will suit up alongside 2024s Trentyn Flowers and Rakease Passmore this season.

Demary Jr. spoke with Pro Insight’s Conrad Chow about his decision:

Pro Insight: Talk about your basketball journey thus far. How did you get to where you are today? 

Silas Demary, Jr.: I would say it started back in middle school when I first started taking basketball seriously. I attended East Millbrook Middle School. It was rough at first 'cause I was one of those kids that played multiple sports, so I never like mainly focused on one sport, but I want to say, going into high school, I was playing both sports and my 10th grade year was when I really started taking basketball seriously and then you know, 10th grade was hard and I didn't play much but I did a lot of learning 'cause I attended Millbrook High School. We had a lot of seniors that were pretty good so I just learned a lot from them. Then going into my 11th grade year, I think I took a big step in the leader role, making big time plays and stuff like that that year. I thought that year was pretty big for me 'cause we won the state championship. I led my team to the win and I wanna say going into that summer, I reclassed. I announced I was going to Liberty Heights. I feel like that's when I really started putting my name on that national notice. I was winning big games with Team Curry. We won a national championship that year, so I feel like that was pretty good and going into Liberty Heights, we swept every championship. Man, we were winning left and right. I was getting offers, teammates were getting offers. I was just growing into more of who I was. Then going into my last year of AAU with Team Curry, it was a very fun and a very big year for me because I started getting a lot of those national camp invites. We were winning a lot of games. I started picking up more big time offers, Power Five offers. So you know, just looking back at my growth from middle school to now, it's like I'm very proud of myself for all the hard work and dedication I put into it. So you know, my journey was a little bit different, but I'm here now. 

PI: How did the opportunity come about to attend Combine Academy for your senior year?

SDJ: The opportunity came…so last year I played at Liberty Heights High School for Coach Michael Wright. We had a great year. You know, they told him pretty much that the job at Combine was gonna open up and Liberty Heights, he pretty much made that school. So once he took that job, Liberty Heights pretty much wasn't a school anymore. He just asked me if I wanted to go to Combine with him and of course I went ‘cause he’s a great coach, so that's pretty much how the opportunity came at Combine.

PI: What are your goals this season, both individually and as a team?

SDJ: Individually, I’d say some goals I have are just to grow, mature more as a point guard and as a person, learning how to take people under my wing, and helping them grow. I wanna say individually I want to try to get in some of those big time All-American games. Those are pretty much my individual goals I have and I want to win championships. All the championships we play, I want to win all of those. And team-wise I would say, you know, I feel like I'm one of the older kids on the team so just being a leader, being vocal all the time, and then just pretty much trying to go undefeated with those guys. 

PI: What type of leader are you? 

SDJ: I would say I lead as sometimes I don't want to say mean, but I can get to you a different way, you know. I can yell and scream, but sometimes I'll pull you to the side and encourage you at the same time. So I like to give teammates both, a little bit of both, 'cause you know, in the real world you aren't always gonna have ice cream and cookies, you know. Sometimes it’s gonna be a little rough, so I feel like I can give my teammates a little bit of negativity, but also follow up with positivity at the same time. 

PI: For those who aren’t familiar with your game, what are your greatest strengths and playstyle?

SDJ: I'll say my strengths are that I'm a scoring guard. I can get to my spots. I can score at all three levels. Also, I'm a great defender. I feel like I can play both sides of the ball very well. I make winning plays and I would say my strengths are just getting downhill, getting my teammates involved, and getting to the free throw line. 

PI: Who do you model your game after or study on film?

SDJ: I would say I study a lot of Chris Paul. I look at a lot of Ja Morant. Then I just model it all around just looking at LeBron as well. 

PI: When it came down to it — what were the most important factors in choosing your next step?

SDJ: I would say the most important factors to me were, would I be able to come in right away and fight for minutes as a freshman? You know, just being able to play early as a freshman, that helps make my process to try to get to the NBA Draft easier and smoother. Then I would say second, is it a family atmosphere? Am I gonna wanna live there? Am I gonna wanna play there? Am I going to enjoy staying where I am? And I would say also, are they putting guys in the NBA? What is their track record with guys they put in the NBA? And last, I would just say, I mean it's important to me, but NIL. I just looked at that last, as well. 

PI: What is your dream NIL deal?

SDJ: I would say probably with an airline. 

PI: Maybe they’re marketing you dunking mid flight or something. 

SDJ: Yeah, yessir. 

PI: Who did you lean on for guidance throughout the process?

SDJ: I would say I leaned on a lot of my parents and my high school coach 'cause, you know, he's put a lot of guys in college. So just leaning on them, asking them questions, I feel like that’s who I really leaned on and helped me make this decision.

PI: Without further ado — where will you be playing next season?

SDJ: I will be playing my next two to four years at the University of Southern California. 

PI: Congratulations! What separated USC from the rest of your options?