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Event Recap: WCE Jr. All-American Camp

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, Pro Insight’s Tyler Glazier and Eric Rubenstein analyze 10 standout prospects from the West Coast Elite Junior All-American Camp, after spending the weekend covering the event in Torrance, California:

In the midst of the basketball season, the West Coast Elite Junior All-American camp serves as an opportunity for top middle school-aged prospects to see where they stand against each other in their respective classes. Each morning of the two-day event began with skill work/coaching tips and concluded with scrimmages where players could showcase their talents. Pro Insight was on site to evaluate this loaded group of 150+ invites as they took the next step on their basketball journeys.

2026 Prospects

Justice Griffith | Guard

Griffith is a relentless attacker who is constantly putting pressure on the defense. He’s a legitimate mismatch threat as he can effectively use his quickness to take bigger players off the bounce and use his strength to score on smaller ones. Griffith is physical on the attack with some real juice off the dribble. He has good burst driving it in either direction and can comfortably finish with either hand. He’s also a tenacious and versatile defender who consistently generates events on the ball and from the help. Griffith will need to continue to make strides as a shooter moving forward, but his alpha-dog mentality and physical gifts really stood out in this setting and left us intrigued by his long-term upside.

2026 guard Justice Griffith. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Brayden Kyman | Guard

The younger brother of UCLA wing Jake Kyman, Brayden seems poised to follow suit as another high major prospect in the family. Already standing at 6’6”+ tall with a plus-wingspan and intriguing long term frame, Kyman is uniquely skilled, coordinated, mature, and smart for his age. While he’s still developing as an athlete, his game is more reliant on craft and strength than it is speed and explosiveness, which signals his game will only get better with time, not worse. Nicknamed “Lil Luka,” and for good reason, the big guard methodically punished defenders throughout the weekend as an inside/outside scorer, secondary creator/playmaker, and clutch shooter. This is a name to monitor closely on the west coast.

2026 guard Brayden Kyman. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Sam Mbingazo | Big

Standing 6’9” with exceptional tools and athleticism for his class, Mbingazo immediately catches your attention as a potential high major prospect to know. A native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mbingazo is relatively new to the game and is still adjusting to the states after only being here a few short months. With that being said, his natural feel and self-awareness as a rim runner, finisher, rim protector, rebounder, etc. were impressive to witness. He did a good job keeping the game simple and efficiently executing the baseline responsibilities of a long/athletic big. While still developing and learning the nuances of the game, Mbingazo is a definite prospect to track in the near future.

2026 big Sam Mbingazo. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Tyus Thomas | Guard

Son of legendary UNLV point guard Dedan Thomas and younger brother of DJ Thomas, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the eighth-grader. An ultra-savvy and competitive guard, Thomas is wired well beyond his years when it comes to lead guard instincts, fundamentals, defensive technique, BBIQ, and positional skill-set. In a camp loaded with talent, Thomas stood out primarily for his ability to dictate pace and be a true floor general alongside new teammates. There are few 2026 guards that can be trusted with the ball in their hands more than Tyus Thomas. Look for his recruitment to continue to rise in the near future.

2026 guard Tyus Thomas pictured on far right. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

2027 Prospects

Jaden Berry | Guard

Berry is a skilled guard who does not lack confidence. Throughout the weekend, he displayed good strength and burst off the dribble with a knack for getting to his spots. He’s aggressive as a driver to his right and he is fearless at the rim with an ability to finish through contact. Berry also knocked down the occasional spot-up 3 while showing some competitiveness on the defensive end. He’s a real gamer, too — later in the camp, Berry regularly found himself subbing in to help out teams who didn’t have enough players. Overall, Berry looks the part of a hard-nosed shooting guard who can put the ball in the basket and disrupt on defense.

Jordan Davis | Forward

Davis’ passion for the game is a welcome sight. He plays with a smile on his face and just has an infectious energy. Right now, Davis thrives as a rim-runner. He consistently sprints down the floor and has soft hands with good coordination to catch and finish. He’s quite effective as a finisher, while also showing some flashes as a slasher facing the basket. Davis brings great effort to the defensive end, too, clogging up the lane and timing shots both at the rim and on the perimeter. We’re really looking forward to continuing to monitor Davis — while he’s quite productive in his role now, he also appears to have a bright future with room to grow.

2027 forward Jordan Davis. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Nathalio "NJ" Gray | Guard

Gray may not catch your eye at first glance, but within seconds of the game starting you’ll know his name as he is quick to make his presence felt. Simply put, Gray is a GAMER who plays with confidence, creativity, and flair. He consistently competes on both ends and is an extremely well-rounded player. The Bay Area guard is very quick with a crafty handle to get into the lane. He stood out as one of the best finishers (regardless of size) in this event as he regularly converted around the rim with both hands. Most of Gray’s work is done in the paint, but he’s not lacking confidence from deep either and he doesn’t need a ton of space to get his shot off. On the defensive end, Gray is a pest who picks up full court and has a nose for the ball. He really takes pride in making things happen and sniffing out plays in passing lanes. Overall, a really impressive showing for the young guard (who by his count, tallied 43 points and 8 steals during one of their games). Gray is fun to watch and is certain to be a fan favorite with the way he competes.

2027 guard NJ Gray. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Asher Haloossim | Guard

Despite being one of the few 7th graders to play up in the 8th grade division, Haloossim didn’t look one bit out of place and was undoubtedly a standout performer. The SoCal Academy guard is extremely shifty off the bounce with an advanced ability to create separation. He’s a good finisher with both hands and also has a great stroke from beyond the arc with some impressive off-the-dribble shot-making ability. He sees the floor well as a passer and is creative with how he facilitates off penetration. He is a tough and skilled backcourt player to keep an eye on in SoCal.

2027 guard Asher Haloossim. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Avery Huston | Guard

In a sea of talented young guards, Avery Huston was quick to make an impression as a name to remember from here on out. The Medford, OR native flashed all the things you’d want out of a confident offensive weapon as he easily generated space, stretched the defense, and was a crafty finisher at the rim. Already equipped with pro-level moves, Huston also possesses intriguing physical upside with a proportional frame that should continue to mature nicely. While it’s still early in his development and long term projection, Huston is another name out of the upper left coast to watch for in the coming years.

2027 guard Avery Huston. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

TJ Wansa | Guard

Along with Haloossim, Wansa is another crafty 7th grade guard who suits up for SoCal Academy. The lefty has good positional size with a nice frame to continue to grow into. He is a fundamentally sound yet shifty handler who processes the game well off the bounce. Wansa has great body control to adjust and finish at the rim with both hands. He plays with his head up and can really thread the needle as a passer. He efficiently blends scoring and playmaking while playing the game with some flair. Wansa is also an efficient spot-up shooter with a nice stroke from deep. He really gets after it on defense, too, flying around and using his strength to keep opponents in front. Overall, Wansa has a pretty well-rounded skillset that is tailor-made for the modern game. We’re excited to keep an eye on his career as he continues to develop.

2027 guard TJ Wansa. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Honorable Mentions

Jordan Askew - 2026

Jaiden Bailes - 2026

Tyler Bright - 2026

Tayshawn Caesar - 2026

Tai Coleman - 2026

Jonny Collins - 2026

Elijah Popoola - 2027

Olujimi Popoola - 2027

Isaiah Rogers - 2026

Jackson Scarborough - 2026

Travis Walton Jr. - 2028

Rodney Westmoreland - 2026

Raymond Whitley - 2026


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