Matt McKay Jr.


Portland, OR

Gerardo Garcia

Founding Engineer

Los Angeles, CA

Fran Fraschilla

Senior Advisor

Dallas, TX

Jason Filippi 

Director of International Scouting

Bologna, Italy

Andrew Slater

Director of Scouting

New York, NY

Jeremy Berman

Director of Research and Analysis

Birmingham, AL

Pro Insight was created with an intent to provide unique, pertinent, valuable information to basketball decision-makers around the world.


Our team of industry veterans has come together to create a database featuring profiles for elite up-and-coming players.


Our holistic, comprehensive approach to evaluation is what makes us different.

The Pro Insight Team





Nick Danforth

Legal Advisor

Woodstock, CT

Tyler Glazier

Video Scout

Provo, UT

Michael Visenberg 

Basketball Information Specialist

Portland, OR

Conrad Chow

Basketball Analyst

Vancouver, Canada

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