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You’ve participated in our exposure event. Now what?


Purchase an in-depth, completely personalized prospect evaluation.


Prior to creating this product, Matt McKay — founder of Pro Insight — spent the past decade-plus working on the “team side” of basketball: first, for Westmont College, then Northeastern University, the University of Washington, the Portland Trail Blazers, and most recently with the Charlotte Hornets. After honing his craft through scouting, evaluating, interviewing, and working directly with hundreds of college and professional basketball players, he has created a product to directly help prospects as they navigate the college recruiting process. 


With this offering, Pro Insight takes a deep dive into a prospect’s performance at camp and creates two deliverables: the first document is a player evaluation. This evaluation will be an unbiased, non-sugar-coated report through an NBA-level lens and will provide prospects with an accurate depiction of where their game currently stands. We’ll include a projection range within this report. The second document is a customized 100-point scale breakdown. In this document, we’ll provide a nitty-gritty, nuanced itemization of every relevant aspect of a prospect’s game. We’ll cover elements on both sides of the ball, based on position, and even rate some of the most important intangibles, like body language and coachability. These two documents are intended for the prospect, first and foremost — an unbiased take on what might attract college coaches to their game and what areas must be improved in order to reach one’s potential. 

View Player Evaluation

Player Evaluation Sample

View 100 Pt Scale

100 Pt Scale Sample


Post-Camp In-Depth Evaluation $125*


  • Prospect Evaluation

  • 100-Point Scale Breakdown

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Getting your own Pro Insight Recruiting Packet is as simple as 1-2-3: 

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