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Eric Dailey, Jr. Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

The prestigious Pangos All-American Camp, an invite-only event featuring the top high school prospects in the nation, returned this summer after it was cancelled due to the pandemic last year. Pro Insight was on hand to evaluate the event and caught up with Eric Dailey, Jr. of IMG Academy (FL). Dailey, Jr. was selected to the Top-60 Cream of the Crop Game and averaged 10.7 points & 1.8 steals while showcasing his offensive versatility and high motor.

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, Dailey Jr. talked about what he’s hoping to show scouts, his style of play, his recruitment update, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2022 prospect Eric Dailey, Jr., from Tampa, Florida:

Pro Insight: What are your initial impressions of the camp?

Eric Dailey, Jr.: So far, just being around top athletes. Everybody here has a name to themselves, so just getting a chance to compete is always a good thing. I’m just excited to be at this camp.

PI: How well do you think you’ve performed?

ED: I think I’ve been good. I’ve been very consistent with what I’m doing. Making good plays is important here and making your teammates better makes you better, as well. So those are the things I’ve been doing well.

PI: What are you looking to show scouts that you haven’t shown them yet?

ED: I think just my versatility — in high school you can only show so much. But showing them the more pro style of game that I can play. Showing people the way I can handle the ball, make plays on defense and offense is a big thing coaches want to see. So that’s why I want to show my versatility.

PI: Describe your game — what are your strengths?

ED: Some of my strengths: I have a good mid-range game, I’m a pretty good passer — I think my passing is very underrated. I’ve been working on my defense a lot, I think it’s gotten a lot better since being at IMG. My effort and hard work is unbelievable, I mean I don’t take days off.

PI: What’s your training schedule like? Do you have a trainer?

ED: Well my trainers are my dad and my assistant coach. Basically my schedule is a 7-8 A.M. workout, we get a good hour in. Around 8:30 A.M. until about 10 A.M. we lift. Then at 10 A.M. we have another workout session and then I’ll go to school each day.

PI: Describe this past season.

ED: This past season was actually good even though it didn’t turn out how we wanted it to. I think the chemistry we had was really good, we all gelled together and we figured out problems as a team. I was proud of how we played this year even though we didn’t win as much as we wanted to. Everybody got better and that was the main thing, we wanted everybody to get better…to be ready for next season and have our seniors compete at the next level.

PI: What’s the update with your recruitment?

ED: Right now I’ve got a little bit more interest from Virginia Tech since they’ve changed a lot of their coaching staff. But other than that everything is pretty much the same. Not a lot of new schools are coming in right now, but only time will tell. We’ll see what happens. Right now I’m just focused on myself and my game.

PI: Are you open to overseas or professional options?

ED: I’m open to everything, whatever is right for me or whatever opportunity I have. I’m going to see all options of course because you can’t just leave money on the table. It’s God’s plan, it’s not even up to me, so whatever happens it’s up to God.

PI: What are you looking for in a school/program of choice?

ED: I’m looking for a school that actually cares about me, not just my abilities. Someone who is actually going to teach me how to play at the next level and not just in a college setting. I want to play the position that I currently play in the NBA. Also just teach me how to be a man, treat me like family, that’s it.

PI: How do you see your role at the next level?

ED: I see myself as a guard, so probably handling the ball a little bit, coming off pick-and-rolls. I’m more like a wing so I can run the floor. I’m versatile so I can do pretty much everything. I could see myself more like a Jayson Tatum, Paul George, type of two-way player. That’s one of the things that I’ve been working, on as well.

PI: How would you describe yourself as a defender?

ED: I’ve been working on picking up little guards because as a bigger guy a lot of little guards tend to fly by. In practice I’ll pick up Jaden Bradley and Tamar Bates. I’ll also be down low banging with the big guys like Moussa Diabate and Jarace Walker. Working on guarding 1-5 is a big thing.

PI: What are your short and long term goals?

ED: Short term as of now, I want to be a McDonald’s All-American and reach that status. Long term, everybody wants to go to the NBA, so that’s a big goal that I have.

PI: How would you describe your on vs. off court personality?

ED: Off court, I’m a pretty chill/laid back guy. I like to have a lot of fun, so you’ll see me laughing. But when I’m between these lines it’s all business. So I’m serious, I’m going to talk my talk a little bit, and I like to have fun. I’m a pretty cool guy. Great with people. People love me, just a great guy to be around.

PI: How would you rate yourself on 2K?

ED: If I was to rate myself in 2K I would say I’m a 90. I would say 99, but nobody is a 99 except LeBron James. 90 is a solid rating.

PI: If you were to wake up with a fortune in your bank account, what would be your first purchase?

ED: I definitely went over this with my parents [smiles]. I like real estate, which is interesting, a lot of people don’t know about it, but that’s long term money. So I’d probably buy some real estate to let that money build up. My parents have a house so they’ll be ok. I’m going to go get myself a house and also a car. Then I’m going to save the rest of my money…I mean you can’t spend $10 million in a year, so save my money and keep on working with my real estate. Become a real estate agent, or something.

PI: What are your off-court interests?

ED: Other than basketball, I like music a lot. So I make beats on my computer sometimes. I just mess around with my teammates with a freestyle or something. Other than that we play video games. I like hanging out because I’m really active so I like going on little walks or going to the beach a lot. Me and my friends go to the beach almost every weekend just to relax a little bit. I just like being around people because that’s the memories you’ll have with them…is the time that you spent with them.

PI: If you had four words to describe you.

ED: Passionate. Caring. Funny. Responsible.

PI: What do you hope to be remembered for?

ED: I want to be remembered for my energy and just being somebody that has always been going 100%. Just my energy and vibe I give off to people. Just good energy towards other people to where others are like “he’s a respectable young man.” That’s all I could ever ask for, which is respect from other people.


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