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Anthony Black Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Credit: Merix Alexander (IG: @merixalex)

The prestigious Pangos All-American Camp, an invite-only event featuring the top high school prospects in the nation, returned this summer after it was cancelled due to the pandemic last year. Pro Insight was on hand to evaluate the event and caught up with Anthony Black of Coppell High School (TX) and 3D Empire (TX). Black was selected to the Top-30 Cream of the Crop Game and averaged 9.6 points & 4.3 assists while showcasing his high BBIQ and all-around versatility.

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, Black talked about his athletic background, his off-court interests, his recruitment update, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2022 prospect Anthony Black, from Coppell, Texas:

Pro Insight: What are your initial impressions of the event?

Anthony Black: I mean it’s cool, there’s a lot of talent. It’s fun, they set it up well to where the best competition plays against each other so it’s fun to get in here and compete against the top dudes.

PI: How do you feel like you’ve performed so far?

AB: I feel like I’ve done pretty good. I don’t really know my teammates like that, but I thought I did a good job getting them involved, but also getting my buckets. We’re all trying to score at the end of the day, but I just did a good job getting my teammates involved.

PI: Who have you been excited to play with or against?

AB: I’m excited to play with Keyonte George because we hang out a lot at the house and stuff. But it’s fun to play against everybody, I mean everybody is good so it’s fun to face everyone.

PI: Describe your game, what are your strengths?

AB: I’m just a playmaking lead guard who can get my teammates involved first. I play well off the pick-and-roll, but I also can shoot the ball pretty well. So just being able to make plays for my teammates and taking over the game when I need to.

PI: What are some areas of improvement?

AB: Being more comfortable with the ball in my hands and shooting the ball off the dribble more comfortably.

PI: What are some underrated aspects of your game?

AB: I’d probably say my jump shooting because people mistake me not shooting the ball 15 times a game for me not being able to shoot. But when I’ve been up here shooting the ball a lot I’ve been making all my shots so they’re starting to say I can shoot.

PI: What are your current measurements?

AB: 6’7” and 195 pounds.

PI: Where do you get your height from?

AB: Probably my dad. My dad is 6’5” and my mom is like 5’9”-5’10”. My dad’s mom is pretty tall, but I guess I’d say mostly from my dad.

PI: Any other athletes in the family?

AB: My little brother plays basketball, he’s 12 years old. My sister runs track. Those are my only two siblings, but my dad played basketball and my mom played soccer at Baylor.

PI: Did you play any other sports growing up?

AB: I played baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and ran track.

PI: When did you start to focus solely on basketball?

AB: This summer really because I just barely quit football.

PI: What position did you play in football?

AB: Wide-receiver.

PI: Did you have any college interest in football?

AB: I had 15 offers in football. I had way more offers than I did in basketball.

PI: Who were some of the schools?

AB: Baylor, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Utah, SMU, Kansas…those are just some of the ones I can remember.

PI: What made you decide to focus on basketball?

AB: I really just love to play basketball and just had fun playing football. So I chose basketball because I love it.

PI: Any players that you model your game after?

AB: I’d say Shai Gilgeous-Alexander from OKC and Tyrese Haliburton from Sacramento. They’re both big guards who play with pace and make plays.

PI: What are you looking for in a school of choice?

AB: Just somebody who plays fast and lets the guards go. Somebody who plays in a lot of ball screens and fits the way I play. A team with winning coaches and a winning culture because I like to win. I do a lot of winning things and I want to play with other winners.

PI: How would you define competitiveness?

AB: For me I just don’t like to lose, so I go out there and do everything I can to help my team win no matter what it is. Also, I have a chip on my shoulder because I’m pretty disrespected...I mean it doesn’t really matter, but in the player rankings I’m pretty disrespected so I just play with a chip on my shoulder.

PI: Where are you currently ranked?

AB: I’m at #80 in the country. (note: Black has since jumped into the top-40 in the 247 Composite rankings)

PI: What are your short and long term goals?

AB: Short term, I just want to get my body right and ready for college and the next level. Long term I want to be in the league and get my second and third contract and be a star in the league.

PI: What are your off court interests outside of basketball?

AB: Play 2K and Madden. I also like to go to Top Golf.

PI: How would you rate yourself on 2K?

AB: I’d say a 90 overall. Compared to everybody else I’m like a 90 overall. If we’re talking NBA I’d say a 72 overall, but compared to everybody else I’d say a 90 overall.

PI: With your parents being collegiate athletes, what have they instilled in you over the years?

AB: Just hard work and perseverance. They both know what it takes, so they just tell me to work hard and be humble and that will take me as far as I can go.

PI: What’s your off-court vs on-court personality?

AB: Off the court I’m pretty quiet and chill, but on the court I’m a dog. If you were to see me off the court you probably wouldn’t think I played how I play on the court, but it’s a different switch you’ve got to flip on when you get on the court. I’m just chill off the court, I like to stay to myself, but on the court I’m all about being there for my teammates and playing hard.

PI: At the end of the day, what do you hope to be remembered for?

AB: Just somebody who did all of the winning stuff because that’s what I do now. I just want to keep doing that as long as I play. So I just want to be known as a winner. Like a Chris Paul-type. Just a winner.


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