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Brandon Garrison Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Brandon Garrison should be one of the most college-ready big men in the country by the time he lands on a campus. He does a great job creating separation for his guards on ball screens and he is a serviceable release valve due to his soft hands and touch around the basket. Defensively, he has shown promise as a post defender as well as proficiency within multiple ball screen coverages. A top-60 player according to the 247Sports composite rankings, Garrison currently holds offers from Texas, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Arkansas, and Houston, among others.

In our interview at USA Basketball Men's U18 camp, Garrison goes into his impressions of the camp, the recruitment process, a little music talk, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2023 prospect Brandon Garrison from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Pro Insight: Congratulations on being selected to USAB training camp! What’s been your impression so far?

Brandon Garrison: It's been good, great experience playing against the top people in the nation. Made the first cut but just got to keep working so I can get on the final team.

PI: What are you hoping to show, or prove, over these next few days?

BG: That I’m a good defender, can run the floor well, and can finish around the basket.

PI: Who have you most enjoyed playing with or against, in particular?

BG: GG Jackson, but really whoever they put me on the team with. Everybody here is good.

PI: What would you say you are looking for in a college program, both on and off the court?

BG: Somewhere I can feel at home. I want to be someplace that plays with a winning mentality, good coaches, and a good school. I'm not really too picky on a play style.

PI: Who have you been hearing most often from lately?

BG: Kansas, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati, LSU, Texas, and Texas Tech.

PI: Any program you’d like to hear from that hasn’t reached out, yet?

BG: No, just grateful for anyone that comes.

PI: What are your biggest goals over the next year?

BG: Expand my shooting and dribbling. Getting bigger for college, as well.

PI: Can you share a bit about your family, your background, where you’re from, and what led to this point?

BG: I'm from Oklahoma City, but I stay in Del City and go to Del City High School. I got three siblings, a younger brother and two older sisters. My mom is an orthodontist and my step-dad works for the city. I used to be a little fat kid, but just stayed in the gym and got better.

PI: What made you start playing basketball? Did you play any other sports growing up?

BG: I also played football for a little bit. What made me play basketball was I just got out there one day and really liked it. From then, just started taking it seriously probably around 10 years old (5th-6th grade).

PI: Who have been your biggest influences/role models up to this point?

BG: My mom. She always works hard and does stuff for me — she’s just a good woman.

PI: Who are your top-five all-time music artists?

BG: Lil Baby at one. Rod Wave, two. Youngboy three. Um, I'll put Drake in there at four. And at 5, I'll go Future.

PI: Is there a particular artist or genre of music that's your guilty pleasure?

BG: Little bit of country.

PI: What are you most passionate about off the court?

BG: Hanging out with friends or just playing some games.

PI: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

BG: “Never give up. Just keep working.”

PI: If basketball wasn’t an option, what’s a career you think you'd pursue?

BG: I'd say I would get into something, probably in business.

PI: What's something that most people have no idea about you?

BG: I ride horses.

PI: So that's where the country stuff comes from?

BG: (Laughs)

PI: If you had one phrase to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

BG: Friendly and calm.


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