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Brayden Burries Q&A

Credit: @koolmac (IG)

Section 7, put on by the Arizona Basketball Coaches Association, is objectively one of the most impressive, expansive summer high school tournaments in the country. It was held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, over Father’s Day weekend and Pro Insight was on hand to cover the event. In between games, we caught up with Brayden Burries, the talented guard out of Riverside Polytechnic High School (CA) and Strive For Greatness (CA). Throughout the event, Burries highlighted his natural feel for the game, perimeter skills, consistent play, and positional rebounding in front of hundreds of college coaches.

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, Burries touched on his background, his basketball journey, his off-court interests, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2025 prospect Brayden Burries, from San Bernardino, California:

Pro Insight: Talk a bit about your background.

Brayden Burries: I’m from San Bernardino, California, like an hour or so away from Los Angeles. My dad is actually a Hall of Famer at Cal State San Bernardino and my mom went to Tennessee.

PI: Both your parents played collegiate sports?

BB: Yes, he played basketball and football. My mom played softball and basketball.

PI: Any other athletes in the family?

BB: My two younger sisters play soccer and my older brother plays basketball. He’s actually the Arizona high school leading scorer [former Globe HS standout B.J. Burries owns the AZ prep state record for points scored of 3,171 during his four-year varsity career].

PI: That is quite the athletic family. Let’s talk about your basketball journey — how did you get started?

BB: I started playing when I was like nine years old, but didn’t start taking it seriously until I was around 12-13 years old. I played football at first, then I took a break for one year and switched to basketball and I stayed with it ever since.

PI: Would you say football was your first love? What position did you play?

BB: Yeah. I played wide receiver.

PI: Are you tempted to go back and play or are you totally focused on basketball?

BB: I think I’m all about basketball now.

PI: What made you fall in love with basketball?

BB: I would say because my dad played basketball and he’s the one that helped me.

PI: For those who haven’t seen you, describe your game — what are your strengths?

BB: Some of my strengths are driving, finishing, shooting, playmaking, and defense.

PI: What are some areas of improvement?

BB: I need to work on my mid-range and getting consistent from the 3.

PI: Any underrated aspects of your game?

BB: My rebounding is actually underrated. People don’t think I rebound, but I do.

PI: Do you enjoy crashing the glass?

BB: Actually I do. I like getting rebounds and going back up.

PI: Talk about your summer so far — how has it gone?

BB: It’s been good. I’ve been with Strive For Greatness and we’ve been playing pretty good in the EYBL. We’re going to Ohio in July.

PI: What are some of your goals for this summer?

BB: Probably to get more DI offers as well to get faster and mature.

PI: You just wrapped up your freshman year at Riverside Poly — how did the season go for you?

BB: It was good, we went 26-3 and lost to St. Bernard’s in the third round of the CIF playoffs.

PI: What’s the latest with your recruitment?