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Introducing 'Film Study'

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse,’ we introduce basketball analyst Esayas Gebrekidan, who spent the past decade working in college basketball with programs like St. John’s, Stanford, Santa Clara, and CSU-East Bay. In our new video series, ‘Film Study,’ Esayas will help us analyze basketball through more of a video coordinator’s lens, as we continue to spotlight players at all levels:

Each stop along the way in my 10 years working on the team side of basketball allowed me to learn from a different group of coaches who value prospects in a variety of ways. Prior to joining Pro Insight, I spent the past year working on scouting and film breakdowns, continuing to hone my skills in those areas. Using film is an integral part of the process for college programs and NBA organizations in order to efficiently study practice, games, and prospects. Stats and analytics provide a good depiction of a player's effectiveness on the court but every once in a while, these numbers don’t work in the favor of a prospect who may be under-recruited or overlooked. Enter: film study.

Film allows coaches, scouts and support staff to get an initial look at a prospect before making a decision to see them in person (or in some cases whether to offer a scholarship, target them in the draft, free agency, etc.). Film is utilized in many ways, with one of the most important being for scouting purposes, but it also allows players to zero in on where they can improve. It is one thing to practice and play games, it’s another to grow and develop — and the video room is a major catalyst when it comes to player development.

Over the course of the next draft cycle, we will be highlighting players that warrant your attention, using clips as visual evidence. We’ll be covering more than just draft prospects in this series, so be on the lookout for high school, grassroots, international, and even NBA film. Each ‘Film Study’ installment can be found on the Pro Insight YouTube page. So stay tuned — I look forward to sharing these film breakdowns with you.


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