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Event Recap: Flyin' to the Hoop

In the latest edition of P.I. Pulse, Basketball Analyst David Hendren discusses numerous prospects who caught his eye during the renowned Flyin’ to the Hoop Basketball Invitational, after spending several days on the ground catching the action live in Dayton, Ohio:

Flyin’ to the Hoop is a nationally recognized event in Ohio, which features multiple teams from the surrounding area, along with programs from all over the U.S. Highly-respected local Ohio teams were featured in the event’s 21st rendition, such as Centerville, Richmond Heights, Alter, and St. Ignatius, alongside two national-level programs from Florida in Westminster Academy and Oak Ridge. Coaches from multiple Division 1 programs were in attendance throughout the event. Pro Insight was present to witness all of the top performer and we’ve analyzed them below. 

Event Standouts

Jamier Jones

6’6” Wing | 2025 | Oak Ridge (FL) 

The uber-athletic wing was nothing short of sensational over MLK weekend, showcasing his unique physical traits and dynamic finishing ability in both games. Not only was Jones dazzling as a finisher, but the efficiency in which he did so was noteworthy, as he averaged 28 PPG on 87.5 FG% (21/24 FG). He was ultra-effective at the rim, finishing through contact, using runners in the lane, or elevating with authority in transition. He also flashed the ability to take advantage of switches, ducking in against smaller defenders and using his elevation and physicality to finish. Another dynamic asset to his offensive arsenal is his secondary playmaking, especially in the open floor. He has some flare, using no-looks and bullet passes to get the ball to open teammates. There is some serious potential here if he can continue to improve his distance shooting, which would confirm Jamier as a surefire 5-star prospect.

Damarius Owens

6’7” Wing | 2024 | Western Reserve Academy (OH) *Marquette

One player that looked improved from his previous Flyin’ to the Hoop showing a year ago — Marquette-bound wing Damarius Owens. The athleticism and defensive versatility has always been there, but the expanded playmaking was eye-catching. He was doing all of the little things necessary as a passer: advancing the ball quickly up the floor, making sharp reads on the attack and consistently making the extra pass for a higher-percentage shot. With Western Reserve (OH) losing some high-quality guards with this season’s roster turnover, Owens is taking advantage of more ball-handling reps this year and expanding his game. He also flashed his shot-making upside, knocking down three triples in Dayton. As the shot-selection continues to improve long-term, so will Owens’ efficiency. Not only was he effective as an offensive playmaker, he brought that same dynamic to the defensive end. In a 71-56 victory over Canyon International (AZ), Owens produced five stocks, while serving as the anchor of Western Reserve’s press defense. His length combined with his ground coverage makes him disruptive both in the half-court or at the top of a zone press.

Alexander Constanza 

6’8” Guard | 2026 | Westminster Academy (FL) 

Arguably the most talented offensive player in the event, Alexander Constanza has a very intriguing skillset to pair with ideal positional size. Considering he is 6’8”, it would seem logical that he’d slot in as a wing, but he has legitimate guard skills to hang in the backcourt. He can shoot over smaller defenders from the perimeter or use his size and length to finish over the top of the defense. He has clean and natural mechanics from distance, and converts both contested and uncontested three-pointers with ease. He went 6-10 from deep over two games, here and he looked comfortable doing so. What makes him even more fascinating is his shooting versatility, looking at ease both off the catch and off the dribble. As a ball-handler, Constanza initiated the offense multiple times for Westminster. He is still a work-in-progress as a processor, but he does have the necessary foundation to grow in this area, considering the inherent ball-handling ability and the size to survey the defense. Overall, Constanza is a unique offensive prospect with the foundational skills that could really allow him to separate himself, over time. Continuing to grow as a defender and from a motor perspective will benefit him immensely in the future.

Marcus Johnson 

6’1” Guard | 2026 | Garfield Heights (OH) 

One of the biggest names in the region’s 2026 class is Marcus Johnson, and he did not disappoint over the weekend, pouring in a 40-point performance that left the crowd in awe. The full scoring arsenal was on display, whether it was as a spot-up shooter, getting downhill as a driver or hitting shots off the bounce. His touch, combined with his dribble navigation makes him a special scorer. He uses quick dribble combos, alongside shiftiness and his speedy first step, to get past the initial line of defense with ease. Also, when the three-point shot is falling, (he went 5-7 from 3 in this contest), he is difficult to contain. He also has an understanding of his limitations as a finisher, often using floaters and unique layup finishes to keep the defense off balance. Overall, a complete scoring performance from Johnson.

Royce Parham 

6’8” Forward | 2024 | Western Reserve Academy (OH) *Marquette

The versatile Western Reserve prospect was dominant in a win over Canyon International, displaying his hybrid-forward skillset. Parham has a knack for using his speed to create advantages against slower frontcourt opponents, where he can either blow by his man or gain leverage and draw contact to get to the foul line. His handle is intriguing in the open floor and in the half-court, considering his size. He is also an explosive play finisher in transition, where he consistently runs the floor hard and has the hands to catch and finish seamlessly. Parham showed the ability to hit mid-range jumpers in Dayton and is continuing to extend his range as a shooter. He was also active defensively, causing deflections in passing lanes and breaking up post entries. His willingness to defend and fight for position was commendable, especially considering he had a tough matchup in Jovan Milicevic, a New Mexico signee.

Alex Lloyd 

6’3” Guard | 2025 | Westminster Academy (FL) 

The combo guard from Florida is a functional athlete with a high motor and affects the game in a variety of ways. Offensively, Lloyd uses his first step to get into the paint and has some acrobatic finishing capability in the paint. He has a knack for contorting his body in mid-air while finishing on either side of the rim. He can also knock down pull-ups in the mid-range, where he gets great elevation and hangtime, along with a high release point. The three-point shot is still getting there, but his value as a mid-range shooter, transition playmaker and half-court scorer offers plenty of intrigue. Defensively, Lloyd can close out quickly and stay in front thanks to his lateral athleticism and smarts. He also adding intrigue as a plus-positional rebounder and even grabbed 11 boards in a game last weekend, in Dayton.

Jonathan Powell 

6’6” Guard | 2024 | Centerville (OH) *Xavier

The future Musketeer is a confident shot-maker with a short memory, and he stayed resilient in a close win over Isidore Newman (LA). Powell’s comprehension of shot prep and off-ball movement will help him acclimate to the college level, as he understands arguably one of the most important offensive principles: spacing. He constantly moves without the basketball and sets screens for teammates, highlighting his basketball IQ. His ability to generate rim pressure and creation off the bounce is still developing, but the shooting is real. He wastes no time with his release, is organized from a balance and mechanics standpoint and shoots the ball with great touch and backspin. He finished with 24 points in the win, knocking down six threes in the process.

Tyler Johnson 

6’5” Wing | 2024 | Oak Ridge (FL) *Virginia Tech 

The Blacksburg-bound wing is a bully in the paint, using his physical frame to maneuver opponents around the rim. His interior finishing prowess was on full display during a competitive victory over local power St. Ignatius (OH), where he finished with 23 points and 9 rebounds, converting 10/16 FG. He made it a priority to get downhill, using spins, ambidextrous finishes, or fighting through contact at the rim to score. Johnson’s application of how to best implement his physicality is refreshing, but he must continue to evolve his game as a range shooter, which will only allow him more space to attack the rim. He also displayed some playmaking ability in Dayton, finishing with six assists in his second game, while also tallying 13 points.

Raleigh Burgess

6’11” Big | 2024 | Sycamore (OH) *Purdue

The Ohio product will be taking his talents to Purdue next season and fits the mold of the prototypical big man that the Boilermakers seem to come up with on an annual basis. There is real potential here, with Burgess’ combination of size, mobility and skillset. When considering his frame, you would expect someone of his stature to not move like he does. On the contrary, his movement is actually intriguing as he runs the floor with ease and roams along the perimeter offensively. He was also successful as a roller in Dayton, with the requisite soft hands to catch and finish quickly. There’s no wasted movement or dribbles when he catches the ball in the paint. He also showed flashes of face-up skill, with touch and clean mechanics as a shooter. Defensively, Burgess was a menace protecting the rim, baiting opponents into poor shots, which he would easily deflect. He finished with an impressive seven blocks against Kettering Fairmont (OH). With Purdue’s track record of developing bigs, Burgess is a prospect to continue to monitor after he gets to West Lafayette.

RJ Greer 

6’4” Guard | 2025 | Archbishop Alter (OH) 

When interviewing RJ Greer, he emphasized how he and his team wanted to prove they were one of the best teams in Ohio. Well, RJ…mission accomplished. Despite losing 72-71 to Westminster Academy (FL), a team featuring a number of high major prospects, Alter proved how well-coached and disciplined they are as a whole. Led by Greer and his backcourt mate Gavin Leen, the pair combined for 42 points, with Greer accounting for 19. His composed floor presence appears translatable, as he brings the feel and BBIQ coaches look for in the backcourt. He consistently makes the right reads and plays within the flow, knowing when to move it or let it fly. When he does call his own number, he shoots it with efficiency from distance. As a shooter, Greer shows consistent mechanics, balance and touch, as well as a nice arc on his ball. He brings some shooting versatility as well, with the ability to shoot off movement or off the catch. Keep an eye out for Greer to make a decision in the near future, as he recently released his top-four: Cincinnati, NC State, Penn State, and the NBL.

Dwayne Wimbley, Jr. 

6’6” Wing | 2025 | Westminster Academy (FL) 

Every team can benefit from a glue guy who puts team needs in front of everything, and that is how Wimbley approaches the game. He works his tail off on both ends, contributing to the game in a variety of ways. Offensively, he is both a connector and open-floor playmaker. He looks to advance the ball via pass quickly and can also keep it and make reads in the open-floor. Off the ball, he routinely makes himself available as a cutter, where he uses his functional athleticism to his advantage when finishing at the rim. He also crashes the offensive glass and constantly aims to create second chance opportunities. His swing skill on offense is his jumpshot, which is currently a work in progress. Defensively, he is versatile and switchable, thanks to his combination of size, strength and athleticism. He also takes pride in getting stops, playing with a high motor and getting in a stance. Expect more programs to get involved with Wimbley over time, due to his versatility and unselfish mindset.

TJ Crumble

6’8” Forward | 2026 | Richmond Heights (OH) 

Crumble, a sophomore who’s already on high major radars, had quite the showing against a talented Westminster Academy squad, scoring 22 points and grabbing 12 rebounds, while also coming out with a win. Crumble’s motor was the most impressive part of his game during the event. He consistently ran the floor hard on both ends, either sprinting in transition, or hustling back to help his teammates on the defensive end. His body language was encouraging, as well, constantly encouraging teammates with his upbeat demeanor. From a skill perspective, Crumble flashed touch and footwork around the rim. He did a good job of fighting for position before going up with either hand around the rim. He then illustrated his ability to finish with moves on the block, combining hook shots or drop-steps to convert over defenders.

Chris Cenac

6’10” Big | 2025 | Isidore Newman (LA) 

One of the more intriguing prospects throughout the weekend was Chris Cenac. The man in the middle for Isidore Newman draws attention due to his big time physical tools and developing skillset. He shows flashes of handling the ball on the perimeter, but is most effective around the rim, where he has the lift and hands to make the most of opportunities near the basket. However, Cenac also offers some face-up offensive value, where he can take advantage of slower centers on the perimeter, or in the mid-post where he can blow by them. He also presents himself as a lob-threat in the half-court and in transition. Defensively, Cenac has a high ceiling. He brings impressive ground coverage for his size, thanks to his fluid mobility and long stride length. He is an active rim protector, often changing or blocking shots and igniting the fast break. His mobility is notable on both ends of the floor, and added weight will only help him maintain position, both as an anchor of a defense, and as an option in the post, offensively.

EJ Walker 

6’8” Forward | 2025 | Lloyd Memorial (KY) 

Walker, a Kentucky native, has really seen his recruitment heat up as of late and for good reason. There is a noticeable “smoothness” to the skilled forward’s game, especially on the offensive end. He has a soft touch from distance and shoots it with confidence, regardless of whether he’s made or missed it the play prior. He also makes defenders respect him, with the willingness to quickly fire if they don’t close out hard on him. To complement his outside game, Walker can also hold his own in the paint and a respectable handle. Another intriguing layer to his game — his passing ability, which he flashed both in the half court and in transition. Continuing to develop as an athlete and defender will open up some big time potential with Walker, who is certainly a Midwest prospect to track closely, going forward.

Doryan Onwuchekwa 

6’10” Big | 2024 | Faith Family Academy (TX) *Colorado

Arguably the most polished center in the event, Onwuchekwa showed just how efficient he can be, even while handling relatively high-volume. During his game against Garfield Heights, Onwuchekwa put up 29 points and grabbed 8 boards, on 12/17 shooting. When he demands the basketball and properly leverages his size, he can be dominant in the paint. With his innate touch and footwork, he’s capable of really imposing his will offensively. He can score with drop-steps or fadeaways, while also possessing the capability to hit face-up mid-range shots. His shooting mechanics are clean, which is especially indicative at the free throw line. Colorado fans have reason to be excited about his arrival in Boulder.

Rakease Passmore

6’5” Guard | 2024 | Combine Academy (NC) *Kansas

After losing Trentyn Flowers and Silas Demary to graduation, Passmore has continued to see more offensive opportunities. Last season, he was more of an off-ball option, but this year, he has handled the ball at a much higher rate. Yes, he occasionally makes mistakes, but has continued to make strides as he experiments with his handle, and takes on more decision-making responsibility as a budding self-creator. These reps allow him to grow as an on-ball threat, which makes his upside all the more tantalizing. Over the weekend, he showed growth as a shooter, going 3/3 from deep, while displaying his trademark explosiveness in the open floor as a finisher. Defensively, Passmore can be very disruptive, especially at the point of attack. He’s capable of giving opponents fits thanks to his blend of lateral quickness and motor. There is an alluring foundation to build upon with Passmore and look for the Kansas staff to maximize his abilities early and often once he lands in Lawrence later this year.

Additional Notable Performers

6’6” Wing | 2024 | Canyon International Academy (AZ) 

💡➡️ Athleticism, defensive playmaking upside, rim pressure as a driver

6’1” Guard | 2027 | Lima Senior (OH) 

💡➡️ Two-way upside, range shooting indicators, defensive toughness

6’9” Forward | 2025 | St. Ignatius (OH) 

💡➡️ Versatility, disciplined defense, range shooting, creation flashes

Isaiah Michael-Williams

6’3” Guard | 2025 | Beavercreek (OH) 

💡➡️ Rangy, athletic slashing

6’4” Guard | 2024 | Combine Academy (NC) 

💡➡️ Unselfish approach, complementary skillset, confidence as a shooter

Mason Shrout 

6’4” Guard | 2024 | Preble Shawnee (OH) *Purdue Fort Wayne

💡➡️ Competitive mindset, improvements as a scorer, gritty defensive approach


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