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Glenn Taylor, Jr. Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Credit: Jacob Machnik / BallDawgs

Now a senior at AZ Compass Prep (AZ), Glenn Taylor, Jr. is making progress toward his college decision as a standout guard for the Dragons. Taylor originally hails from Las Vegas, but made the move to Arizona to finish out his high school career in order to fully maximize his talents on the court. Ranked as a 4-star recruit (per 247Sports), Glenn is off to a productive senior year and has consistently showcased his versatile skillset and leadership ability throughout the young 2020-21 season.

In terms of his recruitment, Taylor has offers and interest from the likes of Cincinnati, Grand Canyon, LMU, Nevada, San Diego State, UNLV, USC, and Washington State, among other programs.

In his interview with Pro Insight, he talks about his background, playing style, off-court interests, what he's looking for in a college program, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2021 prospect Glenn Taylor, Jr., from Las Vegas, Nevada:

Pro Insight: Tell us about your background.

Glenn Taylor: I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada. I got one sister and I live just with my mom. I decided to make this move, because it’s a better regimen for me. In Vegas, everything was shut down and Arizona is one of the states that’s still open. This is a great move for me and I love all of my coaches and teammates.

PI: What are your greatest strengths as a basketball player?

GT: I feel like I get everybody better on the court, play the 1-5 and guard 1-5. I come in with high energy and everything, provide good leadership and I’m a good teammate. Just an all-around game really.

PI: What are some areas you could improve?

GT: I feel like being more vocal on the court on every possession because sometimes I can take possessions off from being vocal. Extending my range, you know, always need that.

And really, just being more of a leader. Just add on that.

PI: What are some underrated aspects of your game?

GT: I get people open. I’m good finding people in pick-and-roll...the pick-and-roll game is something I’m underrated at.

PI: What’s your definition of leadership?

GT: I feel like it’s setting the right example. I feel like you're doing the right thing every time,

you're not cheating, you're going 100% to 150% every time. You don't take possessions off, no plays off, I feel like that's a good role in leadership.

PI: Who would you consider to be 10-out-of-10 in the leadership department in the NBA (past or present)?

GT: I’d say [Rajon] Rondo became a good leader on the Lakers and I feel like LeBron is as well. When Rondo came on that team, they played great. So I'll give it to Rondo and LeBron.

PI: Where would you put yourself on that scale?

GT: I feel like it's probably like a seven or eight. I could do more to get my players in spots and stuff like that, but pretty much I feel like I’m a good leader. I show the right example, talk and encourage them, and everything like that.

PI: How would your coaches/teammates rank you on that scale?

GT: I feel like coaches would rank me the same, but I just got to build on it because you can always get better at something. So I feel like they probably think I can get better. We’ve got a young team, couple of juniors and I’ve got to set the example for them.

PI: Who are the top five guards and wings in the 2021 class?

GT: I'm going with my point guard TyTy Washington, first. I don’t really know too many point guards, but I'd probably go with Frankie [Collins] two. I played with Frankie. Aside from that I don’t know too many other point guards. At my position I’d go with Alden Applewhite, my teammate. I like the way he plays. Arthur Kaluma of Dream City Christian is nice, I like the way he plays the game.

PI: Where do you rank in that group?

GT: I feel like I’d be easy top-five. I feel like I’m low-key ranked and I’m just going to prove it. That’s what this whole season is about, just proving that I’m better than the 90 guys in front of me. That’s what all of this season is about and getting better.

PI: What’s the current update with your recruitment?

GT: New Mexico State, San Diego State, LMU, GCU recently hit me and Cincinnati recently hit me. There are a couple more, I know UNLV and Nevada. I had a good bond with Nevada when I went on my visit because that’s the only visit I’ve really been on before COVID stopped everything. When I went there it was a good family vibe, but I really like San Diego State, too. I really like all of them...all of them have a family vibe so I’m trying to take everything in and figure out the right fit for me.

PI: Are you hearing from some schools more than others?

GT: It's really even honestly, yeah, it's really even. I know my guy from LMU, I always FaceTime him, but yeah, it's really even.

PI: Do you have a dream school?

GT: Not really. Just wherever I fit in with the coaching staff, wherever they’re going to push me to the next level. I want to be at a school that puts me in the right opportunity to just be good and be great.

PI: What type of system best fits your playing style?

GT: I feel like grab it off the board and everybody run. I don't like to really play in a play style, but I'll do it. I like to get out and run and attack the rim.

PI: What’s your biggest passion outside of basketball?

GT: I’m a big family guy. Like to hang out with my friends that I’ve known for 10 years. I have a little sister, I’m always with her and my mom. I’m a big family guy. Whenever I get the chance to go back to Vegas I try to see everybody and have fun.

PI: Any personal interests?

GT: I’m on YouTube a lot watching games, and I’m on Netflix. I haven’t played a lot of video games recently because there’s no time here at Compass, so really been off that. Really Netflix, YouTube, and getting in the gym, that’s basically it.

PI: What rating would you give yourself on 2K?

GT: I’d give myself a hundred. I don’t like the 2021 2K, I like 2020 better.

PI: What are four words that describe you?

GT: Passionate. Hard-working. Unselfish. Different.


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