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Isaac Carr Commitment Q&A

Isaac Carr, the sharpshooting junior out of Central Catholic High School (OR) who’s accumulated over a dozen offers, has committed to the University of Oregon. After re-opening his recruitment earlier in the year following an initial verbal to the University of Portland, the in-state product becomes the first 2025 prospect to commit to Coach Dana Altman and the Ducks.

A 6’3” guard who averaged 12.1 PPG, 3.5 RPG, 2.4 APG with just five total turnovers in 257 minutes played in the EYBL’s regular season while running with the NW Rotary Rebels (OR), Carr opted to stay close to home despite picking up offers from the likes of Stanford, UNLV and New Mexico. The Portland native is widely known as a knockdown range shooter, but has added layers to his game over the past year, most notably in the athleticism department. Carr is comfortable operating both on or off the ball and has developed into an efficient multi-level scorer and playmaker.

Carr spoke with Pro Insight’s Conrad Chow about his decision:

Pro Insight: Thank you so much for joining us, Isaac! First things first, why don’t we talk a little bit about how you’ve gotten to this point.

Isaac Carr: For sure. My first offer was back in like ninth grade. From that point, I just kept working. So with the AAU season on EYBL and summer and all that stuff, I mean, the work really started to show. I started to make really big improvements. I think some of the coaches took note of that, too. Really, I think I was blessed and was kind of in the right situation at the right time and was able to play in front of the Oregon coaches, you know, and I got connected with them. From there, we just built that relationship. That helped me get to where I am today.

PI: You had previously committed to the University of Portland earlier this year, before re-opening your recruitment. What went into that decision?

IC: So, I had committed to Portland. I felt like that was a great choice at the time. Some time passed and I played in some AAU games and with the improvements that I had made and that I was showing, I had to kind of take a step and reconsider my options, just to make sure I was making the complete right choice.

PI: You’ve mentioned the improvements and strides that you’ve made throughout high school — can you dive in and share specifically where you’ve really progressed?

IC: Coming up, I think I was really more of just a shooter. Then this past summer, I was able to do a lot more. I think I got a lot more confidence, my ball handling got better, I became more effective at taking it to the hoop and finishing, I was doing some playmaking, as well as playing defense, and rebounding better. I also really built my physical attributes up, like my body just got a little bit more athletic and stronger. It all just really helped me all-around, to just be better. I think that all helped build my confidence. I think I’ve grown as a leader, too — that’s one I still think I can work on a little more, but yeah.

PI: As you reflect on your journey, who are some of the people you’d like to thank and maybe acknowledge?

IC: I definitely want to thank Kendrick [Williams], my AAU coach — I’ve been with him since like second grade. Also my parents, my family, my siblings — I think they really helped me build that competitive spirit. And just all the coaches along the way that have helped me. Trainers that I’ve worked with. My guy Joe [Brooks] who I’m working with right now, he’s the strength guy I work with. Jacob Begin, who I train with on the court. Probably those guys. And obviously all of the other coaches who have recruited me and shown interest — I can’t say how much I appreciate that.

PI: So you casually mentioned it in your first answer, but officially, what’s your next move after high school?

IC: I will be playing college basketball at the University of Oregon.

PI: Congratulations — officially! You’re obviously currently in the 2025 class — have you put any thought into whether you’ll stay in ‘25 or look to re-classify into ‘24?

IC: I’ll probably just stay in the 2025 class and the next two years to just work hard — work really hard — and to prepare myself for college so that when I get there as a freshman I can go in and help and try to make an impact right away, in the best way I can.

PI: You were on campus in Eugene, recently. What was that experience like?

IC: It was super cool. It’s a super cool place, the facilities are super nice. I love all of the coaches — they are super cool and I think we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, so I think it will be a great fit. I just feel like we have a great connection, so I think it’s just a great opportunity for me and I’m thankful for it. I’m super excited for it!

PI: Any current players in particular that you connected with on the visit?

IC: I connected with Jackson [Shelstad] and Mookie [Cook] a little bit. I just talked to all of them a little bit, just kind of said what’s up.

PI: What was the staff’s reaction when you told them you were committing?

IC: It was a super cool little moment, there. Just a cool little memory — they were super happy, I was super happy. So I feel like it’s a good memory that we can have to start off our relationship. I am really looking forward to the next four years with them.

PI: Last question — what’s your message to Oregon Ducks fans who are thrilled to hear about your commitment?

IC: I’m just super excited and super looking forward to being there. In the meantime, I’m just going to work hard and try to be the best I can be.


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