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Josh Hall Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Credit: Tasha Swanson

On Monday morning, NC State commit Josh Hall shared with Pro Insight his intentions of exploring the 2020 NBA draft process, while maintaining his NCAA eligibility. The former Oak Hill Academy product wrapped up his high school career with Moravian Prep these past two seasons, capping off the 2019-20 campaign by winning the inaugural Phenom Hoop State Championship in North Carolina, last month. In his latest Q&A with Pro Insight, Hall breaks down his decision to test the NBA draft waters and speaks on his mindset, moving forward:

Pro Insight: What factors ultimately led to your decision to make the jump from Moravian Prep to the NBA?

Josh Hall: I am eligible due to the fact that I re-classified from 2019 to 2020. This process can help me a lot in the simple fact that I can get insight on what NBA teams are looking for in me to be successful at that level.

PI: Can you try and put your excitement into words right now? What would getting drafted mean to you?

JH: I’m very very excited for this opportunity! I grew up watching some of the NBA’s best get their name called on draft night, so if I am blessed to have that moment I honestly don’t even think I could put an emotion on that just yet.

PI: You’re still leaving the door open to attend NC State?

JH: Yes sir, I am still keeping that option open.

PI: What type of feedback would you need to hear in order to keep your name in?

JH: Positives in the aspects of where a team sees me headed along the lines and how they see me developing as a professional athlete. So all feedback is definitely helpful in this process.

PI: What’s your approach in the coming weeks, considering no in-person workouts or meetings may happen due to COVID-19?

JH: Focusing on improving my game mentally just as well as physically....watching film on players that I feel have unique skill sets and understanding how and why they are successful.

PI: Since our last Q&A this past October, where do you feel you’ve made the most strides on and off the court?

JH: I feel like I’ve buckled down and took on new roles in life: whether it be leading on the basketball court or leading in my own personal time off the court.

PI: What’s the most important advice your dad (former professional basketball player) has given you throughout this process?

JH: He’s just told me to believe in myself. It’s easy to form thoughts on what the outcome of all this could be but he’s keeping me grounded and helping me understand the game of basketball from his standpoint also.

PI: Lastly, what advice would you bestow upon the next ‘Josh Hall’ that’s looking up to you as an example?

JH: Chase your dreams. That is one phrase that is used a lot but I feel like it’s the one that has the most impact on what life has taught me. It’s much easier to either quit when things get tough or when a few things go right you can become happy and content but there’s always an extra level you can reach for.


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