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Julian Phillips Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Credit: @senseihoops (IG)

The prestigious Pangos All-American Camp, an invite-only event featuring the top high school prospects in the nation, returned this summer after it was cancelled due to the pandemic last year. Pro Insight was on hand to evaluate the event and caught up with Julian Phillips of Blythewood HS (SC) and Upward Stars (SC). Phillips averaged 6.0 points and 3.3 rebounds in three games and is a consensus top-30 recruit in the 2022 class.

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, Phillips discussed his passion for cooking, schools he has been hearing from lately, what he plans to major in college, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2022 prospect Julian Phillips, from Blythewood, South Carolina:

Pro Insight: What has been your impression of the Pangos All-American Camp?

Julian Phillips: I think it's a good event, there's some really good players here so the games are always really competitive. We had some pretty good skills [sessions] — yesterday with Earl Watson. It's been pretty good so far.

PI: With an opportunity to play in front of NBA personnel and media, what is something you are hoping to showcase this weekend?

JP: Just that I'm an all-around player. I'm good on offense. Good on defense. I rebound, so just trying to showcase everything that I can do.

PI: For those who aren’t familiar with your game, describe your strengths and playstyle.

JP: I'm a versatile four, like a wing so I play inside, outside, shoot, rebound so just try to do a little bit of everything.

PI: What are your current measurements?

JP: I'm 6’8 and 195 lbs. My wingspan is 6’11.5.

PI: How has your AAU season been?

JP: It’s been really good. I play with Upward Stars Southeast. Coach Curt [Wheeler] is my head coach. It’s always good playing with him. We got a great team this year. Everybody's fun, everybody jokes with each other. So we've been playing pretty good so far. We'll be back at it in July [for the Adidas 3SSB] — that will be the next step for us. And I hope we play well and I'm sure we will.

PI: Who have you enjoyed playing with on your Pangos team?

JP: Ernest Udeh, Jr. — I think he’s from Florida. He’s a big man though so he’s pretty long and athletic. He can rebound, dunk everything so it's been pretty cool. He is actually my roommate as well, too, so he’s pretty cool.

PI: What have you been trying to improve in your game this summer?

JP: Just shooting. That was something me and my trainer took in real serious this spring so we've been working on it almost every day. I've been doing better with it in my AAU games, getting more comfortable with it so that's probably been my biggest improvement so far.

PI: What are your biggest interests outside of basketball?

JP: I like to play video games, hang out with my friends. I like to cook. That's probably about it, but you know, other than just hooping, of course.

PI: What are some of your favorite dishes?

JP: I like buffalo wings, pasta, chicken alfredo. Those are probably my main three.

PI: What's your recruitment update?

JP: My recruitment is still open. I appreciate every school that's reached out to me, but like I said, it is open right now. I am hearing from a lot of schools. I appreciate them being in contact with me, but it's been going well so far. It's a grateful process getting to talk to everybody and hear what they have to say about me as a player. So it's just a blessing from God.

PI: Are there particular schools that you have been hearing from the most lately?

JP: Yeah, like I said, thank you to all the schools, but the schools I probably talk to the most, like over the phone, are Ohio State, Florida State, USC Trojans, Wake Forest, Clemson, Alabama, and Kansas. (Note: Pro Insight’s Andrew Slater spoke with Julian at 3SSB Birmingham and got an updated list of schools)

PI: What are ultimately looking for in a school of your choice?

JP: Yeah, the biggest thing for me is just the word ‘fit’ — I would say whatever program fits me the best. So like the [basketball] system, academically, but what I’m looking for is a school that could put me in a position to win — that's one thing. I want to play. Also a school that I could play a lot my freshman year, of course. A school that can develop my game to the next level, because my ultimate dream is to be in the NBA. And then also lastly, a school that could prepare me for life after basketball as well. Cause, eventually the ball is going to stop bouncing so you're gonna have to have something to fall back on. So a school with a good education, program, and things like that is what I'm looking for.

PI: Have you thought about what you plan to major in school?

JP: Yeah, I plan on majoring in communications. That's something I found interesting a couple of years ago. I plan on majoring in that area, but it could change possibly when I get there. That's where my forethought is right now.

PI: If you weren't pursuing a career as a professional hooper, what do you think you would choose to do?

JP: I don't even know, honestly. Both of my parents were in the military, so I might do that. I’m kinda tall though so I don't think I would do that well. I'm glad I'm good at basketball. So I ain't really had to think about that too much.

PI: At the end of the day, What do you hope to be remembered for?

JP: Just to be remembered as somebody who always did right by themselves, who always did the right thing, made others around them better. In terms of basketball, just the best version of Julian, the best version of myself. I try not to be like anybody else. Everybody's put on this earth for their own purpose. So just trying to be the best I can be in my life.


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