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Marcus Adams, Jr. Commitment Q&A

Class of 2024 wing Marcus Adams, Jr., the top-30 junior out of Nathaniel Narbonne High School (CA) has committed to Kansas over UCLA and Syracuse, among a host of other high major programs. In late February, he made the trek to Lawrence, Kansas for an official visit. Adams is the first commitment in Bill Self’s 2024 recruiting class and intends to stay in this class, as of now. 

A 6’8” wing who averaged nearly 30 points,10 rebounds, and five assists per game this high school season, Adams is one of the hottest prospects in California and burst onto the national scene by adding a multitude of high major offers in a short period of time. The junior is a prolific scorer and has already eclipsed 50 points in a game twice in his high school career. A four-star prospect in the 2024 class, Adams also brings versatility and elite athleticism as a small forward who can get downhill, shoot the three ball, and create for others.

Adams Jr. spoke with Pro Insight’s Conrad Chow about his decision:

Pro Insight: Talk about your basketball journey thus far. How did you get to where you are today? 

Marcus Adams, Jr: It's been a long and great journey, you know. It's been a bumpy ride, but I'm glad it's finally turning out well. Been playing basketball since I was three. I wasn't as good or I wasn't as tall as I was until like the last two years, I'd say. I was just that average player. You know, I was kind of on the big side, kind of short, but I was raised as a big man my whole life. Just now starting to get into being more of a guard and shooting. Yeah, it's been a long ride. Like a year or two ago, before I got all this attention, these offers and stuff, I thought like, “should I quit?” I didn’t think it was worth it because I wasn't getting any looks or offers or anything, so sometimes it felt like there wasn’t really a point of playing anymore, you know? But my first offer kicked in, then my second. I joined a better AAU team called Elev8. My coach got me right. It just bounced up and then we played in the Compton Magic League. Blew up and played well and then over three seasons just averaging crazy numbers and I'm at where I'm at right now. And you know, it's been a great journey and I'm really happy with what I've become. So that's basically it. 

PI: Talk a bit about this past season at Narbonne. What was it like playing with your brother (2026 guard Maximo Adams)?

MA: It was really great. I'm glad I got the chance to play with him once in high school and I might be able to play with him in AAU. It depends on if he plays 17s or not, but it's been really great playing with him. We always grew up, practiced, worked out together by ourselves because growing up we didn't have any trainers. We had our dad to give us advice, but he was working most of the time. Yeah man, I'm glad I got to play with him. It was a great opportunity and stuff like that. I was able to teach him a lot of stuff and it was just great, overall. 

PI: For those who aren’t familiar with your game, what are your greatest strengths and playstyle?

MA: I would describe myself as a three-level scorer. Long, athletic. Can shoot the ball really well. Can handle it like a guard. You know, I have really big mismatches. Like if I wanna post up a guard since I'm a shooting guard/forward, I post up a guard. I could blow by a big [man] at the top of the key so I think it's a big factor in my game and that's what I am. I think I’m a scorer, mainly. 

PI: Who do you model your game after or study on film?

MA: People compare me to Carmelo [Anthony], Tobias Harris, Paolo Banchero. I’d say a mixture of them, but not really [anyone in particular]. 

PI: When it came down to it — what were the most important factors in choosing your next step?

MA: The attention, all the stuff like that. I like the fan base, the area, the atmosphere, the coaching staff and all that. I think it's great that those are factors and that helped me decide my decision. 

PI: Who did you lean on for guidance throughout the process?

MA: My coach and my parents, they help me out. They help me like NIL-wise, student-wise, what I can do academically over there as well. Yeah, I've decided and I'm excited. 

PI: Without further ado — where will you be playing college ball?

MA:  I'll be attending Kansas University!

PI: Congratulations! What separated Kansas from the rest of your options?

MA: The coaching and the history. Coach Self has a great history and is just another level, you know. He was texting me and calling and saying that he wants to coach me and he needs me, and that’s what made me realize, “oh wow — one of the greatest coaches in history needs me and he’s telling me this.” So that’s an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on. 

PI: What was Coach Self and his staff’s reaction when you told them?

MA: At first, this morning I was [choosing] UCLA and they called me and told me stuff, but I haven't got back to them yet. They're gonna probably be very excited and surprised because right now they're thinking I'm UCLA. They haven't called back. Once they call back, I will tell them, but they were highly thinking UCLA, but when I tell them, I think they’re gonna be pretty excited and stuff like that. 

PI: Have you made the decision whether you will stay in 2024 or reclass to 2023?

MA: I'm 2024 as of now. I have no idea if/when that would change, probably AAU. I have no idea, yet.

PI: Lastly, do you have any message for the KU fans who are excited about your commitment?

MA: I appreciate them for showing me love during my visit, on social media giving advice saying why I should go to Kansas and stuff like that — saying I'm a really good player and I'd be great [in Kansas]. You know, I'm really excited to be playing in front of them at Allen Fieldhouse and so my message is what they always say: “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk.”


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