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Milos Uzan Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Credit: Ball Dawgs

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2022 prospect Milos Uzan, from Las Vegas, Nevada:

Pro Insight: Talk about your background and your story.

Milos Uzan: I’m from the east side of Las Vegas. I feel like that part of town gets overlooked. 

PI: What’s your family background?

MU: I’ve got two older brothers and a sister. I’m the youngest, so growing up watching them play has helped me a lot. 

PI: Any extended family members play sports collegiately or professionally?

MU: Well my oldest brother, or like my step-brother, Julian Jacobs, he played at USC. He played for my dad as well [at Desert Pines]. The middle brother, Capri, plays at University of Providence, Montana [recently transferred to Vanguard University], so I get to learn and watch them. 

PI: What have you learned from your brothers? What advice have they shared with you? 

MU: The one from Montana, that’s who I work out with right now because Julian doesn’t work out with us. Capri works out with me a lot, he likes my game — he always tells me to keep my game the same, to never change. I respect him for that. 

PI: Do you or did you play any other sports?

MU: When I was younger I used to play soccer and football, but I stopped playing those in elementary school. 

PI: When did you transition over to full time basketball?

MU: Basketball has always been something I’ve been better at, and my dad’s a coach so I’ve always been in the gym. 

PI: What made you fall in love with basketball? 

MU: Everything. I love how you can get in the gym and get better. I feel like my potential is really high so I can keep growing. 

PI: For those who aren’t super familiar with your game, what are some of your greatest strengths?

MU: I’m a 6’3” to 6’4” point guard...shifty...I can see the floor pretty well. I can shoot it from NBA range. I feel like I’m a leader and I feel like I’m one of the best passers in my class.  

PI: What are some things you still need to work on?

MU: Well I lift every day at 6 P.M., just trying to get stronger. I know once I get stronger it’ll be easier to take a bump in traffic. Really just sharpening all my tools...making sure my handle stays tight and my jumper stays consistent. That’s really it, just trying to get strong. 

PI: What are your current measurements? 

MU: 6’3” and 165 pounds.

PI: What were you going into your sophomore season?

MU: About 6’1” and 150 pounds.

PI: What would you say is most underrated about your game?

MU: I’m a pretty good shooter, so I feel like I show that. I definitely rebound a lot, that’s something people don’t see as much. I get in there, rebound, and defend. 

PI: With so much shut down due to COVID-19, what have you been doing to stay ready?

MU: I wake up at 9:30 A.M., go get some shots up around 10:00 A.M., then later on in the day around 6:00 P.M. I’ll go lift. Sometimes I’ll get some extra shots up later on in the day, as well. 

PI: Do you train with any other players? 

MU: Well today I got shots up with Frankie Collins. I usually lift with Max Allen and Will McClendon — we all have a little group that we workout with. 

PI: Which aspects of your game do you spend the majority