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Event Recap: Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp

Credit: Dinos Trigonis

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, Pro Insight’s Alex Brown recaps the Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp by highlighting the top standouts in attendance after spending the weekend in Chicago, Illinois:

This past weekend, Pro Insight was on the ground at the Pangos All-Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp just outside of Chicago in La Grange, Illinois, to check out some of the top talent that the midwest has to offer for the 2024-2025 classes. There was an abundance of talent in the gym that really competed both days, and the depth of that talent was evident to everyone in attendance.

Here are the players that stood out the most at every position:


Dekwon Brown

6’3 | Limestone Community HS (IL) | 2024

Brown took over stretches of the Top-30 Cream of the Crop game with his energy, confidence, and shotmaking. Although streaky, his ability to score from deep led to multiple three-point makes in a row off the dribble as well as off the catch. He also has some advanced finishes in his bag along with the ability to capitalize off occupying the big in power plays or pick-and-roll. This combination makes him a lethal combo guard on the offensive end. The next step for Brown would be taking more of what the defense gives him and not forcing some inefficient shots, but all things considered, he has a very bright future.

Co-MVP of camp, 2024 guard Dekwon Brown. Credit: Gary Middendorf

Nojus Indrusaitis

6’4 | Lemont HS (IL) | 2024

Indrusaitis was one of the first players that really popped on day one. His advanced feel for the game and gorgeous jumpshot are easy to see, but he also showed his versatility by acting as the lead ball handler, scoring at all three levels off the catch and off the dribble, and finishing at the rim at a higher rate than most. Furthermore, he showed he has some defensive prowess as well, as he was defending the 1-4 spots throughout the weekend. On day one in particular, Indrusaitis had some extensive stretches where he was the best player on the floor.

Ryan Larson

6’3 | Jamestown HS (ND) | 2024

Larson caught the attention of everyone in the building with perhaps the best poster dunk of the weekend, but what stood out before and after that highlight was just how intelligent of a decision-maker Larson is while playing his role. He shoots a soft ball, doesn’t try to do too much as a handler or creator, and competes on defense. He fills that secondary/tertiary initiator spot better than a primary, but there is a lot to like in a strong player that knows what he does well and sticks to it.

Jaedin Reyna

6’0 | St. Rita HS (IL) | 2024

Reyna’s handle, quickness, and clean jumper were evident strengths early on in camp. He has the ball on a string, allowing him to handle defensive pressure effectively and get to his spots off the dribble. Complemented by the St. Rita front court duo of James Brown and Morez Johnson Jr., Reyna will be a catalyst that can break the defense down and create advantages for teammates. He has strides to make with the consistency of his range shooting, but there are certainly flashes of being able to stretch the floor and all signs point to Reyna becoming a highly-coveted lead guard as his recruitment progresses.

KJ Windham

6’3 | Ben Davis HS (IN) | 2024

Perhaps the most consistent guard in attendance, Windham showed the ability to take what the defense gives him, hit shots from deep, finish at the rim, and make plays for others. Other than having one of the better shooting performances of the camp, what stood out about Windham was that he never seems to force it or play too far outside of himself. He was able to play to his strengths while staying in the flow of the offense, which was very impressive to witness in a young guard. Windham looks the part of a high major guard at this stage, and he’s one to track closely.


Melvin Bell

6’4 | St. Rita HS (IL) | 2025

While Bell is more of a wing compared to Reyna, he provided some on-ball equity this weekend that was certainly worth noting. On one possession, Bell was acting as the pick-and-roll handler when he was hedged aggressively, yet he handled the pressure with poise, kept his dribble alive, switched to his left hand and used his handle to take the middle of the floor and find the roller for an easy dunk while occupying the help defender just enough to make it all work. On top of this, he had some pretty awesome dunks and interior play in general along with being quite an impressive vertical athlete. The areas of improvement most-worth tracking: the development of his jump shot as well as his physical growth, as he could be quite a freak athlete for a wing if he grows a few more inches.

Bryce Heard

6’6 | Kenwood Academy (IL) | 2025

Heard is a great athlete that can block shots, make plays in transition, and step out and hit the three-ball. Although streaky from deep, there is a lot to like in an athletic 6’6 wing that can play defense and shoot it with confidence. Despite being just a freshman, he was consistently one of the better wings in attendance, regardless of class. Our group will be tracking his progress as a perimeter defender, shooter, and playmaker very closely. He has a great foundation to build on, and it will be exciting to see how Kenwood can utilize him, over time.

Payton Kamin

6’6 | DePaul Prep (IL) | 2024

This sophomore from DePaul Prep can flat out shoot it. At 6’6 with a solid handle and ancillary skills to match, Kamin looked like a future starting high major wing that can give you a lot off the ball and get to his spots while playing on the ball. His range already exceeds the college line with simple, repeatable mechanics and he possesses some craft when getting into the interior to keep the defense honest. As far as other ancillary skills go, he was a solid rebounder and showed flashes of playmaking using his eyes to manipulate the defense. Tracking how impactful of a defender he can become and how far his guard skills develop will be an interesting case, but there’s a lot to love based on what Kamin has flashed up to this point.

Antonio Munoz

6’6 | Whitney Young HS (IL) | 2025

Munoz had an incredible second day showcasing his defensive potential, excellent athleticism, and relentless rim attacks. His length further allowed him to generate steals at the point of attack and get out in transition where he could really thrive as an athlete. While he was assertive with his scoring, he also was willing to make the extra pass and move off the ball when he was not directly involved. As a shooter, he showed some good flashes for his age and promising mechanics as a foundation. It will be intriguing to monitor his physical development, off-ball defense, and jumper, but Munoz has definitely solidified himself as a name to pay close attention to in the class of 2025.

Calvin Robins, Jr.

6’5 | Kenwood Academy (IL) | 2024

Perhaps one of the most physically developed players in the gym, Robins, Jr. was a force as a slasher and high-flying finisher. He naturally excelled as a transition threat, cutter, and off-catch slasher that could consistently own his space and create advantages with his athleticism and strength. He was also able to defend bigs and play that 4-spot with his low center of gravity and explosiveness. The most notable developmental area with him is his jumper, because if he can become a true threat from deep, he would become a true matchup nightmare for opponents.


James Brown

6’9 | St. Rita HS (IL) | 2024

Brown had a dominant showing at Pangos, earning co-MVP honors alongside Dekwon Brown. The St. Rita big man has excellent physical tools to pair with solid mobility for his size/age, and he used those tools to excel as an end-to-end rim runner, play finisher, roll man, and grab-and-go threat all weekend. He also showed flashes of an improving jumper, which would complement his current scoring package very nicely. As he continues to sharpen his skill set, it will be important to track the development of his ability to finish through contact, rim protection equity, and ‘stretchability’.

Co-MVP of camp, 2024 big James Brown. Credit: Gary Middendorf

Christian Humphrey-Rembert

6’8 | La Lumiere (IN) | 2024

‘CHR’ impressed by being perhaps the most mobile 6’8 player in the gym. He consistently showed the ability to beat other bigs down the floor and finish above the rim. While he can get a bit overzealous in his shot selection, there is a lot to like in a mobile forward that can protect the paint and finish at the rim. He showed willingness to shoot the 3 and also provided some glimpses of self-created shots from mid-range, although some mechanical changes may be necessary, moving forward. Nonetheless, he has clear tools that are valuable on both ends, and it will be interesting to see how La Lumiere develops him moving forward.

Jason Jakstys

6’8 | Yorkville HS (IL) | 2024

Throughout the weekend, Jakstys had moments where he was simply the best big on the court. He possesses some advanced shot blocking instincts and timing for his age, as well as the length, foundational footwork, and mobility to be impactful in multiple pick-and-roll coverages (notably ice and drop). Furthermore, he can put it on the floor a bit and has range that extends to the three-point line, making him a unique and rather dynamic two-way threat that should warrant legitimate high major interest as his frame fills out.

Morez Johnson, Jr.

6’9 | St. Rita HS (IL) | 2024

Johnson, Jr. was especially impressive alongside Brown due to some of the micro-skills he brings to the table. He passes the ball quite well and is vocal in directing traffic on offense, and while his jumper is still a work in progress he showed willingness to shoot the 3 and made a few from deep, throughout camp. Additionally, he did a good job controlling the glass and blocking shots. As the fourth St. Rita player on this list, it’s needless to say that the Mustangs have an embarrassment of riches in the 2024-2025 classes.

Jaden Smith

6’10 | Lincoln Park HS (IL) | 2024

As one of the most physically gifted bigs at Pangos, Smith possesses imposing size and length for someone his age. He used it to finish at the rim and block shot and clearly made a positive impact on the interior. Smith was also a solid rebounder on both ends when engaged and active. He was unselfish with the ball, as well, and looked to make plays for cutters and to transition runners as a passer. He’s working on developing an outside shot, and that would be quite intriguing if that becomes a part of his game. He could break out across the board if his physicality and toughness both grow as he matures, and overall there is a lot to like in the tools he possesses.

Honorable Mentions: Jaheem Webber (2024) Davis Kern (2025), Timothy Winkler III (2026)


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