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Eric Dailey, Jr. Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Credit: USA Basketball

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present Eric Dailey, Jr., from Tampa, Florida:

Pro Insight: Describe your game. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses, in your opinion?

Eric Dailey, Jr.: I am a versatile point forward that makes plays for my teammates and also for myself. I am unselfish with the ball and I like to get my team involved. A strength of mine is my ability to make good passes and also score. The one thing I’m working on is my defense on the perimeter against quick and shifty guards.

PI: What’s the most underrated aspect of your game?

ED: One of the most underrated aspects to my game is my ability to score off the dribble.

PI: Your dad was quite the ball player, himself - what have been the biggest things he’s taught you over the years? 

ED: The biggest thing my dad taught me over the years is to have a “dog” mindset and always want to kill. He also taught me to be yourself and play your game, not anyone else’s.

PI: What’s the score if you guys play 1-on-1 to 11? 

ED: If me and my dad played one on one I would have to let him score at the most 5 because I don’t want his feelings hurt but I’m going to win 11-5.

PI: You train quite a bit with your dad — what do you guys spend the most time on?

ED: Me and my dad been developing my post game. We work on things that I would do later in life like in the NBA. We do pick and roll situations and lots of conditioning.

PI: How did you wind up at IMG? What has that experience been like, so far?

ED: After my mom left the University of Florida she got the job as the Women’s Director of Basketball so I pretty much got here because of her. I had been around IMG since I was three, but been going to school here since 6th grade. The experience here has been the best. Everyone here is the best at what they do. This is the only school you will see All-Americans or pros on the daily.

PI: Can you talk a bit about your experiences traveling and playing abroad? 

ED: I’ve been traveling for a while, now. I’ve been blessed to leave the country traveling to other places to play basketball, like Hong Kong, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. I had the chance to play in Spain the least 2 years and the basketball over there is different...also the mindset of the players is different. It’s been a unique experience that’s really helped me. 

PI: How has spending so much time in Europe shaped your perspective on and off the court?

ED: The players over there in Europe don’t play as fast or athletic as us in the USA but they play as a team, with lots of passing which makes up for the lack of athleticism.

PI: Which guys impressed you the most at the USA Basketball Junior National Team Minicamp earlier this month?

ED: Guys that impressed me were Isaiah Todd and Scottie Barnes.

PI: Why do you wear #3? Is there a story behind it?

ED: I wear number 3 because my dad wore it back in high school and also it represents my family because it’s 3 of mom, my dad and me.

PI: Talk about your greatest all-time memory on the court. 

ED: My favorite memory on the court was when I went to play my dad’s old high school and I got on a fast break and windmilled for the first time.

PI: What are your short and long term goals as a basketball player? 

ED: A short term goal for me is to make the U17 World Cup team. Long term, my goal is to make it to the NBA and stay as long as I can.

PI: Do you watch more NBA or college basketball?

ED: I watch whatever is on. I can learn from both levels of basketball.

PI: Do you model your game after anyone in particular?

ED: I like to model my game after LeBron, Paul George and also Magic Johnson. 

PI: Who’s the hardest player you’ve ever had to guard? What made it so difficult?

ED: My teammate, Zach Edey - he’s from Canada. The most difficult part of guarding him is the fact he is 7’3 and I’m 6’6.

PI: Who would you say has influenced your life the most up to this point? Why?

ED: My family, because I am with them all the time. Both of my parents are filled with so much knowledge on and off the court.

PI: What, or who, is the biggest motivation in your life?

ED: My dad is the biggest motivation in my life. He’s up before anyone in the house making phone calls getting his business running so we can live.

PI: Name 4 words that best describe you. 

ED: Funny, Competitive, Smart, Respectful.

PI: Tell us something about yourself that most people have no idea about.

ED: I make beats on my computer sometimes and I listen to lots of different music other than rap. 

PI: What is your biggest passion outside of the game of basketball?

ED: I’m in love with music.

PI: Describe what you imagine your life will look like 10 years from now.

ED: I imagine myself in the NBA with a business running as well and my family living good.

PI: At the end of the day, what do you want to be remembered for?

ED: I want to be remembered as the kid that took a different route and still got to the same point as the people that took the traditional way. I want young athletes to remember that the work doesn’t stop and you don’t have to be seen so early in order to make it.


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