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Qingfang Pang Q&A

Basketball is the most popular sport in China despite the country producing only a small handful of NBA players headlined by Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian. Hoping to gain better skill development for the next level, several Chinese high school players have made the trek to the US. One such prospect is 2024 forward Qingfang Pang of Christ the King (NY) and NY Renaissance (NY). Standing at 6’9”, Pang has good size and strength, with the ability to absorb contact as a slasher and driver as well as spot-up from deep. The China native has gained valuable experience in high school playing with the likes of future UCLA forward Brandon Williams, St. John’s-bound Brandon Gardner, 2024 prospect Dwayne Pierce, and sophomore guard Kiyan Anthony, among many others. On the EYBL circuit, Pang has teamed up with five-star Dylan Harper, OTE’s Naasir Cunningham, and rapidly rising wing Tyler Betsey.  

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, Pang discussed his family’s basketball background, his favorite players to watch, the hoop culture in China compared to the US, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2024 prospect Qingfang Pang, from Shenzhen, China:

篮球是中国最受欢迎的运动,尽管中国只产生了以姚明和易建联为首的少数 NBA 球员。一些中国高中球员为了在更高水平上更好地发展技能,不远万里来到美国。其中一个前景是 Christ the King (NY) 和 NY Renaissance (NY) 2024 前锋庞清芳。身高 6 英尺 9 英寸的庞清芳拥有良好的体型和力量,可以作为切入者吸收接触并投进三分球。这位中国运动员与未来的加州大学洛杉矶分校前锋布兰登·威廉姆斯、未来的圣约翰大学前锋布兰登·加纳、2024 年新秀德韦恩·皮尔斯和二年级后卫基扬·安东尼一起上高中。在EYBL赛道上,庞清芳联手五星Dylan Harper、OTE的Naasir Cunningham和后起之秀Tyler Betsey。

作为 Pro Insight 问答系列的一部分,庞清方讨论了他的家庭篮球背景、他最喜欢观看的球员、中国与美国的篮球文化对比等等。

在我们的 Pro Insight 问答系列的下一部分中,我们邀请了来自中国深圳的 2024 选手 庞清方:

Pro Insight: Talk about your background and family.


Qingfang Pang: My mother and father both played. My mother used to play for the provincial team, and my father represented the national team in a world championship. My dad and my mom are both athletes. They both play basketball.

庞清方: 我妈妈跟我爸爸都是打球的,我妈妈以前是打省队的,然后我爸爸代表国家队参加过一次世界赛。我爸和我妈都是运动员,他们都打篮球。

PI: When did you start playing basketball? 


QP: I started playing basketball at 8 years old, and then I stayed in Shenzhen for 8 years and then I came to the USA to play.

庞清方: 我从8岁开始打篮球,然后在深圳待了8年然后过来美国打球。

PI: What are your strengths on the court?


QP: I think my skills and IQ are getting a bit better. Overall, I think I am becoming a smarter player.

庞清方: 我觉得我的技术还有我的IQ会比较好一点。综合起来打的比较聪明一点。

PI: What do you feel you still need to improve on?

在藍球上, 你想改進什麼?

QP: I want to get lighter so I can jump higher and run faster.

庞清方: 我想让自己更轻一点能跳的更高,能跑的更快一点。

PI: Which players do you like to watch?


QP: My favorite basketball players are Russell Westbrook and LeBron James.

庞清方: 我最喜欢的运动员是拉塞尔维斯布鲁克和勒布朗詹姆斯。

PI: What are your short-term goals?


QP: My short-term goal is to get an offer from Kentucky.

庞清方: 我的短期目标是拿到肯塔基的offer。

PI: How did the opportunity come about to play for the Rens?

描述一下你和Rens 的經歷嗎?

QP: I have played for the Rens for two years since I was 16 years old. There is this coach that has been training me since 2019. He is the reason why I am playing for the Rens.

庞清方: 我跟Rens代表他们打了两年16岁。里面有一个就是从2019年就带我一起训练的教练,就是他在那个队所以我代表Rens打。

PI: What will ultimately be your deciding factors when choosing where to play at the next level?

在選擇大學時, 最終決定因素是什麼。

QP: I would like to go to a place where I can earn more playing time and have more ball possessions.

庞清方: 能有更多的上场时间,能有更多球权。

PI: What is your biggest interest outside of basketball?

除了藍球, 你最大的興趣是什麼?

QP: I like playing video games like NBA 2K.

庞清方: 我喜欢玩 NBA 2K 等电子游戏。

PI: Can you share more about the basketball culture in China compared to the US?


QP: I think it's the tempo and athleticism that makes the biggest difference. However, by training and working harder with your technique, you can make up those differences.

庞清方: 我觉得是节奏上面还有身体上面会有差距。但是努力训练用你的技术可以弥补。

PI: Besides the NBA, where do you see yourself in five years?

除了NBA, 五年後你認為自己會在那裡? 

QP: Maybe playing in the CBA. 

庞清方: 也许在CBA打球

PI: Name four words that best describe you.


QP: Skilled, basketball IQ, shooter, finisher.

庞清方: 技术,球商,投篮,终结。

PI: At the end of the day, what do you hope to be remembered for?

歸根究底, 你希望你會被記得是什麼樣

QP: I can still handle and dribble the ball at my size. There are also a lot of skills that I can still show to everyone. 

庞清方: 我这个体型还可以运球,还可以有技术方面的东西可以展现。


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