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Recruiting Roundup: Chol Deng

Meet Chol Deng, a junior prospect who is already being recruited at a national level, and still loaded with potential. The 6’6” Swiss Army Knife is a versatile player who can fly above the rim, consistently knock down shots with range, cover ground in transition, and make the right play at the right time on both ends of the floor. He projects as someone whose skills are going to flourish at the next level. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Deng has made his way to the states and currently attends Fairmont Prep in California. This past week, Deng spent some time chatting with Pro Insight’s Jake Lieberman about the latest with his recruitment.

For the next installment of “Recruiting Roundup,” we present class of 2022 prospect Chol Deng:

PI: What's the current breakdown of your offers, and interest?

Chol Deng: My offers are Penn State, UCR, CSUN, and UCSB. My interests are Utah, UCSD, UCI, SDSU, USC, Pepperdine, and Marquette.

PI: How has COVID affected your recruitment?

CD: My recruiting and visits have been different during the pandemic. No visits allowed. I have mid-major offers and interest from some high majors but I understand that I need to play this season to get my recent film out there.

PI: What kind of role do you see yourself filling at the next level?

CD: Anything to help my team win. I realize the step up will be a big adjustment so I just want to do whatever is needed. Defense, rebound, pass, score, and be a great teammate!

PI: What has been the most unique recruiting pitch you’ve heard thus far?

CD: Nothing really unique as of yet. They have been very straightforward questions and relationship building stuff.

PI: Did you have any dream schools growing up?

CD: My dream school growing up was between Kentucky or UCLA.

PI: If you could team up with any high school player in the country when you guys get to college, who would you pick?

CD: I’m not sure, that’s a difficult one.

PI: What are your three main priorities when narrowing down and eventually making a final decision with your recruitment?

CD: One, my relationship with the head coach. I’d like to get to know the head coach and the assistants as much as possible so I can try and project what it will actually be like to play for him. Two, how the current players are developing year-to-year so I can project how I will grow each year with these coaches as my mentors. And three, the opportunity to play as soon as possible. I know I have a lot to learn but I’d like to grow my game and improve as much as possible while being on the court if possible.

PI: How's your timeline looking?

CD: My timeline is really open. COVID set everything back. Just really hoping coaches can come watch me play this summer. Once September arrives I can evaluate where my recruitment is at...

PI: If you could sum up your recruitment process up to this point in three or four words, what would they be?

CD: A patient process (COVID shutdown) but really anxious to compete against the best!


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