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Recruiting Roundup: Jaxon Kohler

Credit: Jacob Machnik / BallDawgs

Meet 6’9 prospect Jaxon Kohler — already a national recruit, but a name all should expect to continue to rise up the 2022 national rankings. For those who haven’t seen him play, there’s virtually nothing Kohler can’t do on the offensive end, and it all begins with his old-school back-to-the-basket post game. He uses impeccable footwork, timing and deft touch to make his living around the hoop. Over time, he’s continued to stretch his offensive game and is now a consistent shooting threat from range, as well. He possesses a D-1 motor and a budding basketball IQ, as well — two more traits that will allow him to experience success sooner rather than later once he transitions to the next level.

The Pro Insight staff got a chance to get to know Kohler as well as evaluate him up close last October, during his standout performance at our showcase camp in Lehi, Utah. Clips from that performance can be seen below:

Kohler recently spent some time chatting with Pro Insight’s Jake Lieberman to break down the latest with his recruitment.

For the next installment of of “Recruiting Roundup,” we present class of 2022 prospect Jaxon Kohler, from American Fork, Utah:

Pro Insight: What’s the current breakdown of the programs involved in your recruitment?

Jaxon Kohler: I am talking to Iowa, BYU, Cal, Arizona, Saint Mary’s, Utah, Utah State, Texas A&M, Maryland, Gonzaga, and Oregon.

PI: Which programs would you say you’ve heard from the most, recently?

JK: BYU, Saint Mary’s, Cal, and Arizona.

PI: What kind of role do you see yourself filling at the next level?

JK: I see myself being a stretch-four at the next level. I’m a versatile scorer, and can do the little things.

PI: What has been the most unique recruiting pitch you’ve heard thus far?

JK: Saint Mary’s told me that I would most likely start my freshman year, so that was something that really intrigued me.

PI: What's the funniest thing that's happened in a virtual visit on Zoom?

JK: Honestly, I haven’t been on many Zoom calls lately, so I don’t really know!

PI: Did you have any dream schools growing up?

JK: I didn't have a particular school I wanted to go to, but as a kid I wanted all the good schools like Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina to offer. Now I just work to see which ones offer.

PI: If you could team up with any high school player in the country when you guys get to college, who would you pick?

JK: Honestly, that’s a really tough one (laughs), but as long as they give me the ball, that’s good enough.

PI: What are your three main priorities when narrowing down and eventually making a final decision with your recruitment?

JK: First, I want to go somewhere where I can become a better person outside of basketball. Second, a place where they value big men in their program. Third, a program with a good education.

PI: How's your timeline looking?

JK: It’s not official but I’m waiting until this summer to get in front of coaches, then I’ll make a final decision senior year. I’m still not sure, yet.

PI: If you could sum up your recruitment process up to this point in three or four words, what would they be?

JK: Blessed. I’m blessed to be recruited by all these schools.


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