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Seth Trimble Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Credit: USA Basketball

Seth Trimble was one of the biggest risers in his class as a junior and senior, ultimately moving up to #34 in the 247Sports composite rankings for the 2022 class. This jump was buoyed by a massive 2021 AAU season with Phenom U, where he averaged 14.5 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 3.8 assists per contest at Peach Jam. Trimble decided to follow in his brother JP Tokoto's footsteps and committed to the University of North Carolina in June of 2021.

Trimble is a sturdy point guard who excels at getting downhill. He utilizes his strength to generate paint touches and is extremely confident finishing off two feet against all positions due to his balance and body control, a skill uncommon for most small guards.

In our interview at USA Basketball Men's U18 training camp, Trimble talks about his takeaways from the camp, his hopes and expectations for next year's Carolina team, and getting to play with potential future teammate GG Jackson for the first time.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present incoming North Carolina freshman Seth Trimble, from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin:

Pro Insight: Congratulations on being selected to USAB training camp! What’s been your impression so far?

Seth Trimble: Very fast-paced camp. Everybody here can play at a really high level. I just think this is how school is going to be. This pace, this competition, probably even more competitive. Just very thankful that it's getting me ready for North Carolina.

PI: Who have you most enjoyed playing with or against, in particular?

ST: I would say GG Jackson. You know, future UNC teammate, being able to get on the court with him for the first time and being able to get him his shots. Just playing the pick-and-roll with him.

PI: What have been your thoughts on his game so far?

ST: Really good player. Can score from all three levels. When he's locked in and playing with an intense pace, he’s one of the best players on the court, easily.

PI: What are you most excited for at UNC? What can we expect from you at the next level?

ST: You can expect to see a fast-paced guard. Ready to play and ready to make the right plays. I want to be able to create for a lot of these players on the court. When I come into Carolina, I'm gonna be coming in with shooters, so just getting downhill and making open threes.

PI: What are your biggest individual goals next year as you get ready to head to Chapel Hill?

ST: Just be a game-changer for this team. I think they need that backup point guard this year. Who knows what the role will be, but Caleb and RJ after Ant (Harris) got hurt, they didn't have much point guard help, so just to be able to come in and really positively impact this team.

PI: Can you share a bit about your family, your background, where you’re from, and what led to this point?

ST: I'm from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, which is probably about 15 minutes outside of Milwaukee. I just fell in love with basketball early. My big brother (JP Tokoto) was a high-level recruit that also went to UNC, so I just fell in love with the game at such a young age. Been coached by my dad my whole life, parents have always been by my side, siblings have also always been there for me. Luckily, I've been able to come into a blessing of a path and be able to go from a nobody sophomore year to all of a sudden taking a huge stock jump my junior year and then committing to the University of North Carolina. Had a really good senior season and really good junior AAU season and was able to get this invite.

PI: Obviously JP was a big influence growing up. Was he basically the main reason you started playing basketball?

ST: I wanted to be just like him. My whole family, they are all basketball people, just a basketball family. JP, he took me everywhere, his lifting workouts, shooting, pick-up runs. Had no choice but to fall in love with it.

PI: Did you play any other sports growing up or was it just basketball from the start?

ST: I played soccer. My family, we got a little soccer history. My grandpa was the captain of the 1982 Cameroon international team. So played a little bit of that up until 8th grade.

PI: Outside of your brother, who's been your biggest influence in life growing up?

ST: My parents. Being able to see some of the things they've been able to do, some of the things that they accomplished from hard work, it's truly just really inspiring.

PI: Who are your top-five all-time music artists?

ST: I’mma go Drake, for sure. Lil Baby. Ah man you got me here…that's all I can tell you right now, just that Drake is the GOAT.

PI: All the people I've talked to this spring, Lil Baby, Rod Wave, and NBA Youngboy are the three that always come up.

ST: I can respect that, but Rod Wave and NBA Youngboy, they're not in my top-five artists.

PI: What’s something most people have no idea about you?

ST: I'm a really nice, caring guy. Whoever it is, if we're doing something together, I will do my best to make you feel welcome and make you feel like family.


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