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Amdy Ndiaye Q&A

Credit: The Basketball Hall of Fame

With the prestigious Hoophall Classic rolling through Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend, Pro Insight was on hand to catch all of the top teams and prospects in attendance, one being Long Island Lutheran (NY) forward Amdy Ndiaye. A native of Senegal, Ndiaye only started playing competitive basketball just a handful of years ago and has already gained valuable experience with the Nanterre program in France, has participated with the Senegalese National Team and currently competes in the conference with the highest concentration of talent in the United States, the NIBC. While he’s picked up some early interest and offers, Ndiaye remains an unsigned senior who will surely garner more attention in the near future due to his relentless motor, versatility and productivity as an inside/outside option.

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, Ndiaye talked about his basketball journey, European vs. American style of play, his recruitment update, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2023 prospect Amdy Ndiaye, from Dakar, Senegal:

Pro Insight: Talk about your basketball journey — how did you get started?

Amdy Ndiaye: I was born in Senegal, so I started playing basketball in Senegal not too long ago. Before basketball I was playing soccer, that’s the main sport over there. I started playing basketball around five or six years ago and now I’m competing at the highest level.

PI: How did you make your way over to the United States with Long Island Lutheran?

AN: I was playing in France for about three years and then I moved here last year. France was a big journey for me that helped me a lot when it came to understanding how the game works, playing with people older than me, etc. That added a lot to my game.

PI: Which program were you with in France?

AN: I was playing for the junior team with Nanterre.

PI: What was the adjustment like coming over to the U.S.?

AN: European basketball is very different from American basketball, it has more passing, screens and is more organized. American basketball is more one-on-one. That’s the biggest thing I see that’s very different. Over there we’re just always moving the ball, while here, if you’re better than the other guy you just go blow by him.

PI: Why come over to America instead of staying in France?

AN: Better opportunity I would say because here I’m going to have more exposure while over there I was hiding a little bit. And playing with Long Island Lutheran and competing at this level is going to make me have more visibility. People will see me more.

PI: Have you participated with the Sengalese National Team?

AN: Yeah, I did the FIBA U18 for my country last year and we went to the finals for the African Cup.

PI: Did you become a French citizen as well?

AN: I’m mostly from Senegal, but I have family that lives in Europe. My mom’s side lives in Europe.

PI: Any other collegiate or pro athletes in the family?

AN: My dad played for Providence, Delaware and then overseas in basketball. My uncle played for UConn and won a championship. My mom isn’t into sports like that [laughs]. I have a tall sister who is 12 years old and like 6’0” tall, but she doesn’t like the game, she likes doing some other stuff [laughs].

PI: What’s the latest with your recruitment in terms of interest and offers?

AN: I’ll say interest because I don’t have a lot of offers, but Rider, Iona, UCF, and Pitt.

PI: Have you taken any visits?

AN: Not yet, I’m just waiting right now.

PI: Ideally, what are you looking for in a college program?

AN: I just want to go somewhere that the coach likes me, that’s the most important thing. You’re not going to go somewhere to play if the coach doesn’t want you there. I want to go somewhere where the coach wants me. A place where I’ll get better and get ready for the next level.

PI: How do you see your role at the next level?

AN: I see my role as a versatile player. Being able to be a big man and guard at the same time. That’s what I’m trying to work on.

PI: Off the court, any unique interests or hobbies?

AN: I like watching shows, I watch a lot of shows. Like you know Power? [interviewer nods] I be watching Power, that’s a very good show [laughs]. Other than that I’ll be listening to music because sometimes I’ll be in my zone before a game.

PI: What’s your pregame music?

AN: Lil Baby, California Breeze. Go check that out, that’s a good song [laughs].

PI: What would be a hashtag to describe you?

AN: I’d say #EveryDayGuy, I’m an everyday guy. I’m going to bring it every day no matter what happens even if I’m sick or something like that, I’ll bring it every day for my teammates and not just for me. For my teammates, the team, all of that. Trying to bring it every day.

PI: Where does that mindset come from?

AN: I think most of it came from my dad because he’s a guy who doesn’t believe in quitting and doing stuff like that. Like go hard every time, don’t quit and keep going every time. Trying to push each other and lift each other up…I took that from my dad.

PI: Where do you see yourself in five years?

AN: I see myself in the league in five years. Just being a pro. I want to be a pro.


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