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Devontes Cobbs Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Credit: Austin Coleman

Originally from Wisconsin, Devontes Cobbs has made multiple stops at various schools until recently finding a home at Eduprize Prep in Gilbert, Arizona. Currently considered a three-star recruit per 247Sports, Devontes is an athletic perimeter player who brings energy on defense and secondary playmaking on offense and plenty of upside, overall.

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, the USA Basketball Junior National Team minicamp alum discusses his background, provides an update on his current college recruitment, talks player comparisons, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2022 prospect Devontes Cobbs, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Pro Insight: Tell us about your background. 

Devontes Cobbs: I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, born and raised there. I left around when I was in eighth grade and came out to Arizona to go to Shadow Mountain with Jalen House. Mike Bibby was the coach over there. I ended up getting a state title my freshman year. I ended up leaving, announcing I was going to a school called Fairfax in California. Didn’t end up going there, a lot of things went on and I went to Mayfair [California]. It was cool at Mayfair, but I missed home a lot so I came back to my mom and found Eduprize [Arizona] and it’s probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me because I’ve found a home. My coach over here, Christian Polk, is the best coach I could have right now because he’s teaching me everything. He’s getting my shot better and everything. 

PI: Can you share a bit more about your family?

DC: I’ve got a big brother named Davon Cobbs — he goes to Westcliff University. He’s way better than me, but I wouldn’t tell that to his face [laughs], I’d tell him I’m way better than him, but he’s like that. He goes to Westcliff University in Riverside, California.  

PI: What are your strengths as a player? 

DC: One of my strengths is my jumping ability — I’ve got long strides when I jump in the air. I can lock somebody up whenever I want to. Shot is coming a little bit, getting that shot. Didn’t see it much this game, but when the real season comes it’ll be there. 

PI: What are some things you’re working on?

DC: Working on my shot, trying to get my handles right and trying to be the right PG for my team. I’ve got two years left at Eduprize — my cousin Ricky and my boys Clarence and Justice are with me so it’s my last year with them, then it’s just me. 

PI: What are some underrated aspects of your game?

DC: I can really dribble, like low-key I can dribble. I can really shoot too, but it’s more like when I’m feeling it I’m feeling it and when I’m not I’m not. That’s how it is. 

PI: Who are the top-five players in the 2022 class and where do you fall? 

DC: Honestly, number-one is Emoni Bates. Number-two is Jalen Duren. Three is Chris Livingston. Four, Amari Bailey. And of course I’ll say me at number-five — ain’t going to put nobody else over me. 

PI: What’s the current update with your recruitment?

DC: I just got Grambling State, a lot of coaches have been talking to CP [Christian Polk], but I’m not really worried about the offers right now. I’m just trying to work and get a lot better to get myself ready for the next level. 

PI: Any schools pursuing you more than others right now? 

DC: Jackson State, they’re an HBCU. Jackson State is the one that’s hitting me hard. Like I said, Grambling, they’ve been hitting me hard as well. 

PI: How many offers do you currently have? 

DC: I have about six or seven, I think.

PI: What are those?

DC: West Virginia, Ole Miss, Cal, SMU, Jackson State, Florida, and Grambling. 

PI: When it’s time to make that decision, what are you looking for in a school of choice?

DC: Somewhere where it’s like a home, kind of like at Eduprize. I’ve found a home at Eduprize, everybody loves me over here. If I can find a college that actually wants me to be there and wants me on that team, that’s where I’m going. 

PI: What type of system best fits your playing style? 

DC: I like to play as a team, so if we play together we should win every game, that’s how it should be. Defensive side, we can go man or zone and just lock people up and take the ball. 

PI: Any players you model your game after? 

DC: Kobe. I’ve been watching Kobe since I was in third or fourth grade, and honestly a lot of people say I look like him. I take that to heart, it’s like him living through me so I’m watching his workouts and everything he tried to do I’m doing. 

PI: Any other players people compare you to?

DC: Will Barton. Defensive-wise people say I’m like LeBron James because I like blocking people shots [chase downs]. That’s probably it, then myself of course, I love playing like me. I’ve got my own playing style whenever I want to show that. 

PI: What’s your biggest passion off the court?

DC: Play basketball. I don’t play the game, I can’t go home and play the game at all [video games]. I don’t watch TV. If I’m bored I’m going to go play basketball somewhere or I’m going to go lift weights or something. 

PI: You into anything like music, fashion, shows, etc.?

DC: Basketball is free. Football, if my mom let me play football. I played my eighth grade year, but I didn’t have enough blockers so she made me quit. I was first-string QB and second-string WR. I played safety on defense. Loved playing physical. 

PI: What are four words you’d use to describe yourself? 

DC: I’m really intelligent. I’m a caring person. I’m a hard-worker. And I’m a hard-worker — double hard-worker — I love working hard. 


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