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Kur Teng Q&A

The final July live period for the Adidas’ AAU circuit concluded with the 3SSB Open at AIM Sports Complex in Seal Beach, CA. This session featured an opening day of showcase games, followed by championship and consolation brackets, which was a golden opportunity for players to showcase themselves in the presence of hundreds of college coaches.

Pro Insight was on-hand to cover the event and caught up with Kur Teng of Mass Rivals (MA) and Bradford Christian Academy (MA). Behind Teng’s 15 points, Mass Rivals captured the 3SSB Open 17U Championship with a 54-40 victory over Dream Vision (CA). A prolific scorer and shotmaker, the 6’4” shooting guard dropped 30 points in his first varsity game as a freshman at Manchester West (NH). He can create off-the-dribble as well as score efficiently as a jump shooter off-the-catch within offensive actions. Following in the footsteps of Wenyen Gabriel and Akok Akok, Teng is next up among the growing number of players with Sudanese roots hailing from the Manchester area.

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, Teng highlighted his family’s athletic background including playing soccer until 8th grade, how he studies Booker, DeRozan, and Durant’s games, being motivated by Wenyen Gabriel’s impact, and much more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2024 prospect Kur Teng, from Manchester, New Hampshire:

Pro Insight: How did you get to where you are today? Talk a bit about your background and family.

Kur Teng: I mean, I got one older brother, one older sister and one younger sister and I basically just hoop growing up all the time. Basketball court right outside in Manchester, NH. So that's basically where I got it from.

PI: Your parents are from South Sudan — when did they come to the US?

KT: The year before I was born, they came to the US.

PI: Have you ever been back to South Sudan?

KT: Nah, I haven't yet, but I'm hoping I can go soon.

PI: Did you play any other sports growing up?

KT: Yeah, I played soccer until I was in 8th grade so probably like three years ago. So yeah, that's it.

PI: Any other athletes in the family?

KT: Yeah, all my siblings play basketball and soccer just like me, but it’s mostly basketball in the family.

PI: For those who aren’t familiar with your game, what are your greatest strengths and playstyle?

KT: I'll say I'm a pretty well-rounded scorer, three levels. I can hit the midrange pull-up. I think I can finish at the rim pretty well. I think I can shoot the three-ball pretty well so I think I'm a pretty good scorer and I'm trying to play a lot harder throughout the games and stuff, so yeah.

PI: Who do you model your game after or study on film?

KT: I mean, I like watching Devin Booker a lot. I’ll say DeMar DeRozan, he has a pretty good mid-range so I guess I watch him a little bit. Mostly them two…and KD with the pull-ups, too.

PI: What do you feel you still need to improve on the most? What have you been working on?

KT: Offensively, just the pull-up three, getting into my shot quicker and finishing at the rim.

PI: What are your short term goals you have for yourself as a player?

KT: I mean, I wanted to be an Adidas All-American. That was a check. I went to that camp a couple weeks ago. I guess just keep receiving as many offers as I can.

PI: What is your recruitment update? Who have you been hearing from the most, lately?

KT: I've been hearing from schools like Providence, Rutgers, UConn, LSU, UCF, Arkansas, Kansas, Georgetown, and Texas A&M — schools like that.

PI: Did you have a dream school growing up?

KT: I mean, I don't really have a dream school. I would just watch anything that was on TV with my brother, so no school in particular.

PI: Which schools are you hoping to visit in the near future?

KT: I mean, I've already visited Providence and Rutgers, but for the rest, I'm not really sure right now. I'd like to visit all of them, but I'm not sure if I can do that, so I'm not sure right now.

PI: There are a lot more post-grad options available these days with G League Ignite, OTE, and NBL, among others. Have you and your family done much research into those opportunities?

KT: Nah, I haven't really done any research, but if the opportunity comes, I'm going to for sure look into it.

PI: What will ultimately be your deciding factors when making your choice?

KT: I'll say a place that will push me to become a better player and also be able to be comfortable around the people, the staff, and the team, everything.

PI: ​​Which college coach would you say you’ve formed the closest relationship with and why?

KT: I mean, I’ve really had a good relationship with all the coaches that hit me up, but I'll say I’m close with Rutgers, Providence, schools like that. All the relationships are good so far, though.

PI: What are your biggest interests outside of basketball?

KT: I like playing video games.

PI: When you say video games, you mean 2K?

KT: Yeah I play 2K, but that game is getting bad. I don't really like it, but I still hop on, so…that game, yeah 2K (unenthusiastically). I'll play a little Naruto, FIFA, games like that.

PI: Who are your favorite music artists?

KT: I’ll say NBA YoungBoy.

PI: You have one hashtag to describe yourself. What is it?

KT: #Underdog. Like coming from a small city in Manchester, not many people really think of that as like a hoop state or hoop city, so I'll just say #underdog.

PI: Is there anyone from that area who has been a role model or influence for you?

KT: I mean, yeah. We got a player on the Los Angeles Lakers, Wenyen Gabriel, and also Akok Akok at Georgetown. That’s two players right there.

PI: How would you describe your relationship with those guys?

KT: Yeah, they're really like big brothers to me. Like just to see them teach the goals they have, it's just inspiration and it shows me that I can make it out of the same city.

PI: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

KT: I'll say, “just stay the course and we got us.” That’s from Coach Tom Nelson, my Mass Rivals coach.

PI: What is your dream NIL deal and why?

KT: I haven't really looked into that, but if the opportunity comes then I guess I'll see what’s to it.

PI: Do you have any favorite brands or food/beverage?

KT: I guess I'll say Chick-fil-A, that's usually my favorite restaurant, so I’ll just say Chick-fil-A.

PI: Do you have any big pet peeves?

KT: Nah, not really 'cause I'm really like a laid back person so nothing really bothers me like that. I just stay to myself, so not really anything. Not that I can think of right now.

PI: Are you an introvert or extrovert?

KT: I'll say I'm an introvert like I like staying to myself. Just chilling, listening to music, maybe watching some TV, but I’ll say I'm a little bit of both, though.

PI: Talk about a time or story in your life that you feel has really shaped who you are today.

KT: I mean like last Adidas session, I wasn't really shooting the ball well. I was pretty sure I only scored single digits every game, but I guess these past two games I've played really well and I've had a really good impact on my team, so I guess not shooting the ball well and just keeping my confidence just I guess helped me fight through the adversity.

PI: What is your mindset when shots aren’t falling?

KT: Well I mean, my coach is always pushing me to just help my team win in any way I can if I'm not hitting shots. Yeah, if I'm not hitting shots, then I got to rebound or defend — help my team in any way I can.

PI: Besides the NBA, where do you see yourself in five years?

KT: Hopefully having a lot of money. Like you said in the NBA and just me and my family just right and we're good, living great.

PI: Name four words that best describe you.

KT: I’ll definitely say hard work. Goofy and funny, too, I guess.

PI: At the end of the day, what do you hope to be remembered for?

KT: Coming from Manchester, I want everyone to know that I'm from Manchester, New Hampshire, and also from South Sudan in Africa, so those are two things I want everyone to remember about me: I'm from South Sudan and I’m from Manchester. Right now, Wenyen Gabriel is back home in South Sudan having a camp. So one day I'll hopefully be doing that with him and helping out the people back home.


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