Mady Traore

Updated: Aug 2

While there are many attributes to consider when evaluating basketball prospects, there are certain things you simply can’t teach — size sits atop that list. Taller players are now expected to have ball skills, shoot the ball, switch onto smaller players and provide rim protection. These are all skills that have made Mady Traore one of the most sought after recruits in the 2022 high school class.

At nearly 7-feet tall, with a 7’3 wingspan and massive 9’5 standing reach, Traore started off playing in his home country of France before joining the basketball program at Bishop Walsh (MD). He has been a standout at a number of events, including the HoopSeen West Preview Camp powered by Pro Insight. Equipped with the ability to handle the ball adeptly in transition, with shooting touch and a great deal of potential to shoot off of motion, Traore can also get to points with a running start that have him in rare company.

He has the potential to be a mismatch on both sides of the court once he gets to college, with three-level scoring ability, lateral agility and rim protection. He has a high release point on his jump shot along with advanced footwork, combined with a functional ball skills at 6’11+. Traore recently listed his top-eight schools: Auburn, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Oregon, Pittsburgh, USC and Virginia Tech.

In this interview, Traore announces some big news, discusses his basketball origins, breaks down his final eight college programs, gives insight into how he sees himself as a basketball player, shares at his future goals, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2022 French prospect Mady Traore:

Pro Insight: Walk us through your background and family.

Mady Traore: My family is very tall. I have two sisters that are 6’3” and two brothers that are 6’5”. We always played basketball as a family. I played on a club team in Paris-Levallois that was in the French Pro A League. We played against teams in Pro A that were pretty good. After that, I came to the USA to play at my new high school.

PI: Describe your game for people who don’t know it.

MT: My game is like a stretch player. I can dribble, shoot, defend and pass.

PI: What are some things that you can improve?

MT: My skill, dribbling, and my shot. Also, my physical. I am trying to get to 220 pounds.

PI: What are you doing to bulk up and add weight?

MT: This summer I was working on my lower body because sometimes a small guard would get on me and I had to be quick and stronger. I’m going to continue to lift weights this season.

PI: What kind of work in the weight room have you done before?

MT: I just started getting serious about it this year. I weigh 190 pounds.

PI: Did you play any other sports growing up?

MT: I did judo, volleyball, and soccer too. I was a pretty good volleyball player. I played goalie in soccer. I was tall so I was pretty good.

PI: Did you hit a growth spurt at any point or have you always been tall?

MT: I’ve always been tall.

PI: Did anyone else in your family play sports at a high level?

MT: My mom and dad both could have played at a high level but they both got hurt so they couldn’t play at a high level. My mom is 6’3” and my dad was 6’4”.

PI: What are your favorite things to do on the court?

MT: I like running, playing defense, going out in transition and shooting.

PI: What do you like to do in your free time?

MT: I like to eat. I watch a lot of videos on YouTube.

PI: What do you like to eat?

MT: Donuts. I really like donuts.

PI: What kind of music do you like?