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Event Recap: Pangos Jr. All-American Camp

Event Director Dinos Trigonis addresses the camp. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, Pro Insight’s Tyler Glazier provides analysis on 12 standout prospects from the 2022 Pangos Junior All-American Camp, after spending the weekend covering the event in Long Beach, California:

At the conclusion of the “school season” for most players throughout the country, the Pangos Junior All-American camp serves as an opportunity for top middle school-aged prospects to see where they stand against each other in their respective classes. The event started with skill work before players were sorted into teams and played games for the duration of each afternoon. All-camp teams were selected to play in various All-Star games, highlighted by the Best of the Best Game to conclude the event. Pro Insight was on site to evaluate this loaded group of 180+ invites as they took the next step on their basketball journeys.

Event Standouts

Kaiden Bailey | 2026 | 6’3” Guard | Irvine, CA

One of the more electric prospects in attendance, the dynamic 6’1”+ guard was not shy about getting buckets and routinely danced on defenders in the process. The shifty handle, quick first step, strength, and body control opened up the floor for Bailey to choose how he wanted to pick apart opponents as a scorer or facilitator. And while he did most of his damage inside the paint, Bailey also flashed his stop-and-pop ability as well as his catch-and-shoot upside, which bodes well for his future as a guard who can slide on or off the ball. Look for Bailey to be a potential instant impact freshman as he embarks upon his high school career, next season.

Tai Bell | 2028 | 5’7” Guard | Weston, FL

While it’s difficult to fully assess or project a prospect who is just beginning their basketball journey, this much was clear when watching Bell: his physical upside at the guard spot is legit, the confidence/natural instincts are there, he’s a smooth athlete and the efficient dribble, pass, shoot potential is real. It also doesn’t hurt that his father, Raja, had a very successful 12 year career in the NBA. In short, while there’s years of development ahead, there’s a lot to like when it comes to Bell’s future based on what he showed at the Pangos Jr. All-American Camp and he’s a young prospect worth keeping on the radar out in Florida.

Jaden Berry | 2027 | 5’8” Guard | Corona, CA

Having initially laid eyes on Berry at the WCE Jr. All-American Camp the month prior, it was just as apparent this weekend that Berry is a legitimately special player in his class. With a stronger build, Berry is a quick and powerful guard who specializes in creating his own shot and scoring the ball. The footwork, body control, tight handle, BBIQ, and confidence all stand out when watching Berry operate on the court. With as much upside as any of the top camp standouts, Berry is a must follow prospect down in SoCal.

2027 guard Jaden Berry. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Brielen Craft | 2028 | 5’5” Guard | Atlanta, GA

While still young, Craft has racked up valuable experience playing at various showcases and events throughout the country with the Pangos Jr. All-American Camp being the latest.

The lanky guard showcased his two-way versatility, lead guard ability, scoring upside, and defensive motor throughout the two-day event. Not only is Craft a prospect loaded with potential, he’s a highly competitive player who has a moxie about him on the court. You get the vibe he knows he’s good and he’s not shy about proving it to others. A definite young prospect to follow over the years out of Atlanta.

Gary Ferguson | 2027 | 5’11” Guard | Inglewood, CA

A walking bucket, Ferguson didn’t waste any time putting others on notice when he dropped a weekend high 46 (!) points in his first game of the event. With a game mature beyond his years, Ferguson made things look easy against his fellow classmates as he used his speed to knife his way to the hoop, shooting touch to punish defenders on the perimeter and court vision to set up teammates for easy looks. Package his projected skill level with his physical and athletic tools and you get a player with high major upside.

Nathalio “NJ” Gray, Jr. | 2027 | 5’6” Guard | El Cerrito, CA

Similarly to Jaden Berry, Gray first put himself on Pro Insight’s radar at WCE Jr. All-American Camp in January. While he obviously still has room to grow, it’s not hard to see the upside in how his lanky frame could develop nicely over time. However, as intriguing as that could be, it’s his poise, scoring acumen, and natural feel for the game that have popped at each of these events. While he’s not yet someone that immediately draws you in from a sheer tools standpoint, his court presence and refined approach to the game keeps your gaze fixed on him as you scribble “this kid’s a player” in your evaluation notes. Excited to follow his development over the years.

Justice Griffith | 2026 | 5’10” Guard | Corona, CA

Having first evaluated Griffith at this same event last year in St. George, Utah, it was great to get an updated look at how he's made strides these past 12 months. Physically, Griffith continues to be one of the stronger guards in his class. While he’s listed at 5’11”, Griffith plays much bigger than his listed size and is an absolute load to handle for opponents due to his Tasmanian devil energy on both ends of the floor. While he continues to progress as a shooter and decision maker, Griffith thrives as an athletic guard who is a strong finisher, dynamic playmaker, secondary creator, rebounder, and pitbull defender. It’s tough not to love a prospect who plays as hard as Griffith and we’re excited to continue tracking his development with the Compton Magic this summer.

2026 guard Justice Griffith. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Amare James | 2026 | 6’1” Guard | Dallas, GA

Equipped with an intriguing blend of positional size, fluidity, skill, and upside, James is the “who is that?” prospect that immediately captures your attention as soon as you see him walking around the gym. Once the games tipped the talent quickly became evident as he routinely broke down defenders using advanced dribble packages, flashed his touch on difficult floaters, knocked down one-legged fadeaways, and threaded the needle to open teammates. While just scratching the surface, the next steps in James' development revolve around shot consistency, progress as a decision maker and defensive discipline. With tools and skills that can’t be taught, look for James to potentially be McEachern’s (GA) next major prospect as he tries to follow the likes of Sharife Cooper (Atlanta Hawks) & Isaac Okoro (Cleveland Cavaliers).

Isaiah Rogers | 2026 | 5’10” Guard | Corona, CA

Similarly to Griffith, Rogers was one of my favorite guard prospects evaluated at this same event, last season. Aptly nicknamed “slim”, Rogers is a lanky and versatile guard whose frame has continued to develop nicely since last seeing him a year ago. While not the fastest nor most explosive athlete on the floor, Rogers excels at picking defenses apart due to his advanced feel for the game, anticipation, skill level, decision making, and fluidity with the ball in his hands. A true floor general, Rogers was able to dictate pace and encourage others to play an unselfish brand of basketball in an environment that breeds a “get mine” attitude. In addition to his guard polish, Rogers is a crafty scorer who knows when to pull the trigger from all three levels of the half court. We’ll be looking forward to watching how he continues to progress with the Compton Magic 15U squad this summer.

Tyran Stokes | 2026 | 6’6” Wing | Pittsburg, CA

The MVP of the weekend, Stokes is a very intriguing prospect and a rare breed for his age when it comes to his strong 6’6”+ frame and powerful athleticism. He was a tough cover for defenses all weekend as he was able to punish opponents with his ability to put pressure on the rim, create his own shot, get out in transition, and make plays for others. His versatility on both ends was impressive to watch as he possesses the footspeed, size and strength to cover multiple zones on the court. Look for Stokes to be an impact freshman next season and a national recruit in the near future.

2026 wing Tyran Stokes. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Max Vanlaningham | 2026 | 6’7” Forward | Roseville, CA

Standing at 6’6”+ with a plus-wingspan and wiry frame, Vanlaningham came to play and quickly established himself as one of the more intriguing long term prospects in attendance. The versatile forward was all over the court on both ends as he showcased his ability to be light on his feet as a perimeter defender and rim runner while also being able to protect the rim as a shot blocker, extend the defense as a stretch option, and finish above the rim as a slasher. After remaining productive all weekend, Vanlaningham was not only one of 25 players selected to the Best of the Best Game, but also earned Pro Insight’s biggest “stock-riser” in our post event superlatives. Another NorCal prospect to track closely.

Isaiah Ward | 2026 | 6’5” Guard | San Antonio, TX

A smooth guard with excellent positional tools at 6’6”, Ward drew immediate attention from the evaluators in attendance the second he brought the ball up the court. With natural scoring instincts, Ward made the game look easy throughout camp as he’d casually pull-up from deep, knock down mid-range shots, flash his body control and grace at the basket and convert on catch-and-shoot attempts. Ward also showcased his comfort with the ball as he navigated through the defense to get to his spots and routinely initiated the offense for his team. Striking the balance between production, efficiency and upside, Ward is a definite name to track in the Lone Star State as he’s slated to play for Brennan High School (TX) next season.

2026 guard Isaiah Ward. Credit: @saturninophotography (IG)

Honorable Mentions

Luke Alvarez | 2027 | 5’3” Guard | Chicago, IL

Cerebral guard who flashed his toughness, playmaking, and scoring

Jordan Askew | 2026 | 5’10” Guard | Costa Mesa, CA

Smooth and polished guard who efficiently makes plays and runs the offense

Jaden Bailes | 2026 | 6’1” Guard | San Diego, CA

Co-MVP of the Best of the Best Game due to motor and shooting ability

Franck Belibi | 2026 | 6’1” Guard | Denver, CO

Strong guard who is a versatile two-way player, smooth creator and tough finisher

Keron Booth, Jr. | 2027 | 5’4” Guard | Haverford, PA

Hard-nosed guard who can defend and act as a lead creator

David Bottomley | 2026 | 5’7” Guard | Mississauga, Canada

Cerebral guard who flashed his chops as a creator, playmaker and finisher

Che’ Brogan | 2026 | 6’5” Guard | Cerritos, CA

Versatile self-aware guard who can efficiently score the ball

Trey Collier | 2027 | 5’6” Guard | Tacoma, WA

Skilled/confident guard who has a knack for creating his own shot

Brannon Martinsen | 2026 | 6’7” Wing | Aliso Viejo, CA

Athletic wing who acts as an efficient facilitator, slasher, finisher, and defender

Patrese Feamster | 2026 | 6’2” Guard | Jenkintown, PA

Secondary creator, slasher, finisher, facilitator, and tough defender

Nathan Earl | 2026 | 6’2” Guard | Marietta, GA

Polished guard who can defend multiple positions and efficiently score the ball

Antwain Johnson | 2026 | 6’0” Guard | Chino, CA

Intriguing blend of physical tools and offensive skill at the guard spot

Asante Johnson | 2027 | 5’9” Guard | Oakland, CA

Hard nosed two-way guard who is a tough finisher

Kevin Keshishyan | 2028 | 5’8” Wing | Whittier, CA

Long and skilled prospect with intriguing upside

Tylan Kinsey | 2027 | 5’11” Guard | Los Angeles, CA

Strong guard who can finish, rebound and defend multiple positions

Aiden Martin | 2027 | 6’2” Wing | San Antonio, TX

Versatile wing who can handle the ball, play physical, finish, and defend

Samuel Mbingazo | 2026 | 6’8” Big | Las Vegas, NV

Upside big who shows flashes but is still tapping into his game

Keshon Mims | 2026 | 6’1” Wing | Saint Louis, MO

Long/versatile defender who is an extremely competitive glue guy

Tristan Mitchell | 2027 | 5’8” Guard | Decatur, GA

Vocal leader and high motor defender who is strong with the ball

Milak Myatt | 2026 | 6’3” Guard | Wyncote, PA

Versatile guard who excels at getting downhill and finishing

Toby Ojo | 2028 | 5’4” Guard | Torrance, CA

Quick guard with the ball who gets to his spots and finishes

Brady Pettigrew | 2028 | 5’5” Guard | Lisle, IL

Crafty and versatile guard who is the younger brother of Nevada commit Trey Pettigrew

Izaiyah Romero | 2026 | 5’11” Guard | Thornton, CO

Strong/explosive guard who thrives as a slasher and finisher

Louvens Saint-Pierre | 2026 | 5’8” Guard | Orlando, FL

Quick/tough guard who can carve up a defense

Jaidyn Smith | 2026 | 6’6” Big | Corona, CA

Long/fluid big who is active on the glass and has soft touch in the paint

Brandon Tagle | 2026 | 6’0” Guard | Kent, WA

Crafty guard who is smooth running the offense and getting buckets

Delano Tarpley | 2026 | 6’6” Big | San Antonio, TX

Fluid big who flashed his interior touch and budding perimeter skillset

Mayson Thomas | 2026 | 6’4” Wing | San Antonio, TX

Versatile wing with a strong build who is a tough defender and secondary creator

Rodney Westmoreland | 2026 | 5’11” Guard | Oakland, CA

Shifty guard who can initiate the offense, finish and operate off the ball

Kingston Wheatley | 2027 | 6’5” Forward | Atco, NJ

Fluid, quick-twitch athlete with intriguing physical tools

Markee White, Jr | 2026 | 6’5” Wing | Orange, CA

Versatile wing who defends multiple positions

Zachary White | 2026 | 6’4” Wing | Northridge, CA

Fundamentally sound 3&D wing with size

Kevin Wilson, Jr. | 2028 | 5’7” Guard | Oakdale, MN

Confident creator and crafty finisher at the guard spot


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