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Event Recap: Pangos Jr. All-American Camp

In the latest edition of ‘P.I. Pulse’, Pro Insight’s Michael Visenberg highlights prospects who stood out at 2024 Pangos Jr. All-American Camp after spending the weekend at Long Beach, California:

The 12th annual Pangos Jr. All-American Camp took place February 24-25 at McBride High School in Long Beach. In a similar format to the Pangos All-American Camp, it featured four teams comprised of younger players in the classes of 2029-31 (even a 2032) and 12 teams featuring players in the 2028-29 classes. With each team playing three games, the camp culminated with four Cream of the Crop games, 5th/6th grade (2030-31), 7th grade (2029), 8th grade (2028), and the Best of the Best (top 2028 and 2029 players, including MVPs of the 7th and 8th grade games). There were participants from 20 different states, in addition to Canada, Mexico and the UK.

The Pangos Jr. All-American Camp has an impressive group of alumni, with lottery picks DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, LaMelo Ball, Jalen Green, Stanley Johnson, Evan Mobley, Moses Moody, and Onyeka Okongwu topping the list. It has also produced several other NBA draft picks and players, plenty of high major college players, plus even 2023 NFL #1 draft pick, Bryce Young.

This year's group included a number of names that should join the list of impressive Pangos Jr. All-American alumni, with plenty of talent and high-level athletes. Below, we narrowed it down to 10 players we suggest keeping an eye on, along with some players who were named to our event ‘superlatives’ list.

Event Standouts

Logan Chwastyk | 2028 | Forward | Merion Station, PA

The tallest player at the camp at 6’8”, Chwastyk impressed with his touch, movement and general court awareness. While he is quite lithe, he fought for position near the basket and showed good footwork near the hoop, finishing strong with a few strong two-handed dunks. His agility also helped him in snag rebounds on both ends and as a rim protector. His BBIQ — particularly his understanding of spacing and how to play in the pick-and-roll — also stood out. Set to go to Malven Prep (PA), Chwastyk was named a co-MOP of the camp and is a very intriguing one to follow going into high school.

Dashaun Harris | 2028 | Guard | Las Vegas, NV

As soon as the ball tips, Harris is going to work and in constant motion, covering so much area on both ends. He can break opponents down off the bounce, get to the paint and finish with touch, plus has a nice pull-up game. He is a menace to opposing ball handlers, has a rare nose for the ball, and gets to a ton of offensive rebounds out of his area. He also can play off the ball, hit shots from long range off movement and make good reads. Harris was the co-MVP of the Best of the Best game, the lone guard to garner a camp award, which was well-deserved.

King Johnson | 2028 | Wing | Santa Ana, CA

With the ability to get to the basket along with a solid outside touch, Johnson was among the camp’s leading scorers, averaging 21.7 PPG in his three games, tying for a game-high 21 in the 8th Grade All-Star Game. He has good hands, which helped him grab plenty of rebounds in and out of his area. He also notched five three-pointers in what was an older division-high 29 points on night one, where he mixed in shooting off the bounce and off the catch. His outlet passing and sharp reads off movement were both on display, as well. Set to go to Fairfax High School (CA) next year, he brings physical tools along with a skillset that should help him contribute right away.

Flory Kuminga | 2028 | Forward | Charlotte, NC

Amongst all camp participants, no one looked more physically ready for high school than Kuminga, who already has a frame that is at least similar to his older brother, Warriors third-year player Jonathan Kuminga. Flory has a functional handle, gets downhill and possesses the strength to finish through contact. He also puts together dribble combos to create space and shows a competent shooting stroke out to three-point range. His confidence was on full display in Long Beach, as he played with some swagger, and had some memorable thunderous finishes in the lane. Kuminga made a major statement on his way to co-MOP of the camp and he should be in line for college offers before officially stepping onto the court as a high school freshman.

Lleyton Leonard | 2028 | Wing | Chandler, AZ

The long and bouncy Leonard is a rare middle school prospect that can throw down powerful dunks off the bounce in half court situations. He already has the type of athleticism and quickness to blow by opponents for acrobatic and above-the-rim finishes. Having seen him last year, he has really improved his all-around perimeter skills and the confidence truly shows. He displayed an ability to create pull-up looks in the mid-range and was a spot-up threat from deep throughout the event. He also exuded contagious positive energy, consistently made the right read and was an event generator on defense. One of the camp's leading scorers, Leonard led his “Virginia” team to an undefeated camp record and had a game-high 17 points in the Best of the Best Game, leading to his Camp co-MOP award.

Jaizahn Lewis | 2028 | Guard | Riverside County, CA

Having seen Lewis at Session 3 of the Sports Academy National Cup, we were no strangers to his ability to get to the basket and his advanced pull-up game. Lewis averaged a camp-high (among the upper division) 22 PPG, plus notched 18 points to win co-MVP of the 8th Grade All-Star Game, while also ending up with 14 points making him the second-leading scorer in the Best of the Best Game. He is a blur off the dribble and is an adept tough shot-maker. He’s also active on the boards for his position/size and shows good anticipation in getting deflections and steals. It was a strong showing in a five-game weekend for Lewis, as he provided a glimpse of what he’ll be bringing to the table at Rancho Christian High School (CA), next season.

Carter Parker | 2028 | Wing | Palmdale, CA

Instantly standing out thanks to his height and ball skills, Parker was one of the most difficult match-ups at camp. The lefty can create off the bounce and get to his pull-up from inside and outside the arc. He has a really nice second jump, is a creative finisher, and is already finishing above the rim, which should happen even more frequently as he develops. He produced a 26-point outing on Saturday night in a win over one of the strongest teams in camp and was a standout with 14 points in the Best of the Best Game on his way to winning co-MVP of the game.

Phillip Reed, Jr. | 2029 | Guard | Westchester, CA

Reed has uncanny speed with the ball in his hands and his court sense is unmatched at this level. He can really get downhill, he thrives in transition, and as one of the better scorers in camp, he probably could have gone for even more if he was not so adept at finding teammates in great spots to score. Beyond the deep offensive bag, he is an instinctive and strong defender, as he racked up plenty of steals and was a terror off live ball turnovers throughout the weekend. Reed was crucial to his team's comeback win in the exciting Best of the Best Game, highlighting his ability to impact winning in a wide variety of ways.

Jacobi Thompson II | 2029 | Forward | La Tijera, CA

Thompson was only there for a day, but he made it a very memorable one. He started with a morning session in the younger division where he was not even the oldest player on the floor, yet showed his endurance and an ability to take a defensive rebound coast-to-coast like few others can at this level. He can face up from the perimeter, take smaller players to the basket while scoring through contact and gets into his move(s) so quickly. He is such a difficult match-up, plus puts work in on the glass on both ends and can get low on defense. He mainly works as a big at this level, though Thompson is so versatile and can really play any frontcourt spot and is a player that appears ultra scalable, regardless of the environment. He loves to get out and run, he brings a ton of fluidity as a mover as well as a high motor. He capped off his “one-and-done” showing when he finished as the leading scorer for the winning team in the Best of the Best Game.

Evan Willis | 2028 | Forward | Irvine, CA

Willis has only recently switched to playing basketball as he was a WR/DE on the football field only a short time ago. At 6’6”, he was one of the best vertical athletes in the gym, with the agility to get low and cover plenty of ground. He has great timing as a shot blocker and he altered shots on-ball, as a helper and with his patented chase-downs hard off the backboard. He faced off against co-MOPs Flory Kuminga and Logan Chwastyk in back-to-back games and had some major standout moments in both outings. He had some major two-handed throw downs throughout the event (he’s already a lob threat at this stage) and he displayed some effective straight-line driving and catch-and-shoot ability. Although he is still picking up some of the offensive nuance, his outstanding physical tools seem to be shortening the learning curve as he has made strides from even two weeks ago with Paul George Elite at MADE Hoops West Session 3.

Additional Notable Performers

Joshua Agbo | 2028 | Wing | Temecula, CA

💡➡️ Finishing around the basket, functional handle, shooting touch, and defensive versatility

Skyler Bostic | 2028 | Guard | Statesboro, GA

💡➡️ Quickness, handle, movement shooting, playmaking, and pesky defense

Tayshaun Bozeman | 2028 | Guard | Pittsburg, CA

💡➡️ Change of speed, handle, ambidextrous finishing, getting to the line, and long range shooting

Karter Butler | 2028 | Guard | Garden Grove, CA

💡➡️ Creative handle, finishing around the basket, floater game, and event creation on defense

Brian Cal, Jr. | 2028 | Guard | White Hall, AR

💡➡️ Acrobatic finishing, footwork, outside shooting, and lateral quickness on defense

Andre Carter | 2028 | Wing | Oakland, CA

💡➡️ Vertical athleticism, rebounding, screen setting, decision-making as a passer, and defensive versatility

Miles Cooper | 2028 | Guard | Walnut Creek, CA

💡➡️ Handle, floater game, deep range as a shooter, playmaking, and aggressive defense

Freddie Forbes | 2029 | Guard | Garden Grove, CA

💡➡️ Long range touch and versatility as a shooter, floater game, playmaking, and defensive awareness

Quali Giran | 2029 | Guard | Carson, CA

💡➡️ Footwork, ability to get to the paint, shooting, decision-making, and defensive hands + positioning

Donnell Meekins, Jr. | 2029 | Wing | Inglewood, CA

💡➡️ Grab-and-go ability, hands, pull-up game, patience in the post, footwork, and court vision 

Myles Mobley | 2029 | Guard | Chatsworth, CA

💡➡️ Use of ball fakes, footwork, vertical pop around the basket, pull-up game, and timing as a defender

Almeric “Moo Moo” Parker | 2030 | Guard | O’Fallon, IL

💡➡️ Confidence, handle, floater game, outside shooting touch, communication, and pesky defense

PJ Parker | 2028 | Forward | Elk Grove, CA

💡➡️ Rim-running, deep post positioning, touch, rebounding, and rim protection

Kainoa Patton | 2028 | Guard | Riverside, CA

💡➡️ Movement shooting, cutting, slashing, quick decision-making, rebounding, aggressive defense, and communicative leadership

Honor Tyler | 2031 | Guard | Santa Ana, CA

💡➡️ Advanced handle, paint touch frequency, floater, pull-up game, outside shooting, and defensive event creation


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