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Recruiting Roundup: Marqus Marion

Marqus Marion is a 2023 Danish prospect who is starting to become noticed on a larger scale. The 6-foot-9 forward has a versatile, sought-after skillset and is comfortable functioning both inside and outside. He’s currently playing for BMS Herlev in the highest-level Danish league, Basketligaen. This past summer, Marion helped lead Denmark to a silver medal in the FIBA U18 European Championship (Division B) by averaging a double-double (16.4 points and 10.0 rebounds per game) and was named to the tournament’s “ All-Star Five.”

Last week, Marion spent time with Pro Insight’s Jake Lieberman to chat about the latest with his recruitment.

For the next installment of “Recruiting Roundup,” we present class of 2023 prospect Marqus Marion, from Skovlunde, Denmark:

Pro Insight: What are you hoping to show NCAA coaches throughout the 2022-23 season?

Marqus Marion: Throughout the rest of my time here in Denmark, I want to show the college coaches that I can keep on improving and get better as the season goes on. I want to send a clear message that I have the mindset and work ethic to be a winner and a hard worker every practice and ever game.

PI: Which programs would you say are currently prioritizing you the most or expressing the most interest?

MM: Wake Forest, Xavier, DePaul, and Dayton are definitely the programs I'm talking with the most as of now. Wake Forest has made the most effort I would say, with Coach Woodley flying out to Denmark to meet with me and my family, which meant a lot.

PI: Where have you visited thus far? Do you have any future visits planned?

MM: Currently I haven't been on any visits, and there are definitely going to be some visits in the future. We just need to make the timing work with multiple schools, so we don't have to go back and forward multiple times.

PI: Did you have any dream schools growing up?

MM: Growing up I didn't really know what college basketball was, because it wasn't really broadcasted here in Europe. So I was more of a football person, especially watching Manchester United and FC Copenhagen as a kid.

PI: If you could team up with any player when you guys get to college, who would you pick?

MM: I can’t only name one player because I've played with so many talented guys throughout my life. But it would definitely be one of my current or former teammates, that would be awesome!

PI: How do you project your role at the next level?

MM: In the next level I hope to be the player I am right now, that's versatile, but with a better shot, playmaking, ball handling and defense, which I know the program I pick will help me develop into.

PI: How’s your timeline looking?

MM: I haven't really made a timeline with my family, because it's difficult to fit everything in right now, but hopefully, some visits in January/February and then a decision if I feel like the school is a good fit.

PI: What’s your pre-game pump-up song/artist?

MM: The pregame song right now would have to be Crushed Up by Future, and in general, I just listen to some Drake, 21, Gunna, and guys in those genres.

PI: Which player in the NBA or college would you compare your game to?

MM: I would say that the player I watch a lot is Paul George. We are basically the same height, so I try to see what moves that work for him at that height and how he handles the ball. A little Luka Doncic, too, because he plays the game with great balance and a lot off two feet, which I know will help in college.


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