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Vyctorius Miller Q&A

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Standing at 6’4” coupled with a dynamic scoring package for his age, Vyctorius Miller showcased why he’s one of the top prospects in the 2024 class at the WCE Elite 100 event, last month in Phoenix, Arizona. A native of Los Angeles, California, Miller grew up in a large, athletic family. He’s a high-upside prospect who shows impressive poise and toughness for his age to go along with his advanced-beyond-his-years knack for scoring. Miller has already picked up multiple college offers, but the floodgates will soon open as he gains more national exposure.

As part of the Pro Insight Q&A series, Miller discusses his background, various aspects of his game, provides an update on his current college interest, his off-court interests, and more.

For the next installment of the Pro Insight Q&A series, we present 2024 prospect Vyctorius Miller, from Los Angeles, California:

Pro Insight: Tell us about your background.

Vyctorius Miller: I’m Vyctorius Miller, class of 2024. I’m from Los Angeles and I have six siblings.

PI: Do any of them play sports?

VM: Yeah, most of them play basketball. Well, all of them play, actually.

PI: Where do you fall in that group?

VM: Just like them, I have a love and respect for the game. I’m the middle child, the third one.

PI: Any family members play collegiately?

VM: No. My older sister, she’s in college, but is more of a lawyer type. And my older brother, he’s a senior in high school right now.

PI: How tall is your family?

VM: I’m like 6’4” right now. My dad is like 6’6”, I believe. My mom is 5’4”, and my brother is like 6’5”.

PI: What are your biggest strengths on the basketball court?

VM: Probably getting my teammates involved and playing defense. Meaning like if it’s against the best player in the country or something I’m willing to do whatever it takes to lock him down. So just really a team player.

PI: Where are some areas you feel you could improve?

VM: Probably my ability to finish at the basket and scoring at all three levels.

PI: What are some underrated aspects of your game?

VM: I’d say my bounce.

PI: Your siblings bouncy as well?

VM: Yeah, basically my whole family, including my cousins.

PI: Who’s got the best bounce in your family?

VM: I’d probably say my cousin Mercy.

PI: Have you received any interest from college programs at this stage?

VM: Yeah, I have Arizona State and Cal Poly.

PI: What are some things you’re looking for in a college program when it’s time to make that decision?

VM: I definitely want a winning culture, a good coach, and a family environment for sure.

PI: Would you consider the G-League route or playing overseas?

VM: Oh yeah, most definitely. Whatever is good at that moment in time.

PI: Rank the top-five players in the 2024 class.