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Recruiting Roundup: Yohan Traore

High-level national recruit Yohan Traore sustained a very busy recruitment, garnering major interest and offers from numerous high-level programs prior to narrowing his list to 10, last month. An efficient and skilled player who has an exceptional frame to work with, Traore projects to make an instant impact at the next level. In the paint, he’s tough to move and can finish strong at the rim with both his left and right hand. He can also step back and shoot it from mid-range with ease.

The class of 2022 6’10 big man has experienced an incredibly productive spring and summer with both Southern Assault (TX) and Dream Vision (CA) and still has plenty of upside to his game. He’ll be taking his talents to Arizona for his senior season at Dream City Christian, where he’ll team up with fellow highly-touted recruits Shaedon Sharpe and Milos Uzan.

Recently, Traore spent some time chatting with Pro Insight’s Jake Lieberman about his recruitment.

For the next installment of “Recruiting Roundup,” we present class of 2022 prospect Yohan Traore from Tours, France:

Pro Insight: What's the current breakdown of your visits, offers, and interest?

Yohan Traore: I’ve narrowed my list to 10 options: Memphis, LSU, Louisville, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Utah, UCLA, and the NBL.

PI: How did these 10 make the cut?

YT: I like each of my 10 options because I feel like I have a better relationship with those coaches and they’re each going to allow me to express myself better, as well.

PI: Which programs have been prioritizing or showing the most interest in you?

YT: Everyone in my top-10 to be honest, but I would say LSU, Texas Tech, UCLA, and Michigan are the ones who’s showing the most love, so far.

PI: What kind of role do you see yourself filling at the next level?

YT: I see myself as a leader of my team, so obviously a major role.

PI: Did you have any dream schools growing up?

YT: Growing up my dream school used to be UCLA. I was watching some videos on the campus and the basketball team and I guess I just fell in love with the campus, the vibe, the weather, and everything that I was seeing in the video.

PI: What are your three main priorities when narrowing down and eventually making a final decision with your recruitment?

YT: Having a great relationship with the head coach and the coaching staff. Making sure that they help me to keep on track with the education. Also, being able to play my game through mistakes and being in the best situation possible to develop my game and help get me better.

PI: How's your timeline looking?

YT: I don’t really know, right now. I’m taking my time. I’m more focused on getting better than anything else.

PI: If you could sum up your recruitment process up to this point in three or four words, what would they be?

YT: Interesting, enjoyable, and impressive.

To learn more about Yohan, check out our recent Q&A, here.


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